1961 Chrysler Imperial Service Manual Supplement


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This 182 page, 1961 Chrysler Imperial Service Manual Supplement is a reproduction of the original out of print manual.  It provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for 1961 Chrysler Imperial vehicles.

This Supplement manual contains service information for the new 1961 Chrysler and Imperial Models. Only changes and improvements affecting the servicing of the new models are included. If the information desired is not found in this Supplement, the servicing procedures are the same as those
outlined in the corresponding models covered in the 1960 Chrysler and Imperial Service Manual 81-070-0026.

In order to use this Supplement to best advantage with the previous Chrysler and Imperial Service Manual 81-070-0026, the corresponding or superseding car models must be understood. The supersedence of these models is as follows:

CHRYSLER MODELS           1961            1960 
Newport...........        RC-1  Windsor   PC-1
Windsor...........        RC-2  Saratoga  PC-2
New Yorker........        RC-3            PC-3

Custom, Crown & LeBaron   RY-1            PY-1

Table of Contents

Introduction and General Specifications
Lubrication and Maintenance
Accessories (Radios, Heaters, Mirrors)
Front Suspension
Rear Axle
Parking Brakes
Service Brakes
Cooling System \ Accessory Belt Drives
Electrical and Instruments
Engine Oiling System
Exhaust System
Fuel System (Pump, Carburetor, Tank)
Propeller Shaft and Universal Joints
Springs and Shock Absorbers
Steering Gear (Pumps, Steering Gear Arm, Idler Arm)
Transmission (Torque Converter)
Wheels, Bearings and Tires
Body and Sheet Metal

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