KYMCO People 50 Scooter Printed Service Manual

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Do you need to service a KYMCO People 50 Scooter? Get the official 191 page, KYMCO People 50 Scooter Service manual now for information on how to properly service and troubleshoot your KYMCO People 50 scooter. Learn how to do a complete top-end service on your KYMCO People 50 scooter.  Note: Printed manuals are in black and white.

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The KYMCO People 50 scooter manual provides service, repair and maintenance information for the following KYMCO People four stroke scooters:

KYMCO People 50

When you purchase the KYMCO People 50 two stroke scooter manual you’ll get the following information:

KYMCO people 50 service specifications

KYMCO People 50 General Information

Engine Frame VIN Serial Number, Specifications (50 cc), Service Precautions, Torque Values, Tools, Lubrication Points, Cable and Harness Routing, Wiring Diagram, Troubleshooting

kymco people 50 bodywork fender frame covers seat

KYMCO People 50 Frame Covers

Frame Covers Layout, Service Information, Troubleshooting, Frame Covers

kymco people 50 air filter

KYMCO People 50 Inspection / Adjustment

Inspection And Maintenance Schedule, Brake System, Tires, Damping Device, Power Drive System, Electrical Equipment, Engine, Headlight

kymco people 50 oil tank oil pump lubrication 2-stroke oil

KYMCO People 50 Lubrication System

Service Information, Troubleshooting, Oil Pump Removal, Oil Pump Inspection, Oil Pump Installation, Oil Pump Bleeding, Oil Tank

kymco people 50

KYMCO People 50 Fuel System

Service Information, Troubleshooting, Throttle Valve Disassembly, Throttle Valve Installation, Carburetor Removal, Auto Bystarter, Float Chamber, Float Level Inspection, Carburetor Installation, Air Screw Adjustment, Reed Valve, Fuel Tank

kymco people 50 engine removal installation

KYMCO People 50 Engine Removal / Installation

Service Information, Engine Removal, Engine Installation

kymco people 50 cylinder piston cylinder head top-end

KYMCO People 50 Cylinder Head / Cylinder / Piston

Service Information, Troubleshooting, Cylinder Head, Cylinder / Piston

kymco people 50 cvt dirve driven pulley clutch belt

KYMCO People 50 Drive And Driven Pulleys / Kick Starter

Clutch / Driven Pulley, Starter Pinion,  Service Information, Troubleshooting, Drive Pulley, Drive Belt, Kick Starter

kymco people 50 final reduction gears shafts oil

KYMCO People 50 Final Reduction

Service Information, Troubleshooting, Final Reduction Disassembly, Final Reduction Inspection,  Final Reduction Assembly

kymco people 50 crankcase crankshaft

KYMCO People 50 Crankcase / Crankshaft

Service Information, Troubleshooting, Crankcase Separation, Crankshaft Inspection, Crankcase Assembly, Crankshaft Removal, Crankshaft Installation

kymco people 50 front wheel suspension fork brake pads caliper master cylinder

KYMCO People 50 Front Wheel / Front Brake / Front Suspension

Service Information, Troubleshooting, Front Wheel, Hydraulic Disk  Brake, Front Shock Absorber, Front Fork,  Steering Handlebar, Steering Stem

kymco people 50 rear wheel shock absorber brake

KYMCO People 50 Rear Wheel / Rear Brake / Rear Suspension

Service Information, Troubleshooting, Rear Wheel, Rear Brake, Rear Shock Absorber

kymco people 50 ac generator flywheel rotor stator

KYMCO People 50 A.C. Generator

Service Information, A.C. Generator Removal, A.C. Generator Installation

kymco people 50 charging system ignition starting

KYMCO People 50 Electrical

Service Information, Troubleshooting, Charging System, Battery & Charging, Ignition System, Starting System


kymco people 50 lights switches instruments

KYMCO People 50 Lights / Instruments / Switches

Service Information, Troubleshooting, Headlight, Oil Meter, Switches, Stop Switch inspection , Horn, Bulb Replacement, Fuel Unit, Headlight, Instruments

KYMCO People 50 Troubleshooting

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