YFZ450 Motorcycle Repair Manual Yamaha 2004-2017 Clymer

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This YFZ450 Repair Manual Yamaha 2004-2017 Clymer by Clymer provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Yamaha YFZ450 ATVs .

Does not cover X models

Quick Reference Data

Chapter One, General Information

Manual Organization, Warnings, cautions and notes, Safety, Serial numbers and information labels, Fasteners, Shop supplies, Tools, Measuring tools, Electrical system fundamentals, Service methods, Storage, Specifications

Chapter Two, Troubleshooting

Starting the engine, Engine spark test, Engine performance, Engine noise, Engine leakdown test, Clutch, External shift mechanism and transmission, Electrical testing, Engine starting system, Brakes, Steering and handling

Chapter Three, Lubrication and Maintenance

Pre-ride inspection, Engine oil, Air filter, Control cable inspection and lubrication, Throttle cable and speed limiter adjustment, Clutch lever, Brakes, Drive chain, Tires and wheels, Front wheel bearing inspection, Steering system, Front suspension, Rear suspension, Battery, Cooling system, Carburetor, Crankcase breather hoses, Spark plug, Ignition timing inspection, Compression test, Valve clearance adjustment, Exhaust system, Fastener inspection, Specification

Chapter Four, Engine Top End

Exhaust system, Cylinder head cover, Camshafts, Camshaft bearing clearance measurement, Cam chain tensioner, Cam chain and guide, Cylinder head, Valves, Cylinder, Piston and piston rings, Specifications

Chapter Five, Engine Lower End

Engine, Torque limiter, Left crankcase cover, Starter idler gear, Flywheel (alternator rotor) and starter clutch, Camshaft chain and guides, Right crankcase cover, Balancer and primary drive gears, Oil pump, Crankcase, Crankcase seal and bearing replacement, Crankshaft, Engine break-in, Specifications

Chapter Six, Clutch and External Shift Mechanism

Clutch cover, Clutch, Clutch release lever assembly, External shift mechanism, Clutch cable, Specifications

Chapter Seven, Transmission and Internal Gearshift Mechanism

Transmission service notes, Mainshaft, Countershaft, Transmission inspection, Shift drum and forks, Specifications

Chapter Eight, Fuel System and Emission Control

Carburetor, Float adjustment, Carburetor adjustment and rejetting, Air box, Fuel tank, Fuel valve, Throttle cable, Crankcase breather system, Specifications

Chapter Nine, Electrical System

Electrical component replacement, Continuity testing, Electrical connectors, Negative battery terminal, Battery, Charging system, Alternator, Ignition system, Starter, Starting circuit cutoff system, Starter relay, Lighting system, Cooling system, Throttle position sensor, Switches, Specifications

Chapter Ten, Cooling System

Cooling system service notes, Pressure test, Hoses and clamps, Radiator, Coolant reservoir, Radiator fan, Water pump housing, Water pump, Specifications

Chapter Eleven, Wheels, Tires and Drive Chain

Wheel, Tires, Sprockets, Drive chain, Specifications

Chapter Twelve, Front Suspension and Steering

Handlebar, Shock absorbers, Front wheel hub, Tie rod, Steering knuckle, Control arms, Steering shaft, Specifications

Chapter Thirteen, Rear Axle and Suspension

Wheel hub, Rear axle, Rear axle hub, Shock absorber, Shock linkage, Swing arm, Specifications

Chapter Fourteen, Brakes

Brake fluid selection, Brake service notes, Front brake pads, Front brake caliper, Front master cylinder, Rear brake pads, Rear brake caliper, Rear master cylinder, Rear brake pedal, Brake disc, Front brake hose-tube removal-installation, Rear brake hose removal-installation, Brake system draining, Brake bleeding, Specifications

Chapter Fifteen, Body

Seat, Fuel tank cover, Fuel tank shield, Side covers, Front fender, Rear fender, Foot protectors, Footrests, Engine skidplate, Specification


Wiring Diagrams

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