Yamaha ATV Motorcycle Scooter Vesrah Oil Filter SF-2003

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Yamaha ATV Motorcycle Scooter Vesrah Oil Filter

YAMAHA XC180 K,L,N Riva 83-85 Scooter

YAMAHA XC180C K,L,N Riva 83-85 Scooter

YAMAHA XC180Z L/LC Riva 84 Scooter

YAMAHA XC200Z U,W,A,B Riva 88-91 Scooter

YAMAHA FZ250R Phazer 85 Street

YAMAHA FZR250 86-88 Street

YAMAHA FZR250R Exup 89 Street

YAMAHA SR250 G,H,J Exciter 250 80-82 Street

YAMAHA SR250T H Exciter 250 81 Street

YAMAHA SRV250 Renaissa 92-93 Street

YAMAHA SRV250 Renaissa 96-97 Street

YAMAHA SRV250S Renaissa 93 Street

YAMAHA TT250 G,H,J 80-82 Dirt

YAMAHA XT250 G,H,J,K/KC 80-83 Dirt

YAMAHA XV250 U/UC,W/WC,A/AC Route 66 87-90 Street

YAMAHA XV250 Virago 91-93 Street

YAMAHA XV250 G/GC,H/HC,J/JC,K/KC,L/LC,M/MC,N/NC Virago 250 94-01 Street

YAMAHA XV250 R/RC,S/RS,T/RT,V/VC,W/WC Virago 250 03-07 Street

YAMAHA XV250 X,Y,Z V Star 08-10 Street

YAMAHA XV250 A,B V Star 11-12 Street

YAMAHA XV250S Virago 94-96 Street

YAMAHA XVS250 Drag Star DS250 00-12 Street

YAMAHA BW350 T,U Big Wheel 87-88 ATV

YAMAHA SR400 78-84 Vintage

YAMAHA SR400 85-10 Street

YAMAHA SR400 12 Street

YAMAHA SR400S 92-95 Street

YAMAHA SRX400 SRX-4 88-98 Street

YAMAHA XT400E Artesia 91 Dirt

YAMAHA XV400 T,U,W,A,B,D,E,F Virago 87-94 Street

YAMAHA XV400C K 83 Street

YAMAHA XVS400 Drag Star DS4 96-11 Street

YAMAHA XVS400C Drag Star Classic DSC4 98-11 Street

YAMAHA XZ400D H,J 81-82 Street

YAMAHA SR500 E,F,G,H 78-81 Vintage

YAMAHA TT500 C,D,E,F,G,H 76-81 Dirt

YAMAHA XT500 C,D,E,F,G,H,J,K 76-83 Dirt

YAMAHA XV500 K Virago 500 83 Street

YAMAHA XV535 T/TC Virago 87 Street

YAMAHA XV535 A/AC Virago 90 Street

YAMAHA XV535 E/EC,F/FC,G/GC,H/HC,J/JC,K/KC,L/LC,M/MC Virago 93-00 Street

YAMAHA XV535S G/GC,H/HC,J/JC Virago Special 95-97 Street

YAMAHA XT550 J,K 82-83 Dirt

YAMAHA XZ550R J,K Vision 82-83 Street

YAMAHA SRX600 SRX-6 85-86 Street

YAMAHA SRX600 SRX-6 88-90 Street

YAMAHA TT600 K,L,N,S 83-86 Dirt

YAMAHA XT600 L/LC,N/NC,S/SC,T/TC,U/UC 84-88 Dirt



YAMAHA YFM600FWA K,L/LC,M/MC,N Grizzly 98-01 ATV

YAMAHA YFM600FWAH N Hunter Edition 01 ATV

YAMAHA YFM600H M/MC Grizzly Hunting 00 ATV

YAMAHA XVS650 J,K,L,M,N,P,R Drag Star 97-03 Street

YAMAHA XVS650 S/SC,T/TC,V/VC,W/WC,X/XC,Y/YC,Z/ZC,AB/ACB V-Star /Drag Custom 04-11 Street

YAMAHA XVS650A K,L,M,N,P,R Drag Star Classic 98-03 Street

YAMAHA XVS650A T Drag Star Classic 05 Street

YAMAHA XVS650A T/TC,V/VC V-Star Classic 05-06 Street

YAMAHA XVS650A V,W Drag Star Classic 06-07 Street

YAMAHA XVS650A W/WC,X/XC V-Star Classic 07-08 Street

YAMAHA XVS650A X,Y Drag Star Classic 08-09 Street

YAMAHA XVS650A Y/YC,Z/ZC V-Star Classic 09-10 Street

YAMAHA XVS650A Z Drag Star Classic 10 Street

YAMAHA XVS650AT R/RC V-Star Silverado 03 Street

YAMAHA XVS650AT T/TC,V/VC,W/WC,X/XC,Y/YC,Z/ZC V-Star Silverado 05-10 Street

YAMAHA XT660R S,T,V,W,X,Y,Z 04-10 Dirt

YAMAHA XT660X S,T,V,W,X,Y,Z Super Moto 04-10 Dirt

YAMAHA XV700 L/LC,N/NC Virago 700 84-85 Street

YAMAHA XV700C S/SC,T/TC Virago(Spoke) 86-87 Street

YAMAHA XV700S S/SC Virago(Spoke) 86 Street

YAMAHA XV700S T/TC Virago(Cast) 87 Street

YAMAHA YFM700R V,W,X,Y Raptor 700 06-09 ATV

YAMAHA YFM700RSP V,W Raptor 700 50TH Aniversary 06-07 ATV

YAMAHA YFM70R W Raptor 700 R 07 ATV

YAMAHA YFM70R X Raptor 70 R 08 ATV

YAMAHA YFM70R YW Raptor 700 R 09 ATV

YAMAHA YFM70R YL Raptor 700 R 09 ATV

YAMAHA YFM70RSE W Raptor 700 Special Edition 07 ATV

YAMAHA YFM70RSE Y,Z Raptor 700 Special Edition 09-10 ATV

YAMAHA YFM70RSP X Raptor 700 Special Edition 08 ATV

YAMAHA YFM70RSP2 X Raptor 700 Special Edition 08 ATV

YAMAHA YFM70RYR W Raptor 700 Gytr Edition 07 ATV

YAMAHA YFM7R A,B Raptor 700R 11-12 ATV

YAMAHA YFM7R D Raptor 700 13 ATV

YAMAHA YFM7RSE A,B Raptor 700 Special Edition 11-12 ATV

YAMAHA XTZ750 W,A,B,D,E,F,G Super Tenere 89-95 Street

YAMAHA XV750 H,J,K Virago 750 81-83 Vintage

YAMAHA XV750 U/UC,W/WC,A/AC,B/BC,D/DC,E/EC,F/FC,G/GC,H/HC,J1/JC1 Virago 750 88-97 Street

YAMAHA XV750E 81 Vintage

YAMAHA XV750M K Virago 83 Vintage

YAMAHA TDM850 D/DC,E/EC,F 92-94 Street

YAMAHA TDM900 P,R,S,T,V,W,X,Y,Z Non ABS 02-10 Street

YAMAHA TDM900X (5PSF) 08 Street

YAMAHA XV920 J,K Virago 920 82-83 Vintage

YAMAHA XV920M K Midnight Virago 83 Vintage

YAMAHA XV920R H,J Virago 81-82 Vintage

YAMAHA XV1000 L/LC,N/NC Virago 1000 84-85 Street

YAMAHA BT1100 P,R,S,T,V Bulldog 02-06 Street

YAMAHA XV1100 S/SC,T/TC,U/UC,W/WC,A/AC,B/BC,D/DC,E/EC,F/FC,G/GC,H/HC,J/JC,K/KC,L/LC Virago 1100 86-99 Street

YAMAHA XV1100S H/HC,J/JC,K/KC Virago 1100 Special 96-98 Street

YAMAHA XVS1100 L,M,N,P,R,S,T,V,W,X Drag Star DS11 (V-Star) 99-08 Street

YAMAHA XVS1100A M,N,P,R,S,T,V Drag Star Classic(V-Star Classic) 00-06 Street

YAMAHA XVS1100S V-Star Classic 00-01 Street

YAMAHA XVS11A S/SC V Star 1100 Classic 04 Street

YAMAHA XVS11AT S/SC,V/VC V Star 1100 Silverado 04-05 Street

YAMAHA XVS11AT T/TC,V/VC,W/WC,X/XC,Y/YC V Star 1100 Silverado 05-09 Street

YAMAHA XVS11AW T/TC,V/VC,W/WC,X/XC,Y/YC V Star 1100 Classic 05-09 Street

Vesrah Oil Filters are manufactured to meet or to exceed the O.E.M. specifications from a selection of materials, designs and performance requirements.

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