Vanguard VM2800/VM2600 Planter Monitor Operator’s Manual

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This Vanguard VM-2800 and VM-2600 Planter Monitor Operator’s Manual explains how to operate the Vanguard Monitor. This unit allows you to monitor up to 36 rows or 16 rows, respectively. The unit can monitor seed or fertilizer rows, two hopper levels, and a frequency input (shaft, fan, or flow). The unit stores all configuration data in nonvolatile memory, retaining information even when disconnected from power. Figure 1 shows the console. The VM 2800/2600 is designed to meet custom needs of individual users. The display is configurable to output a comprehensive set of output planter parameters, but the user selects which parameters and the number of parameters they want to monitor. If the user prefers to monitor population and field area alone — those two parameters will be displayed in large, highly readable text. If the user desires more parameters, simply select them in the easy to navigate set-up. In any case, the user is in control of the data they need to view. Similarly, row information can be viewed in a bar graph, gauge, or symbol form. The information can be selected to be large (for ease of viewing), or small (for viewing the entire planter). Auto-scrolling and arrow key override are used to stay in control of the real-time information the user needs to see.

Table of Contents

System Overview
Safety Notices
Major Features
User Aid
Key Overview
Alarm Cancel
Up and Down Arrows
Left and Right Arrows
Planter Setup
Ground Speed Setup
Limits Setup
Display & Service
Accessory Setup
Seed Count Mode
Speed Area Mode
Mounting Standard Bracket
Mounting Optional 3D Adjustable Bracket
Installing Console Harnesses
Installing Implement Harness and Sensors
Quick Start Guide
Planter Configuration
Ground Speed Configuration
To Perform a New Calibration
Manual Ground Speed Constant Entry
Help Card
Planter and Ground Speed (Mandatory Data Entry)
Row Set-Up (Auto Assigned)
Accessory (Optional)
Shaft/Fan Calibration
Flow Calibration
Limits Setup (Optional)
Display & Service Setup (Optional)
Auxiliary Modes
Speed, Area, Distance Mode
Seed Counting Mode
Main Screen
Parameter Outputs and Scrolling (Upper Screen Half)
Row Indicators (Lower Half)
Monitoring Functions
Average Population
Minimum/Average/Maximum Population
Population Row Scan
Average Spacing
Minimum/Average/Maximum Spacing
Spacing Row Scan
Average Seeds per Distance
Minimum/Average/Maximum Seeds per Distance
Seeds per Distance Row Scan
Field Area 1
Field Area 2
Total Area
Area per Hour
Row Blockage (Two Seeds per Second Threshold) — Solid ON Alarm
All Rows Failure — Eight Chirps
Hi or Low Limit Exceeded (Optional Limits for Population) — Alarm Chirp
Hi or Low Limit Exceeded (Optional Limits for Accessories) — Solid ON Alarm
Failed Ground Speed Sensor (Planting Detected Without Ground Speed)
Self-Test Failure (Battery Voltage Out of Limits)
Maximum Speed Exceeded (Optional)
Monitor Will Not Power On
Row Failure or Hi/Low Alarm when Row Is Planting Properly
Hopper Alarm Does Not Sound when Hopper Is Empty
Hopper Alarm Sounds when Hopper Is Full
System Voltage Alarm
Accessory Alarm Sounding when Shaft, Fan, or Flow Is Working
Ground Speed Alarm Sounds with Forward Movement
Ground Speed High Alarm Sounding
Self-Test Alarm
Connector Pin-Outs
Parts Information

Additional information

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 0.4 in

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