Used 1996-1998 Polaris Snowmobile Repair Manual

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used 800+ page 1996-1998 Polaris Snowmobile Factory Repair Manual

The chapters in this manual include:

General Information
Maintenance & Tune Up
Fuel System & Carburetion
Body Steering
Brakes & Track & Final Drive

This Used 1996-1998 Polaris Snowmobile Factory Repair Manual provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for all 1996-1998 Polaris snowmobile snowmobiles.

The following topics are covered in this manual:

ACCS System Adjusting Beit Deflection Air/Fuel Mixture Ratio Alignment Bar Specifications Alignment Bar, Ski, Snow Alignment Kit, Crankshaft, Snow Alignment Tool, Clutch Offset, 5/8″, Snow Alignment Tool, Jackshaft Alignment Tool, P-90 Clutch Offset, Snow Alternator Controlled Switch (ACS) Testing Alternator Output Test Amp Draw Test Backrest Adjustment Barometric Pressure Sensor Battery Charging Battery Charging System Testing Battery Maintenance, EFI Battery Service Battery Service, EFI Battery Tender Battery Testing Belt Deflection Belt Inspection Belt Wear / Burn Diagnosis Belt to Sheave Clearance Inspection Bleeding, Brake Bleeding, Brake, Fluid Change Bleeding, Brake, System Rebuild Bleeding, Cooling System 356-357,391-392 Bleeding, Oil Pump Block, Fox Shock Body, Snow Brake Adjustment Brake Adjustment, Type M3 Brake Adjustment, Type WT Brake Assembly to Chaincase, Type M3 Brake Assembly, Type H4 Brake Assembly, Type H5LC Brake Assembly, Type WT Brake Bleeding Brake Bleeding, Fluid Change Brake Bleeding, System Rebuild Brake Cleaning and Inspection, Type H4 Brake Cleaning and Inspection, Type H5LC Brake Disassembly, Type M3 Brake Disassembly, Type WT Brake Fluid Replenishment Brake Specifications, 1996 Brake Specifications, 1997 Brake System, 440 XCR SP Bulletin Index By Model Bushing End Play, Oil Pump Caliper Disassembly, Type H4 Caliper Disassembly, Type H5LC Camber Adjustment, All IFS Camber Adjustment- (Travel Bar Method) XC10/Xtra10CRC Camber / Toe Specifications Quick Reference Carburetion Condensed Data, 1996 Carburetion Condensed Data, 1997 Carburetor Adjustment Carburetor Adjustment, Mikuni Carburetor Assembly, Keihin Carburetor Component Effect vs Throttle Opening Carburetor Component Function Carburetor Function Carburetor Leak Testing Needle and Seat Carburetor Service Carburetor Service, Keihin Carburetor Service, Mikuni Chaincase Oil Level Charge Coil Test Specifications Charging Needle Replacement, Snow Choke Adjustment Choke and Cable Lubrication Clutch Alignment Clutch Alignment Adjustment Clutch Alignment Inspection Clutch Bushing Replacement Tool Kit, Snow Clutch Offset Clutch Offset Adjustment Clutch Offset Inspection Clutch Service Data, 1996 Clutch Specifications, 1996 Clutch Specifications, 1997 Clutch Specifications, 1998 Clutch Spider Button Removal Tool, Snow Coil Replacement Cold Starting, EFI Compression Adjustable Shocks Compression Tool, Clutch, Snow Compression Tool, Shock Spring, Snow Connecting Rod (Big End) Inspection Connecting Rod (Small End) Inspection Conversion Chart, Degrees to Piston Position BTDC Conversion Table Coolant High Temperature Indicator Testing Coolant Level Cooling System Cooling System Diagrams Crankcase Inspection Crankcase Temperature Sensor Crankshaft Bearing Inspection Crankshaft Indexing Crankshaft Straightening Crankshaft Truing Cylinder Cleaning Cylinder Head Inspection Cylinder Honing Cylinder Measurement Decal Installation Decal Removal Decimal Equivalent Chart De-glazing Dial Indicator, Ignition Timing, Snow Drive Clutch Weight Identification Drive Belt Drive Belt Adjustment Drive Belt Deflection Drive Belt Installation Drive Belt Part Numbers Drive Belt Removal Drive Chain Tension Drive Clutch Assembly Drive Clutch Bushing Service Drive Clutch Disassembly Drive Clutch Identification Drive Clutch Installation Drive Clutch Operation Drive Clutch Removal Drive Clutch Service Tools Drive Clutch Spring Compression Rate Chart Drive Clutch Spring Data Drive Clutch Spring Rate Chart Drive Clutch Spring Rates Drive Clutch Weight Identification Drive Gear End Play, Oil Pump — Drive System Assembly, Type 3 Drive System Disassembly, Type 3 Driven Clutch Assembly Driven Clutch Disassembly Driven Clutch Installation Driven Clutch Operation Driven Clutch Removal Driven Clutch Springs Driver, Transmission Seal/Bearing, Snow Driveshaft Sprocket Installation Dropping Resistor ECU Diagnostics EFI Accessory Note EFI Electronics EFI Fuel System Maintenance EFI Fuel System Testing EFI Operation EFI System II Operation EFI Troubleshooting Electric Fuel Gauge Testing Electric Starter Assembly Electric Starter System Testing Electronic Control Unit Electronics Operation, EFI System III Electronics Testing, EFI System III Engine Assembly, 3 Cylinder Monoblock Engine Assembly, 600/700 Case Reed Engine Assembly, 800 Case Reed Engine Assembly, Fan Cooled Twin Cylinder Engine Assembly, Liquid Twin Cylinder Engine Assembly, Monoblock EC58PL Engine Assembly, PL Series Reed Valve Engine Assembly, PL Three Cylinder Engine Assembly, PL Twin Cylinder Engine Assembly, RXL Engine Disassembly, 3 Cylinder Monoblock Engine Disassembly, 600/700 Case Reed Engine Disassembly, 800 Case Reed Engine Disassembly, EC59PL/EC68PL Engine Disassembly, Fan Cooled Twin Cylinder Engine Disassembly, Liquid Twin Cylinder Engine Disassembly, Monoblock EC58PL Engine Disassembly, PL Series Reed Valve Engine Disassembly, PL Three Cylinder Engine Disassembly, PL Twin Cylinder Engine Disassembly, PM Twin Cylinder Engine Disassembly, RXL Engine Installation, Typical Engine Removal, Typical Exhaust System Exhaust Thermal Sensing System (ETSS) Final Toe Adjustment (Except CRC) Float Chamber Venting Float Level Adjustment Float System Fluke Meter, Snow Flushing the Cooling System Fox Remote Shock Assembly Fox Remote Shock Disassembly Fox Remote Shock Recharging Fox Shock Assembly Fox Shock Data Fox Shock Disassembly Fox Shock Hardware Fox Shock Maintenance Fox Shock Seal Replacement Friction Pad Replacement, Type H4 Friction Pad Replacement, Type H5LC Front Rear Scissor Stop (FRSS) – XTRA 10 Style Front Rear Scissor Stop (FRSS), XTRA 12 Style Front Shock Spring Preload Adjustment Front Shock Spring Preload Adjustment – XTRA Front Track Shock Spring, XTRA 12 Style Fuel Delivery System, Typical Fuel Injectors Fuel Pressure Test Fuel Pump Exploded View Fuel Pump Maintenance Fuel Pump Operation Fuel Pump, EFI Fuel Rail Fuel Recommendation Fuel Recommendation-1996 EFI Models Fuel System Fuel System Deicers Fuel Tank/Seat Removal Fuse Link Gasoline Volatility Gauge, Cylinder Compression, Snow Gauge, Pressure, Snow Gearing Chart Glossary of Terms Greasing Driveshaft Bearing Greasing Jackshaft Bearing Handlebar Adjustment Handlebar Centering Handlebar Centering – XTRA Handlebar Centering-CRC Handlebar Torque – Aggressive Style Handlebar Torque – Evolved Style Handlebar Torque – Indy Style Handlebar Warmer Testing Headlight Adjustment Headlight Bulb Filament Continuity Test Headlight Bulb Installation Headlight Bulb Removal Helix Angles and Effects Helix Ramps Hi Lo Beam Switch Testing Hi-Fax Replacement Holding Fixture, Drive Clutch, Snow Holding Tabs, Replacement, Snow Hone Selection Hone, Cylinder, Snow Hone, Replacement Set, Snow Honing Oil, Snow Honing Procedure Honing to Oversize Hood Adjustment – Evolved Style Hydraulic Brake System Operation Hydrometer, Battery, Snow IFS Adjustment – XTRA 10 Style IFS Adjustment, XTRA 12 Style IFS Specifications, 1996 IFS Specifications, 1997 IFS Specifications, 1998 Ignition Switch Testing Indy Select Shock Information Bulletins Injector Installation Tool, Clutch Spider Roller, Snow Installation Tool, Jackshaft, Snow Installation Tool, Piston C-Clip, Snow Installing the Center Bulb Installing the Side Bulbs Intake Air Temperature Sensor Jackshaft Speed vs MPH Chart Jet Needle Jet Needle/Needle Jet Jet Part Numbers Jet Part Numbers, Keihin Jet Part Numbers, Mikuni Jetting Compensation Charts, 1996 Jetting Compensation Charts, 1997 Jetting Compensation Charts, 1998 Jetting Guidelines Lighting System Output Load Test Lubrication Lubrication, Suspension Main Jet Main System Maintenance Inspection, 1000 Mile Maintenance Inspection, 150 Mile Maintenance Inspection, 2000 Mile Maintenance Products Master Cylinder Assembly, Type 3____ Master Cylinder Inspection, Type 3 Master Cylinder Removal, Type 3 Master Cylinder Service Tool Kit, Snow Measuring Belt Deflection Model Identification, 1996 Model Identification, 1997 MR Adjustments Multimeter Usage Multitester, Snow Needle Bearing Inspection Needle Jet Nosecone Alignment – Indy Style Nosepan Replacement – Evolved Style Nosepan Replacement – Indy Style Oil Pump Adjustment Oil Pump Bleeding Oil Pump Bushing End Play Adjustment Oil Pump Drive Gear End Play Adjustment Oil Pump Operation Open Circuit Voltage Test Operating RPM Timing Check Operation, Rear Suspension Output Volume Test Oxygenated Fuel Oxygenated Fuel – Carbureted Models Oxygenated Fuel – EFI Models Oxygenated Fuel-Carbureted Models P-85 Clutch Bushings P85 Drive Clutch Exploded View P-85 Drive Clutch Movable Sheave Bushing Installation P-85 Drive Clutch Movable Sheave Bushing Removal P-85 Driven Clutch Cover Bushing Installation P-85 Driven Clutch Cover Bushing Removal P85 Driven Clutch Exploded View P-85 Driven Clutch Movable Sheave Large Bushing Installation P-85 Driven Clutch Movable Sheave Large Bushing Removal P85 Driven Clutch Service P-90 Clutch Bushings P90 Drive Clutch Exploded View P90 Driven Clutch Exploded View P90 Driven Clutch Service Paint Codes, 1996 Paint Codes, 1997 Pilot Air Screw Pilot Jet Pilot System Piston Inspection/Measurement Piston Pin Inspection Piston Ring End Gap, Installed Piston Ring Installation Piston Ring Installed Gap Piston/Cylinder Clearance Measurement Port Chamfering Power Up Component Testing Power Up Testing Powering Up, EFI Preliminary Toe Adjustment Pressure Regulator Publication Numbers, 1996 Publication Numbers, 1997 Puller, Drive Clutch, T-Handle, Snow Puller, Driven Clutch, Snow Puller, Flywheel, Snow Puller, Piston Pin, Snow Pump Kit, Vacuum, Snow Reamer, Tapered, Drive Clutch Bore, Snow Rear Rear Scissor Stop (RRSS) – XTRA 10 Style Rear Rear Scissor Stop (RRSS), XTRA 12 Style Rear Suspension Adjustments, XTRA 12 Style Rear Suspension Operation Rear Suspension Specifications, 1996 Rear Suspension Specifications, 1997 Rear Suspension Tuning Rear Torsion Spring, XTRA 12 Style Rear Track Shock Spring, XTRA 12 Style Recharging Kit, Gas Shock, Snow Recoil Assembly Recoil Disassembly Recoil Starter Spring Replacement Reed Valve Inspection Relay Coils Removal Tool, Clutch Spider, Snow Removing the Center Bulb Return Hose Reverse Kit Maintenance Reverse Kit Service Tips Rivet Tool, Tunnel, Snow Removing the Side Bulbs ROM Chip Removal ROM Identification Routing – Carburetor Vent Line Routing – Fuel Line Routing – Handlebar Harness Routing – Indicator Lights Routing – Miscellaneous Routing – Oil Line Routing – Oil Vent Line Routing – Speedometer Cable Routing – Vent Lines Routing – Wire Harness/Fuel Line Routing – Wire Harness/Speedometer Cable RPM Sensor Rubber Track Clip Replacement Specifications, Rear Suspension, 1997 Specifications, Shock Valving Specifications, Steering Specifications, Torque Specifications, Torque, Body and Steering Specifications, Torque, Engine Specifications, Torque, Suspension Specifications, Track Drive Data, Specifications, Track, Speed Control Assurance Adjustment Speed Control Assurance Operation Speed Control Assurance Replacement Speed Control Assurance Testing Spider Assembly Spider Button Shimming Spider Indexing Spider Roller Installation Spider Roller Removal Spindle Centering, IFS Spindle to Chassis Centering – CRC Spring Tension, Rear, XTRA 10 Style Springs, Accessory, XTRA Lite Springs, Coil, XTRA Lite Springs, Optional, Sport Style Springs, Optional, WideTrak Style Springs, Optional, XTRA 10 Style Springs, Optional, XTRA 12 Style Starter Installation Starter Solenoid Bench Test Starter System Steering – Standard IFS Steering – XTRA 10 and 12 Steering Arm Installation Steering Assembly Exploded View Steering Inspection – Standard IFS Steering Inspection, – All Models Steering Rod End Orientation Steering Specifications Steering Stop Adjustment Steering Stop Adjustment – Standard IFS Steering Stop Adjustment – XTRA Storage Stud Installation Support Block, Piston, Snow Suspension Adjustment Suspension Adjustment – Sport Style Suspension Adjustment – Standard Indy Style Suspension Adjustment – WideTrak Style Suspension Adjustment – XTRA 10 Style Suspension Adjustment Features Suspension Adjustment, Sport Style Suspension Adjustment, XTRA 12 Style Suspension Adjustment, XTRA Lite Style Suspension Adjustments, Rear Suspension Components – Sport Style Suspension Components – WideTrak Style Suspension Components, XTRA 10 Style Suspension Components, XTRA 12 Style Suspension Exploded View, Sport Style Suspension Exploded View, Standard Indy Style Suspension Exploded View, WideTrak Style Suspension Exploded View, XTRA 10 Style Suspension Exploded View, XTRA 12 Style, Suspension Exploded View, Xtra Lite Style, Suspension Lubrication, 29, 210, 827 Suspension Set Up, Rear, XTRA 12 Style Suspension, Rear Components, Xtra Lite Style; Seat Cover Replacement Seat Length Matrix Seat Removal Select Monitor Scrolling Select Monitor, Snow Service Bulletins Service Tips Service Videos Set Up Width, Maximum Set Up Width-CRC Shock Installation, XTRA 12 Style Shock Removal, XTRA 12 Style Shock Tuning Shock Valving Shop Supplies/Accessories Ski Alignment – XTRA Ski Installation Ski Skag Removal – IFS Ski Skin Installation Ski Spindle Bushing Replacement Slide Cutaway Socket, Drive Clutch Spider Nut, Snow Spark Plug Selection Specific Gravity Test Specifications, Alignment Bar Specifications, Brake, 1996 Specifications, Brake, 1997 Specifications, Charge Coil Test Specifications, Clutch, 1996 Specifications, Coil Resistance Specifications, Engine, Specifications, IFS, 1997 Specifications, Ignition, 1996 Specifications, Lighting, 1996 Specifications, Rear Suspension, 1996 Taillight Assembly Replacement – Indy Style Taillight Bulb Replacement Tap Drill Chart Throttle Body Throttle Cable Lubrication Throttle Opening vs Fuel Flow Throttle Position Sensor Throttle Synchronization Throttle Synchronization-Keihin Throttle Synchronization-Mikuni Throttle Valve Timing Advance Curves, Typical Timing Light, Snow Timing Procedure, Three Cylinder GDI Timing Procedure, Twin Cylinder Fan CDI Timing Procedure, Twin Cylinder Liquid CDI Toe Adjustment – Standard IFS Toe Adjustment, Final (Except CRC) Toe Adjustment, Preliminary Toe Alignment-CRC Torque Stop Adjustment Torsion Bar Torsion Bar Installation Torsion Bar Removal Track Alignment Track Clip Removal Track Clip Removal Tool, Snow Track Clip Replacement Track Clip Tool, Camoplast, Snow Track Clip Tool, IDL, Snow Track Maintenance Track Maintenance/Alignment Track Removal, Four Sprocket Driveshaft Track Removal, Two Sprocket Driveshaft Track Tension Track Tension Data T raction Transmission Overhaul, Series 300 Transmission, Suspension / Track Assembly, WideTrak Transmission, Suspension / Track Removal, WideTrak Troubleshooting, Body and Steering Troubleshooting, Carburetion Troubleshooting, Clutch Troubleshooting, EFI Troubleshooting, Engine Troubleshooting, Ignition System Troubleshooting, Oil Pump Troubleshooting, Seat Harness Troubleshooting, Suspension Tunnel Mounting Positions VM30SS Exploded View VM34SS Exploded View VM34SS Exploded View with ACCS VM38SS Exploded View Warranty Policy Water Pump Rebuild Water Trap Service Wheel Kits Width, Maximum Set Up Wiring Diagram, 1995 500 EFI / SKS / RMK Wiring Diagrams, 1996 Wiring Diagram, 1997 Wiring Diagram, 1998 Wrench, Spanner, Snow Wrench, Strap, Snow

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