Used 1986-1987 Kawasaki EX250 Ninja EL250 Motorcycle Eliminator Service Manual

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This 250 page, Used 1986 – 1987 Kawasaki EX250 Ninja EL250 Eliminator Service Manual provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for 1986 – 1987 Kawasaki EX250 Ninja motorcycles.  Cover shown may be different from the cover you receive.

PLEASE NOTE: This book covers the 1986 and 1987 Ninja – it is the required base manual for servicing your 1988 and newer EX250. If you have a 1988 or newer EX250 you will also need to purchase a supplement manual that covers your specific year in order to properly service your Ninja 250 motorcycle.  This is also the base manual for several EL250 Eliminator motorcycles, 99924-1093-53 (currently on Closeout).

Motorcycles Covered:

1986 Kawasaki EX250-E1 Ninja
1987 Kawasaki EX250-E2 Ninja

This base manual covers the following motorcycles when used with 99924-1109-66 supplement manual (Currently on Closeout):

1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999,. 2000, 2001, 2003, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 Kawasaki EX250 Ninja motorcycles

Table of Contents

General Information
Before Servicing
Model Identification
General Specifications
Periodic Maintenance Chart
Torque and Locking Agent
Suggested Wiring Cable or Hose Routing

Fuel System
Exploded View
Special Tools
Throttle Gup and Cables
Throttle Grip Play Inspection
Throttle Cable Adjustment
Throttle Cable Lubrication
Throttle Cable Inspection
Choke Cable
Choke Cable Free Play Inspection
Choke Cable Adjustment
Choke Cable Lubrication
Choke Cable Inspection
Idle Speed Inspection
Idle Speed Adjustment
Carburetor Synchronization Inspection
Carburetor Synchronization
Fuel Level Inspection
Fuel Level Adjustment
Fuel System Cleanliness Inspection
Carburetor Assembly Removal
Carburetor Assembly Installation Notes
Carburetor Separation
Carburetor Installation
Carburetor Disassembly and Assembly Notes
Carburetor Cleaning
Carburetor Inspection
Air Cleaner
Air Cleaner Element Removal
Air Cleaner Element Installation
Air Cleaner Element Cleaning
Air Cleaner Element Inspection and Replacement
Fuel Tank
Fuel Tank Removal
Fuel Tank Installation
Fuel Tank and Tap Cleaning
Fuel Tap Inspection
Fuel Tank and Cap Inspection
Evaporative Emission Control System (US California Vehicle Only)
Parts Removal/Installation Notes
Hose Inspection
Separator Inspection
Separator Operation Test
Canister Inspection
Fuel Tank and Cap Inspection (see Fuel Tank section)

Cooling System
Exploded View
Cooling System
Coolant Deterioration
Coolant Level Inspection
Coolant Draining
Coolant Filling
Air Bleeding
Visual Leak Inspection
Disassembly and Assembly Precautions
Water Pump
Pump Cover Removal
Pump Cover Installation Note
Pump Impeller Inspection
Water Pump Removal
Water Pump Installation Notes
Radiator, Radiator Fan
Radiator, Radiator Fan Removal
Radiator Installation Note
Radiator Inspection
Radiator Cleaning
Radiator Cap Inspection
Radiator Hose, Reservoir Tank Tube Inspection
Radiator Hose, Pipes, Reservoir Tank Tube Installation Notes
Thermostat Removal
Thermostat Housing Removal
Thermostat Inspection
Thermostatic Fan Switch, Water Temperature Sensor
Water Temperature Sensor Removal
Fan Switch Removal
Installation Note

Engine Top End
Exploded View
Special Tools
Cylinder Head Cover
Cylinder Head Cover Removal
Cylinder Head Cover
Installation Notes
Camshaft Chain Tensioner
Chain Tensioner Removal
Chain Tensioner Installation
Camshaft Chain Tensioner Disassembly
Camshaft Chain Tensioner Assembly
Camshaft, Camshaft Chain, Rocker Arm
Camshaft, Rocker Arm Removal
Camshaft Installation (Including
Chain Timing Procedure)
Camshaft and Sprocket
Assembly Notes
Camshaft Oil Clearance Inspection
Camshaft Chain Wear
Camshaft Chain Guide Wear
Cylinder Head
Compression Measurement
Cylinder Head Removal
Cylinder Head Installation Notes
Cylinder Head Disassembly and
Assembly (Valve Mechanism
Removal and Installation)
Cylinder Head Warp
Cylinder Head Cleaning
Valve Clearance Inspection
Valve Clearance Adjustment
Valve Seat Inspection
Valve Seat Repair
Measuring Valve-to-Guide
Clearance (Wobble Method)
Cylinder, Piston
Cylinder Removal
Cylinder Installation Notes ,
Piston Removal
Piston Installation Note
Piston Ring, Piston Ring
Groove Wear
Piston Ring End Gap
Cylinder Inside Diameter
Piston Diameter
Boring, Honing
Carburetor Holder
Carburetor Holder Installation
Muffler Removal
Muffler Installation
Exhaust System Inspection

Exploded View
Special Tool
Clutch Adjustment Check
Clutch Adjustment
Clutch Cover Removal
Clutch Cover Installation Note
Clutch Release Lever (Shaft) Removal
Clutch Release Lever (Shaft) Installation Notes
Clutch Removal
Clutch Installation Notes
Friction Plate Wear, Damage Inspection
Friction or Steel Plate Warp Inspection
Clutch Spring Free Length Measurement
Clutch Housing Finger Inspection
Clutch Hub Spline Inspection

Engine Lubrication System
Exploded View
Engine Oil Flow Chart
Special Tools
Engine Oil and Filter
Engine Oil Level Inspection
Engine Oil and/or Filter Change
Oil Filter and Mounting Bolt Removal
Oil Filter and Mounting Bolt Installation Notes
Bypass Valve Disassembly
Bypass Valve Assembly
Bypass Valve Cleaning and Inspection
Relief Valve Removal
Relief Valve Installation Note
Oil Pump
Oil Pump Removal
Oil Pump Installation Notes
Oil Pump Disassembly
Oil Pump Assembly Note
Oil Pressure Measurement
Oil Pump Inspection
Relief Valve Inspection

Engine Removal / Installation
Exploded View
Engine Removal/Installation
Engine Removal
Engine Installation

Crankshaft / Transmission
Exploded View
Special Tool
Crankcase Splitting
Crankcase Splitting
Crankcase Assembly
Crankcase Exchange
Crankshaft/Connecting Rods
Crankshaft Removal
Crankshaft Installation Notes
Connecting Rod Removal
Connecting Rod Installation
Crankshaft/Connecting Rod
Connecting Rod Bend
Connecting Rod Twist
Connecting Rod Big End Side
Connecting Rod Big End Bearing
Insert/Crankpin Wear
Crankshaft Runout
Crankshaft Main Bearing Insert/
Journal Wear
Crankshaft Side Clearance
Balancer Removal
Balancer Installation Notes
Balancer Shaft Bearing Insert/
Journal Wear
Starter Motor Clutch
Starter Motor Clutch Removal
Starter Motor Clutch Installation Notes
Starter Motor Clutch Disassembly
Starter Motor Clutch Assembly Note
Starter Motor Clutch Inspection
External Shift Mechanism Removal
External Shift Mechanism
Installation Notes
External Shift Mechanism Inspection
Transmission Shaft Removal
Transmission Shaft Installation
Drive Shaft Disassembly
Drive Shaft Assembly Notes
Output Shaft Disassembly
Output Shaft Assembly Notes
Shift Drum and Fork Removal
Shift Drum and Fork Installation
Shift Drum Disassembly Note
Shift Drum Assembly Notes
Gear Backlash
Shift Fork Bending
Shift Fork/Gear Groove Wear
Shift Fork Guide Pin/Shift
Drum Groove Wear
Gear Dog/Gear Dog Hole Damage
Ball and Needle Bearing Wear

Wheels / Tires
Exploded View
Special Tools
Wheels (Rims)
Front Wheel Removal
Front Wheel Installation
Rear Wheel Removal
Rear Wheel Installation
Wheel Inspection
Axle Inspection
Wheel Balance
Tire Removal
Tire Installation
Tire Inspection
Tire Repair
Hub Bearings
Front Hub Bearing Removal
Front Hub Bearing Installation
Rear Hub Bearing Removal
Rear Hub Bearing Installation
Hub Bearing Inspection and Lubrication
Grease Seal Inspection and Lubrication
Speedometer Gear Housing
Speedometer Gear Housing Disassembly
Speedometer Gear Housing Assembly
Speedometer Gear Housing Lubrication

Final Drive
Exploded View
Special Tool
Drive Chain
Drive Chain Slack Inspection
Drive Chain Slack Adjustment
Wheel Alignment Inspection
Wheel Alignment Adjustment
Drive Chain Wear Inspection
Drive Chain Lubrication
Drive Chain Removal
Drive Chain Installation
Sprocket, Coupling
Engine Sprocket Removal
Engine Sprocket Installation
Rear Sprocket, Coupling Removal
Rear Sprocket, Coupling Installation
Sprocket Wear
Sprocket Warp
Coupling Bearing Removal
Coupling Bearing Installation
Coupling Bearing Inspection and Lubrication
Grease Seal Inspection and Lubrication
Damper Inspection

Exploded View
Special Tool
Brake Adjustment
Front Brake
Rear Brake
Brake Pedal Position Inspection
Brake Pedal Position Adjustment
Front Caliper Removal
Rear Caliper Removal
Caliper Installation Notes
Caliper Disassembly Notes
Caliper Assembly Notes
Fluid Seal Damage
Dust Seal and Cover Damage
Piston Cylinder Damage
Caliper Holder Shaft Wear
Brake Pads
Pad Removal
Pad Installation Notes
Lining Wear
Master Cylinders
Front Master Cylinder Removal
Front Master Cylinder
Installation Notes
Rear Master Cylinder Removal
Rear Master Cylinder
Installation Notes
Inspection and Adjustment
after Installation
Front Master Cylinder
Disassembly Notes
Front Master Cylinder
Assembly Notes
Rear Master Cylinder
Disassembly Notes
Rear Master Cylinder
Assembly Notes
Master Cylinder Inspection
(Visual Inspection)
Reservoir Removal Notes
Reservoir Installation Notes
Disc Wear
Disc Cleaning
Disc Warp
Brake Fluid
Fluid Level Inspection
Brake Fluid Change
Brake Fluid Requirement
Changing Brake Fluid
Bleeding the Brake Line
Bleeding the rear brake line
Bleeding the front brake line
Brake Hoses
Brake Hose Inspection
Brake Hose Replacement

Exploded View
Special Tools
Front Fork
Fork Oil Change
Front Fork Removal (each fork leg)
Front Fork Installation (each fork leg)
Front Fork Disassembly
Front Fork Assembly
Inner Tube Inspection
Guide Bush Inspection
Oil Seal and Dust Seal Inspection
Spring Tension
Rear Suspension (Uni-trak)
Rear Shock Absorber
Rear Shock Absorber Adjustment
Uni-trak Preload Adjustment
Rear Shock Absorber Removal
Rear Shock Absorber Installation
Swing Arm
Swing Arm Removal
Swing Arm Installation Notes
Swing Arm Sleeve Inspection
Swing Arm Needle Bearing Inspection
Swing Arm Needle Bearing Lubrication
Tie-rod, Rocker Arm
Tie-rod Removal
Tie-rod Installation Note
Rocker Arm Removal
Rocker Arm Installation Notes
Tie-rod, Rocker Arm Bushing Inspection
Tie-rod, Rocker Arm Sleeve Inspection
Tie-rod, Rocker Arm Bushing Lubrication

Exploded View
Special Tools
Steering Adjustment
Steering Inspection
Checking for Steering Too Tight
Checking for Steering Too Loose
Steering Adjustment
Steering Removal/Installation
Steering Stem Removal
Steering Stem Installation
Steering Maintenance
Steering Stem Bearing Lubrication
Bearing Wear, Damage
Grease Seal Deterioration, Damage
Steering Stem Warp

Exploded View
Fairings Removal
Fairings Installation Note
Fairing Stay Removal
Fairing Stay Installation Note
Front Fender Removal
Rear Fender Rear Section Removal
Rear Fender Front Section Removal
Rear Fender Installation Notes
Footpeg and Bracket
Left Footpeg Bracket Removal
Left Footpeg Bracket Installation Note
Right Footpeg Bracket Removal
Right Footpeg Bracket Installation Notes

Electrical System
Wiring Diagram (US model)
Wiring Diagram (Other than US model)
Exploded View
Special Tools
Electrolyte Level Inspection
Battery Charging
Battery Condition
Battery Initial Charging
Battery Ordinary Charging
Battery Test Charging
Charging System
Alternator Cover Removal
Alternator Cover Installation Note
Alternator Rotor Removal
Alternator Rotor Installation Notes
Stator Coil Removal
Stator Coil Installation Notes
Alternator Inspection
Rectifier Inspection
Regulator Inspection
Regulator/Rectifier Output
Voltage Inspection
Ignition System
Safety Instructions
Pickup Coil Removal
Pickup Coil Installation Notes
Spark Plug Removal
Spark Plug Installation Note
Ignition Coil Removal
Ignition Coil Installation Notes
Pickup Coil Inspection
Ignition Coil Inspection
Spark Plug Cleaning Inspection
Spark Plug Gap
1C Igniter Inspection
Electric Starter System
Starter Motor Removal
Starter Motor Installation Notes
Starter Motor Disassembly
Starter Motor Assembly
Brush Inspection
Brush Spring Inspection
Commutator Cleaning
and Inspection
Armature Inspection
Brush Lead Inspection
Brush Plate Inspection
Starter Relay Inspection
Lighting System
Headlight Beam
Horizontal Adjustment
Headlight Beam Vertical Adjustment
Headlight Bulb Replacement Notes
Tail/Brake Light Bulb
Replacement Note
Tail/Brake Light Lens Removal/
Installation Note
Turn Signal Light
Bulb Replacement Note
License Plate Light Bulb
Replacement Notes
Headlight Reserve Lighting
System Inspection
Cooling Fan System
Fan System Circuit Inspection
Fan Inspection
Fan Relay Inspection
Meters and Gauge
Meter Replacement Notes
Bulb Replacement Notes
Tachometer Inspection
Water Temperature Gauge
Operation Inspection
Switches and Sensor
Front Brake Light Testing
Rear Brake Light Testing
Rear Brake Light Switch
Position Adjustment
Switch Removal Note
Switch Inspection
Fan Switch Inspection
Water Temperature
Sensor Inspection
Junction Box
Fuse Removal
Fuse Installation Note
Fuse Inspection
Junction Box Fuse
Circuit Inspection
Fan, Starter Circuit and Headlight
Relay Inspection
Diode Circuit Inspection
Electrical Wiring
Wiring Inspection

Additional Considerations for Racing
Spark Plug
Spark Plug Inspection
Troubleshooting Guide
General Lubrication
Nut, Bolt, and Fastener Tightness
Tightness Inspection
Unit Conversion Table

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 0.7 in

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