Used 1982-1984 Suzuki DR125 SP125 Motorcycle Service Manual

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This Used 1982-1984 Suzuki DR125 SP125 Motorcycle Service Manual is a reproduction of the original, out of print manual.  It provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for 1982-1984 Suzuki DR125 and SP125 Motorcycle.

Table of Contents

General Information
Vin And Serial Number Locations
Fuel And Oil Recommendations
Breaking-in Procedure
Special Features
Precautions And General Instructions
Special Materials

Periodic Maintenance And Tune-up Procedures
Periodic Maintenance Schedule
Maintenance Procedures
Cylinder Head Nuts, Cylinder Nuts,
Exhaust Pipe Nuts
Fuel Line
Fuel Strainer
Spark Plug
Air Cleaner Element
Cam Drive Chain Tensioner
Valve Clearance
Engine Oil
Engine Oil Filter
Oil Sump Filter
Engine Idle Speed
Drive Chain
Tires And Spokes
Engine Mounting Bolts
Chassis Bolts And Nuts

Servicing Engine
Compression Pressure And Oil Pressure
Engine Removal And Remounting
Upper End Components Disassembly
Upper End Components Inspection And Servicing
Upper End Components Reassembly
Lower End Components Disassembly
Lower End Components Inspection And Servicing
Lower End Components Reassembly

Fuel And Lubrication System
Fuel Cock
Lubrication System

Electrical System
Ignition System
Lighting System

Front Wheel And Front Brake
Front Fork
Steering Stem
Rear Wheel And Rear Brake
Full-floating Suspension
Rear Swing Arm

Servicing Information
Wiring Diagram
Wire Routing
Cable Routing
Special Tools
Tightening Torque
Service Data

Suzuki SP125Z  – 1982

Suzuki DR125D  – 1983

Suzuki SP125D   -1983

Suzuki DR125E  – 1984

Suzuki SP125E  – 1984

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