Used 1970 Honda SL175K0 Motorcycle Owners Manual

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This Used 1970 Honda SL175 Motorcycle Owners Manual contains everything you need to know to operate and maintain your motorcycle. This is the same manual that came with your motorcycle when it was new. Published in 1970.

Table of Contents

Serial Number Location
Operating Instruction
Electrical Controls
Instruments and Indicator Lights
Main Switch
Emergency Switch
Headlight Control Switch
Horn Button
Mechanical Controls
Steering Lock
Clutch Lever
Front Brake Lever
Rear Brake Pedal
Gear Change Pedal
Choke Lever
Fuel and Oil
Fuel Valve
Fuel Tank
Oil Recommendation
Pre-Riding Inspection
Starting the Engine
Starting a Cold Engine
Starting in Extreme Cold Weather
Starting a Warm Engine
Break-In Procedure
Riding the Motorcycle
Maintenance Schedule
Maintenance Operations
Engine Oil Replenishment
Engine Oil Change
Oil Filter
Spark Plug
Contact Breaker Point Gap
Ignition Timing
Valve Tappet Clearance
Cam Chain
Air Cleaner
Throttle Cable
Throttle Grip Play
Fuel Strainer
Drive Chain
Drive Chain Lubrication
Front Brake
Rear Brake
Tire Inflation Pressure
Front Suspension
Front Fork Oil
Rear Shock Absorber
Front Wheel Removal
Rear Wheel Removal
Headlight Beam
Stoplight Switch
Headlight Bulb Replacement
Tail/stoplight Bulb Replacement
Tool Kit
Wiring Diagram

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