Sachs – Dolmar 114 Chainsaw Owners Manual

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This 20 page, Sachs – Dolmar 114 Chainsaw Owners Manual is a reproduction of the original, out of print manual. This manual contains everything you need to know to safely operate and care for your Sachs – Dolmar 114 Chainsaw. Originally published in West Germany.

Includes translations in English, German, Spanish and French.

Topics covered include:

Assembling Bar and Chain
Tightening the Chain
Filling the Tank
Starting and Stopping the Engine
Chain Brake
How to use the Saw
Sharpening the Chain
Adjusting the Carburetor
Checking the Ignition
Regulating the Oil Pump
Changing the Sprocket and Clutch
Replacing the Starter Rope and Recoil Spring
Ventilation of the Fuel Tank
Filter in the Fuel Tank
Cleaning the Air Filter and Cooling Areas
Cleaning the Muffler
Venting and Wire Mesh Filter in the Oil Tank
Storing Saw and Restarting for Season

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