Motorcycling Excellence Skills Knowledge and Strategies for Riding Right

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The most authoritative book ever published on safe riding techniques. —Iron Works

A welcome resource for both beginning and experienced riders. —Kansas City Star

Includes almost everything a truly proficient street rider should understand and master. —Motorcyclist

If you have taken a course, this book will help you recall what you learned and refine your mental riding strategies . . . a winner that should benefit motorcyclists for years to come. —BMW Owner’s News

If you take your motorcycling seriously, don’t hesitate, get a copy. You won’t be disappointed [in this] invaluable resource tool that will help any rider become a better rider. —Street Motorcycle

Here is a book for the motorcyclist who wants to do it right—the most complete, authoritative book ever published on safe riding techniques and strategies. Statistics indicate that a substantial percentage of motorcycle accidents involve riders with limited experience and training. Prior to 1973 there were few organized programs to instruct beginners and experienced riders in safe motorcycle operation. Since that time, over one million students have completed courses developed by the MSF. This book is the culmination of what they have learned about teaching students of all ages and experience. It is the perfect refresher for anyone who has taken an MSF course and will be an eye-opener for those who have not yet discovered them.

In a clear, engaging style with detailed diagrams and extensive full-color photographs and illustrations, the book covers rider attitude, proper dress, performance, maintenance and troubleshooting, as well as basic and advanced street skills. Included are tips on how to stop quickly when necessary; avoid traffic hazards; apply evasive maneuvers; countersteer for better control; travel skillfully in a group; identify and fix mechanical problems; ride more smoothly at high and low speeds; maintain momentum in off-highway riding; and much, much more. A remarkable source of riding wisdom, this book is certain to become the definitive reference for the sport. It enables brand-new riders to learn safe riding habits from the start while veterans can perfect their performance to reduce accident risk.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation courses have been responsible for sparking in many people a lifelong passion for motorcycling. As they claim, The More You Know, The Better It Gets! Motorcycling Excellence provides the opportunity for every motorcyclist to discover for him or herself the thrills of riding right by getting the best from self and machine.

Sftbd., 8-1/4 x 10-1/2 in., 176 pp., color illus.”

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