Original Triumph Stag – The Restorers Guide by James Taylor

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Original Triumph Stag – The Restorer’s Guide by James Taylor

The Triumph Stag is a great car that failed.  Stylish, fast, and comfortable, it was potentially
one of the best British cars of its time but was produced through British Leyland’s worst period
and soon earned a terrible reputation for unreliability. Ironically, it is now better appreciated than it was a quarter of a century ago, mainly because solutions to all of its problems have been found. These days, Stags can add dependability to their many other virtues, and they have a large and loyal following.

Original Triumph Stag is the essential companion to these fine cars. Its aim is to reveal, in words and color pictures, the precise specifications of the Stag throughout production. Although one Stag may look much like another to the untrained eye, a surprising number of specification changes, major and minor, occurred over the years. No stone has been left unturned during the author’s exhaustive research, which has revealed plenty of new information.
Completely original specifications, which discerning enthusiasts demand, can be difficult
to determine, and because of this, few restored cars are truly authentic in every detail. But help
is at hand for all owners, restorers, and dedicated enthusiasts. Drawing from factory records, parts lists, and catalogues, as well as the accumulated knowledge of respected restorers and dedicated enthusiasts, this book provides the most comprehensive survey of the Triumph
Stag ever published.

Accompanying the authoritative text are ZOO specially commissioned photographs taken
on both sides of the Atlantic. They show every permutation of Stag specification in outstanding
detail. Several cars, such as a remarkable Mk1 photographed in the United States, have been
preserved throughout their lives by just one careful owner, making them exceptional survivors in unrestored and correct condition.
The definitive guide to a great British grand touring car, Original Triumph Stag is
indispensable for all owners, restorers, buyers, and enthusiasts.

Although the book is new, the book jacket may have some shelf wear.

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