Oliver Model 77 GD Operators Manual

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This 122 page, Oliver Model 77 G&D Factory Operators Manual or owners manual is a reproduction of the out of print manual the manual that came with the Oliver Model 77 G&D tractor when it was new. It is similar to manual you receive in the glove box of a new car.

Table of Contents

Section I – Tractor
Serial Numbers
Checking Your New Tractor
Breaking In Your New Tractor
Tractor Seat
Drawbar Assembly
Wheel Tread Adjustments
Tool Box
Tractor Operation Seasonal Preparation Cold Weather Operation Preparation For Storage Preparation For Operation After Storage Specification s Imperial And Metric Measure Lubri cation

Se ct i on II – En gi ne
Engine Lubrication Oils
Breather Oil Filter
Valve Clearance Adjustment Engine Starting Procedure Stopping The Tractor Engine Engine Trouble Shooting

Section III – Fuel System
HC and KD Fuel Systems Carburetors HC and KD Governor Air Cleaner Fuel Strainer Assembly Diesel Fuel System
Diesel Governor Adjustments Diesel Fuel Supply Pump Fuel Filter Fuel System Bleeding

Section IV – Ignition System
Wiring Diagrams Battery Spark Plugs Distributor Timing The Ignition Generator Starting Motor Li ghts

Section V – Cooling System
Cooling System Servicing Fan Belt Adjustment

Section VI – Clutch

Section VII – Transmission, Differential, Brakes and Final Drive
General Lubrication Gear Shift
Brake Pedal Adjustment

Section VIII – Steering Gear & Linkage
Steering Gear Lubrication Toe-In Adjustment

Section IX – Front End Equipment
Front End Lubrication Wheel Bearing Adjustment

Section X – Optional Equipment
Power Take-Off Mechanical Power Lift Belt Pulley Assembly Tires And Tubes Wheel Weights Hydra-Lectric Unit

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