Oliver 550 Agricultural and Industrial Tractor Parts Manual

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This 260 page, Oliver 550 Factory Parts Manual has exploded views of all parts on the Oliver 550 tractor. This book contains a complete listing of all parts released for repairs up to issue date for all regular production Model 550 gasoline or diesel tractors from serial number 60 501. A Table of Contents and an Alphabetical Index immediately follow this page, and a Details of Assembly and part number Numerical Index are listed in the back of the book. The book is divided into twelve numbered sections. Each section is subdivided into smaller groups or units to simplify listing of parts and illustration by “exploded view”. Pages are numbered on the lower outer comer with the section number and page number within the section (2-1, 7-20, 10-17 etc.) The parts shown in “exploded views” of assemblies are. reference numbered and correspond to numbers in the Reference Number (Ref. No.) column of the parts list immediately following each illustration.

Table of Contents

Tractor General
Swinging Drawbar
Wheel Guards, Platform And Tool Box
Hood, Instrument Panel And Battery
Front Frame, Center Frame And Center
Frame Cover
Name Plate And Transfers

Cylinder Head And Valve Mechanism
Crankshaft And Related Parts
Oil Pan And Oil Pump
Engine Controls
Foot Accelerator – Gas
Instruments And Switches
Ether Primer Starting

Fuel System
Air Cleaner – Gas
Air Cleaner – Diesel
PreCleaner Screener
Manifold – Gas
Manifold – Diesel
Carburetor (Schebler)
Carburetor (Zenith)
Fuel Tank, Tubing And Connections – Gas
Fuel Tank, Tubing And Connections
– Diesel
Fuel Supply Pump – Diesel – Bosch
Primary Fuel Filter – Diesel – Bosch
Primary Fuel Filter – Diesel – Roosa
Final Fuel Filter – Diesel – Roosa
Hand Primer Pump – Diesel – Roosa
Diesel Injection Pump, Nozzles And
Accessory Drive
Diesel Injection Pump – Bosch
Diesel Injection Pump – Roosa

Ignition and Electrical Systems
Ignition, Starter And Lights
Generator – Gas And Diesel
Starting Motor – Gas
Starting Motor – Diesel

Cooling System
Water Pump, Fan And Fan Belt
Water Pump
Radiator And Connections

Clutch and Clutch Controls

Transmission And Rear Frame
Transmission Gear Shift
Differential, Brake And Brake Controls
Rear Axle

Steering Mechanism
Steering Gear
Power Steering Mechanism
Power Steering Unit
Power Steering Gear
Power Steering Hydraulic Pump And Reservoir
Power Steering Cylinder

Front End Equipment
Front Axle (Adjustable)
Front Axle (Fixed Tread)
Front Wheels

Double Feed-Back Hydraulic Control
Hydraulic Pump
Hydraulic Internal Control Valve
Hydraulic Control External Valve, Hoses And Cylinder
Hydraulic External Control Valve
Hydraulic Cylinder
Three-Point Hitch
Belt Pulley
Power Take-Off
Power Take-Off Speed Conversion Unit
Front Power Take-Off Drive
Rear Wheels
Wheel Weights


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