2004 FC FE FS 450 501 550 650 Husaberg Motorcycle Repair Manual

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This 2004 Husaberg Repair Manual is an authorized reproduction of the original, out of print manual. It provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for 2004 Husaberg motorcycles including:

2004 Husaberg FC 450/4
2004 Husaberg FE 450e/6
2004 Husaberg FS 450e/6
2004 Husaberg FE 501e/6
2004 Husaberg FC 550/4
2004 Husaberg FE 550e/6
2004 Husaberg FE 650e/6
2004 Husaberg FS 650e/6

This manual contains 116 pages of information to help you service your 2004 Husaberg motorcycle. The following topics are included:

GENERAL INFORMATION – Oil circuit, Engine oil, Checking the oil level, Changing the engine oil, Cleaning the oil screen, Changing the oil filter, Checking the oil level in the hydraulic clutch, Bleeding the clutch, Cleaning, Preservation for winter operation, Storage, Special tools

DISMOUNTING AND MOUNTING THE ENGINE – Dismounting the engine, Mounting the engine, Bleeding the cooling system, Adjusting the decompression cable, Adjusting the throttle cable

DISASSEMBLING THE ENGINE – Blocking the engine, Removing the rotor, Removing the pressure relief valve, Removing the clutch, Removing inner clutch hub, Removing primary pinion and the idler shaft gear, Removing the oil pump, Removing the chain tensioner, Separating the timing chain, Removing the cylinder head, Separating the housing, Removing the crankshaft, Removing the transmission, Removing the idler shaft

SERVICING THE INDIVIDUAL PARTS – Important, Left housing half, Right housing half, Pressure relief valve, Clutch cover, Crankshaft, Press out the crank pin, Press in the crank pin, Checking the crankshaft journal, Outer dimension of the crankshaft webs, Balancing the axial clearance of the crankshaft, Nikasil cylinder coating, Measuring the piston and cylinder liner, determining the piston mounting clearance, Checking the piston, Checking the piston ring end gap, Checking the oil pump for wear, Cylinder head top section, Cylinder head, Camshaft, Timing chain tensioner, Timing train, Checking the clutch for wear, Checking the kickstarter for wear, Shift mechanism, Assembling the main shaft (four-speed), Assembling the main shaft (six-speed), Assembling the countershaft (four/six-speed), Starter drive, Checking the freewheel, Checking the freewheel hub

ASSEMBLING THE ENGINE – Mounting the idler shaft, Mounting the crankshaft, Mounting the cylinder head, Mounting the timing chain, Mounting the timing chain tensioner, Adjusting the valve clearance, Mounting the oil pump, Mounting the shift mechanism, Mounting the kickstarter shaft, Mounting the clutch, Mounting the clutch cover, Mounting the pressure relief valve, Mounting rotor and pick up

ELECTRIC SYSTEM – Checking for loss of current, Dismounting/mounting the battery, Charging the battery, Filling the battery, Checking the starter, Checking the starter relay, Checking the main fuse, Checking the voltage regulator, Kokusan 4K3B dynamic generator values, Troubleshooting in the ignition system, CDI unit, Checking the ignition coil, Ignition system, Checking the stator and pulse generator, Replacing the stator in FC (Kokusan 4K-3A), Replacing the stator in FE and FS (Kokusan 4K-3B), Static ignition values Kokusan 4K-3A/B, Static generator values Kokusan 4K3B

FUEL SYSTEM – KEIHIN FCR-MX 39/41, Disassembling the carburetor, Choke slide and hot start knob, Accelerator pump, Jet needle, Float needle valve, Throttle slide, Assembling the carburetor, Adjusting the throttle sensor position, Checking the throttle sensor, Dismounting and mounting the throttle sensor, Adjusting the idle, Checking/adjusting the float height

TROUBLESHOOTING – Troubleshooting

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS – Engine 450, 501, Carburetor 450, 501, Engine 550, 650, Carburetor 550, 650, Chassis, Engine torques, Chassis torques, Mounting clearances, engine wear limits

PERIODIC MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE – FC 450, 550/4, FE 450 – 650e/6, FS 450, 650e/6, Additional work – driver, Additional work – workshop

WIRING DIAGRAMS – FC models, FE models, FE USA models, FS models, Cable colors

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