YFM660FA Grizzly 660 Yamaha ATV Service Manual 2003-2008

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This Official 2003-2008 Yamaha YFM660FA Grizzly Factory Service Manual provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for:

2003 Yamaha YFM660FA Grizzly ATVs
2004 Yamaha YFM660FA Grizzly ATVs
2005 Yamaha YFM660FA Grizzly ATVs
2006 Yamaha YFM660FA Grizzly ATVs
2007 Yamaha YFM660FA Grizzly ATVs
2008 Yamaha YFM660FA Grizzly ATVs

Table Of Contents

General Information
Periodic Checks And Adjustments
Cooling System
Drive Train

Index of Topics

Chapter 1 General Information
Machine Identification
Vehicle Identification Number
Model Label
Front Differential
Important Information
Preparation For Removal Procedures
Replacement Parts
Gaskets, Oil Seals And O-rings
Lock Washers/plates And Cotter Pins
Bearings And Oil Seals
Checking Of Connections
Special Tools

Chapter 2 Specifications
General Specifications
Maintenance Specifications
How To Use The Conversion Table
General Torque Specifications
Lubrication Points And Lubricant Types
Coolant Flow Diagrams
Oil Flow Diagrams
Cable Routing

Chapter 3 Periodic Checks And Adjustments
Periodic Maintenance/lubrication Intervals
Seat, Carriers, Fenders And Fuel Tank
Seat And Side Panels
Front Carrier, Front Bumper And Front Grill
Handlebar Cover, Fuel Tank Cover And Front Fender
Rear Carrier And Rear Fender
Engine Skid Plate (center) And Engine Skid Plate (rear)
Fuel Tank
Footrest Boards
Adjusting The Valve Clearance
Adjusting The Timing Chain
Adjusting The Idling Speed
Adjusting The Throttle Lever Free Play
Adjusting The Speed Limiter
Adjusting The Starter Cable
Checking The Spark Plug
Checking The Ignition Timing
Measuring The Compression Pressure
Checking The Engine Oil Level
Changing The Engine Oil
Cleaning The Air Filter
Checking The Coolant Level
Changing The Coolant
Checking The V-belt
Cleaning The Spark Arrester
Adjusting The Rear Brake
Checking The Brake Fluid Level
Checking The Front Brake Pad
Checking The Rear Brake Pad
Checking The Brake Hose
Bleeding The Hydraulic Brake System
Adjusting The Select Lever Control Cable
And Shift Rod
Adjusting The Rear Brake Light Switch
Checking The Final Gear Oil Level
Changing The Final Gear Oil
Checking The Differential Gear Oil
Changing The Differential Gear Oil
Checking The Constant Velocity Joint Dust Boot
Checking The Steering System
Adjusting The Toe-in
Adjusting The Front Shock Absorber
Adjusting The Rear Shock Absorber
Checking The Tire
Checking The Wheel
Checking And Lubricating The Cable
Lubricating The Levers, Pedal, Etc
Checking The Battery
Checking The Fuse
Adjusting The Headlight Beam
Changing The Headlight Bulb

Chapter 4 Engine
Engine Removal
Air Ducts, Muffler And Exhaust Pipe
Select Lever Unit And Coolant Reservoir
Hoses And Leads
Engine Mounting Bolts
Installing The Engine
Cylinder Head Cover
Removing The Cylinder Head Cover
Checking The Cylinder Head Cover
Checking The Tappet Cover
Installing The Cylinder Head Cover
Rocker Arms
Removing The Rocker Arm
Checking The Rocker Arm
Installing The Rocker Arm
Camshaft And Cylinder Head
Removing The Camshaft And Cylinder Head
Checking The Camshaft
Checking The Camshaft Sprocket
Checking The Decompression System
Checking The Timing Chain Guide
Checking The Timing Chain Tensioner
Checking The Cylinder Head
Installing The Camshaft And Cylinder Head
Valves And Valve Springs
Removing The Valve And Valve Spring
Checking The Valve And Valve Spring
Installing The Valve And Valve Spring
Cylinder And Piston
Removing The Piston
Checking The Cylinder And Piston
Checking The Piston Ring
Checking The Piston Pin
Installing The Piston
Installing The Cylinder
Recoil Starter And Ac Magneto
Removing The Ac Magneto
Disassembling The Recoil Starter
Checking The Ac Magneto
Checking The Starter Clutch
Checking The Starter Pulley
Checking The Recoil Starter
Assembleing The Recoil Starter
Installing The Ac Magneto
Balancer Gears And Oil Pump Gears
Removing The Balancer Drive Gear
And Balancer Driven Gear
Removing The Balancer Drive Gear
And Buffer Boss
Checking The Oil Pump Drive
Checking The Balancer Drive
Installing The Balancer Drive Gear And Balancer Driven Gear
Primary And Secondary Sheaves
Primary Sheave
Secondary Sheave
Removing The Primary And Secondary Sheaves
Disassembling The Secondary Sheave
Cheking The Primary Sheave
Checking The Secondary Sheave
Assembling The Primary Sheave
Assembling The Secondary Sheave
Installing The Primary And Secondary Sheaves
Removing The Clutch
Checking The Clutch
Installing The Clutch
Starter Motor, Timing Chain And Oil Filter
Crankcase Bearing
Separating The Crankcase
Checking The Timing Chain And Guide
Checking The Oil Delivery Pipe
Checking The Crankcase
Checking The Bearings
Assembling The Crankcase
Installating The Shift Lever
Crankshaft And Oil Pump
Oil Pump
Removing The Crankshaft
Checking The Oil Pump
Checking The Relief Valve
Checking The Oil Strainer
Assembling The Oil Pump
Checking The Crankshaft
Installing The Crankshaft And Balancer
Removing The Transmission
Checking The Shift Fork
Checking The Shift Cam
Checking The Drive Axle
Checking The High Wheel Gear
And Middle Drive Gear
Checking The Secondary Shaft
And Driven Sprocket
Checking The Chain
Checking The Stopper Lever
And Stopper Wheel
Assembling The Shift Fork Assembly
Installing The Transmission
Middle Gear
Middle Drive Shaft
Middle Driven Shaft
Removing The Middle Drive Shaft
Removing The Middle Driven Shaft
Checking The Pinion Gear
Middle Drive And Driven Gear Shim Selection
Installing The Middle Driven Shaft
Installing The Middle Drive Shaft
Measuring The Middle Gear Backlash

Chapter 5 Cooling System
Checking The Radiator
Installing The Radiator
Checking The Thermostat
Installing The Thermostat
Water Pump
Disassembling The Water Pump
Checking The Water Pump
Assembling The Water Pump

Chapter 6 Carburetion
Disassembling The Carburetor
Checking The Carburetor
Assembling The Carburetor
Adjusting The Fuel Level

Chapter 7 Drive Train
Front Constant Velocity Joints And Differential Gear
Disassembling The Universal Joint
Removing The Ring Gear
Checking The Constant Velocity Joint
Checking The Differential Gear
Checking The Gear Motor
Assembling The Front Constant Velocity Joint
Assembling The Differential Gear
Installing The Universal Joint
Measuring And Adjusting
The Differential Gear Lash
Checking The Differential Gear Operation
Rear Constant Velocity Joint/final Drive Gear And Drive Shaft
Assembling The Rear Constant Velocity Joint
Disassembling The Final Drive Gear
Removing And Disassembling
The Final Drive Roller Bearing
Positioning The Final Drive Pinion Gear
And Ring Gear
Checking The Drive Shaft
Checking The Final Drive Gear
Measurement And Adjusting The Final Gear Lash
Assembling The Final Drive Gear
Installing The Final Drive Gear

Chapter 8 Chassis
Front Wheels And Brake Discs
Front Wheels
Checking The Front Wheel
Checking The Front Wheel Hub
Checking The Front Brake Disc
Installing The Front Wheel Hub
Installing The Front Wheel
Rear Wheels And Brake Disc
Rear Wheels
Rear Brake Disc
Checking The Rear Wheel
Checking The Rear Wheel Hub
Checking The Rear Brake Disc
Installing The Rear Wheel Hub
Installing The Rear Wheel
Front And Rear Brakes
Front Brake Pads
Rear Brake Pads
Replacing The Front Brake Pad
Replacing The Rear Brake Pad
Front Brake Master Cylinder
Rear Brake Master Cylinder
Checking The Master Cylinder
Assembling The Front Brake Master Cylinder
Assembling The Rear Brake Master Cylinder
Installing The Front Brake Master Cylinder
Installing The Rear Brake Master Cylinder
Front Brake Caliper
Rear Brake Caliper
Disassembling The Brake Caliper
Disassembling The Rear Brake Caliper
Checking The Front And Rear Brake Caliper
Assembling The Front Brake Caliper
Installing The Front Brake Caliper
Assembling The Rear Brake Caliper
Installing The Rear Brake Caliper
Steering System
Removing The Rear Brake Switch
Checking The Handlebar
Installing The Handlebar
Installing The Rear Brake Lever
Installing The Master Cylinder Assembly
Steering Stem
Removing The Bearing Retainer
Checking The Steering Stem
Installing The Bearing Retainer
Installing The Steering Stem
Installing The Cable Guide
Tie Rod And Steering Knuckle
Removing The Steering Knuckle
Checking The Tie Rod
Checking The Steering Knuckle
Checking The Ball Joint
Checking The Tie Rod
Front Arms And Front Shock Absorber
Removing The Front Arms
Checking The Front Arm
Checking The Front Shock Absorber
Installing The Front Arms And Front Shock Absorber
Rear Knuckle And Stabilizer
Checking The Rear Knuckle
Checking The Stabilizer
Rear Arms And Rear Shock Absorber
Checking The Rear Arm
Checking The Rear Shock Absorber
Checking The Rear Arms And Rear Shock Absorber

Chapter 9 Electrical
Electrical Components
Checking The Switch
Checking The Switch
Checking A Switch Shown In The Manual Checking The Switch Continuity
Checking The Bulbs And Bulb Sockets
Types Of Bulbs
Checking The Condition Of The Bulbs
Checking The Condition Of The Bulb Sockets
Ignition System
Circuit Diagram Troubleshooting
Electric Starting System
Circuit Diagram
Starting Circuit Operation
Starter Motor
Checking The Starter Motor Assembling The Starter Motor
Charging System
Circuit Diagram Troubleshooting
Lighting System
Circuit Diagram
Checking The Lighting System
Signal System
Circuit Diagram
Checking The Signal System
Cooling System
Circuit Diagram
2wd/4wd Selecting System
Circuit Diagram

Chapter 10 Troubleshooting
Starting Failure/hard Starting
Fuel System
Electrical System
Compression System
Poor Idle Speed Performance
Poor Idle Speed Performance
Poor Medium And High-speed Performance
Poor Medium And High-speed Performance
Faulty Drive Train
Faulty Gear Shifting
Hard Shifting
Shift Lever Does Not Move
Jumps Out Of Gear
Faulty Clutch Performance
Engine Operates But Machine Will Not Move
Clutch Slipping
Poor Starting Performance
Poor Speed Performance
Faulty Brake
Poor Braking Effect
Shock Absorber Malfunction
Unstable Handling
Unstable Handling
Lighting System
Headlight Dark
Bulb Burnt Out

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