2000-2007 KTM 250-610 Racing Engine Repair Manual Paper


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This book is an authorized reproduction of the original, out of print factory service manual. It covers ONLY the engine on the following motorcycles:

2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 KTM 250-610 Racing 4 Stroke Engines

540 SXS, 560 SMR, 610 CRATE

This is a printed and bound 245 page paper manual.

Table of Contents

Service-information, General Information – Oil Circuit, Engine Oil, Checking The Engine Oil Level, Changing The Engine Oil, Changing The Oil Filters, Checking The Oil Level Of The Hydraulic Clutch, Bleeding The Hydraulic Clutch, Changing The Front Brake Fluid, Changing The Rear Brake Fluid, Checking Brake Pads And Brake Discs, Special Tools – Racing Engine

Removing And Refitting The Engine – Bleeding The Cooling System, Checking The Adjustment Of The Hand Decompression Release Cable, Adjusting The Throttle Cables

Disassembling The Engine – Draining The Engine Oil, Dismounting The Oil Filter, Dismounting The Chain Wheel, Disassembling The Clutch, Dismounting The Ignition System {400/520 Models Until 2002) Dismounting The Ignition System And Loosening The Primary Gear {250 Exc Models From 2002, 450/525 Models From 2003), Pulling Off The Flywheel, Removing The Clutch Drive And The Outer Cluch Hub, Dismounting The Oil Pump, Dismounting The Upper Cylinder Head Portion, Dismounting The Cylinder Head, Cylinder And The Piston, Dismounting The Timing Chain And The Timing Gear, Dismounting The E-starter Drive Gear And Kickstarter, Dismounting The Primary Gear And Freewheel, Dismounting The Shift Mechanism And Transmission, Dismounting The Balancer Shaft And Crankshaft

Servicing Individual Components – Left Casing Half, Right Casing Half, Clutch Cover, Crankshaft, Crankshaft Webs – Measure The Outer Dimension, Drive Wheel For Balancer Shaft, Measuring The Axial Clearance For The Crankshaft And Transmission Shafts, Compensating The Axial Clearance For The Crankshaft And Transmission Shafts, Cylinder – Nicasil Coating, Measuring Piston And Cylinder, Piston Fitting Clearance, Checking The Piston, Measuring The Piston Ring End Gap, Checking The Oil Pumps For Wear, Lubrication System, Upper Portion Of The Cylinder Head, Cylinder Head, Replacing The Valve Guides (Cylinder Head Disassembled), Camshaft, Preassembling The Camshaft, Timing Chain Tensioner, Timing Train, Checking The Clutch For Wear – Up To The 2002 Model, Checking The Clutch For Wear – From The 2003 Model, Checking The Kickstarter For Wear , Preassembling The Kickstarter Shaft, Shift Mechanism, Preassembling The Shift Shaft, Assembling The Main Shaft (4-speed), Assembling The Main Shaft (6-speed), Assembling The Countershaft, E-starter Drive Gear, Checking The Free Wheel, Replacing The Free Wheel Hub

Assembling The Engine – Mounting The Crankshaft And Balancer Shaft, Mounting The Shift Mechanism And Transmission, Assembling The Engine Casing, Mounting The Primary Gear And Free Wheel, Mounting The Oil Pumps, Mounting The Shift Arrester, Mounting The E-starter Drive Gear And Kickstarter, Mounting The Outer Clutch Hub And Driver Up To The 2002 Model Mounting The Outer Clutch Hub And Driver From The 2003 Model Onwards Mounting The Primary Gear Nut (250 Exc And All Mod From 2003), Mounting The Timing Gear, Mounting The Piston And Cylinder, Mounting The Cylinder Head, Mounting The Cylinder Head Top Portion, Mounting The Timing Chain Tensioner, Adjusting The Valve Clearance, Mounting The Flywheel, Mounting The Pulse Generator And The Ignition Cover, Mounting The Clutch, Mounting The Oil Line, Mounting The Electric Starter, Mounting The Oil Filters, Filling Up The Engine Oil

Electrical – Leakage Inspection, Removing The Battery, Charging The Battery, Filling The Battery, Checking The Capacitor, Checking The Voltage Regulator-rectifier -, Checking The Charging Voltage, Cdi Unit, Checking The Ignition Coil, Troubleshooting In The Ignition System, Ignition, Check Stator And Pulse Generator, Replacing The Stator, Main Fuse, Checking The Electric Starter Motor, Checking The Starter Relay, Measurements With Peak Voltage Adapter, Static Ignition Values 4k-3a, 4k-3b, Static Generator Values 4k-3b, Dynamic Generator Values 4k-3b, Throttle Valve Sensor, Adjustment & Check

Fuel System – Dismounting And Installing The Carburetor, Disassembling The Carburetor (Keihin Fcr 35/39), Disassembling The Carburetor (Keihin Fcr-mx 37/39/41), Checking The Choke Slide And Hot Start Knob, Checking The Accelerator Pump, Checking The Jet Needle, Checking The Float Needle Valve, Checking The Throttle Valve, Assembling The Carburetor (Keihin Fcr 35/39), Assembling The Carburetor (Keihin Fcr-mx 37/39/41), Adjusting The Position Of The Throttle Valve Sensor, Checking The Throttle Valve Sensor, Dismounting And Installing The Throttle Valve Sensor, Adjusting Idling (Keihin Fcr 35/39), Checking The Float Height, Adjusting Idling (Keihin Fcr-mx 37/39/41), Checking The Float Height

Trouble Shooting, Technical Specifications, Periodic Maintenance Schedule, Wiring Diagrams

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