1994-2009 Kawasaki EX500D Ninja 500R Motorcycle Service Manual Supplement

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This Ninja 500/GPZ500S service Manual Supplement is designed to be used in conjunction with the EN450 Motorcycle Service Manual P/N: 99924-1056-04 (purchased separately)

The maintenance and repair procedures described in the this supplement only include those that are unique to the Ninja 500/GPZ500S motorcycle. Most service operation are described in the base Service Manual which is why you need it. Complete and proper servicing of the Ninja 500/GPZ500S motorcycle therefore requires both this supplement and the base Service Manual.

This 1994-2009 Kawasaki EX500D Ninja 500R Service Manual Supplement is designed primarily for use by trained mechanics in a properly equipped shop. However, it contains enough detail and basic in formation to make it useful to the owner who de sires to perform his own basic maintenance and repair work. A basic knowledge of mechanics, the proper use of tools, and workshop procedures must be understood in order to carry out maintenance and repair satisfactorily. When ever the owner has insufficient experience or doubts his ability to do the work, all adjustments, maintenance, and repair should be carried out only by qualified mechanics. In order to perform the work efficiently and to avoid costly mistakes, read this 1994-2009 Kawasaki EX500D Ninja 500R Service Manual Supplement and base manual to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the procedures before starting work, and then do the work carefully in a clean area. Whenever special tools or equipment are specified, do not use makeshift tools or equipment. Precision measurements can only be made if the proper instruments are used, and the use of substitute tools may adversely affect safe operation.  All repairs and scheduled maintenance should be performed in accordance with this service manual to get the longest life out of your vehicle.

1994-2009 Kawasaki EX500D Ninja 500R Service Manual Supplement Table of Contents

General Information
Fuel System
Cooling System
Engine Top End
Engine Lubrication System
Engine Removal, Installation
Crankshaft, Transmission
Wheels, Tires
Final Drive
Electrical System
Supplement -1999 ~ 2001 Models
Supplement – 2002 Model
Supplement – 2003 – 2009 Models

1994-2009 Kawasaki EX500D Ninja 500R Service Manual Supplement Covers the following Kawasaki motorcycles:

Year    Model    Beginning Frame No.
1994    EX500-D1    JKAEXVDDRA000001 or EX500D-000001
1994    EX500-E1    JKAEXVDDRA000001 or EX500D-000001
1994    EX500-F1    EX500C-001001
1995    EX500-D2    JKAEVD1DSA009001 EX500D-009001
1995    EX500-E2    EX500D-009001
1996    EX500-D3    JKAEVD1DTA025001 EX500D-025001
1996    EX500-E3    EX500D-025001
1997    EX500-D4    JKAEVD1DVA035001
1997    EX500-E4    EX500D-035001
1998    EX500-D5    JKAEVD1DWA040001 EX500D-040001
1998    EX500-E5    EX500D-040001
1999    EX500-D6    JKAEVD1DXA048001 JKAEX500DDA048001
1999    EX500-E6    JKAEX500DEA048001
2000    EX500-D7    JKAEXVD1 QYA056001 JKAEX500DDA056001
2000    EX500-E7    JKAEXVE1DYA056001 JKAEX500DEA056001
2001    EX500-D8    JKAEXVD1D1A064001
2001    EX500-E8    JKAEX500DEA064001
2002    EX500-D9    JKAEXVD1D2A070001
2002    EX500-E9    JKAEX500DEA070001
2003    EX500-D10    JKAEXVD1Q3A079001
2003    EX500-E10    JKAEX500DEA079001
2004    EX500-D11    JKAEXVD1D4A085001
2005    EX500-D12    JKAEXVD1D5A090001
2006    EX500D6F    JKAEXVD1 D6A096001
2007    EX500D7F    JKAEXVD1D7A103001
2008    EX500D8F    JKAEXVD1D8A108001
2009    EX500D9F    JKAEXVD1 D9A113001

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