Massey-Ferguson MF25 MF130 Tractor Repair Manual

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This Massey-Ferguson MF25 MF130 Tractor Repair Manual provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for Massey-Ferguson MF25 and MF130 tractors. NOTE: This manual does not include wiring diagrams.

Table of Contents

Belt Pulley

Adjustment, R&R and overhaul

Adjustment, Remove and reinstall, Overhaul

Cooling System
Pump and fan, Radiator, Thermostat

Diesel Fuel System
Bleeding, Cold weather starting aid, Fuel filters, Injector nozzles: Overhaul, Remove and reinstall, Testing, Injection pump: Remove and reinstall, Speed adjustment, Timing, Lift pump, Pre-combustion chambers

Remove and reinstall, Overhaul

Differential Lock
Adjustment, Overhaul

Electrical System

Assembly R&R, Camshaft, Connecting rods and bearings, Crankshaft and bearings, Cylinder head, Cylinder sleeves, Engine adapter plate, Flywheel, Main bearings, Oil pan, Oil pump, Pistons, Piston pins, Piston rings, Relief valve, Rear oil seal, Rocker arms, Tappet gap adjustment, Timing gear cover, Timing gears, Timing gear housing, Valve guides, Valves and seats, Valve springs

Final Drive
Remove and reinstall, Overhaul

Front Axle
Axle assembly, Spindles and bushings, Tie rods and toe-in

Hydraulic System
Adjustment, Lift cover R&R, Pump, Overhaul

Power Take-Off

Steering Gear
Adjustment, Remove and reinstall, Overhaul

Shafts and gears, Shifter rails and forks, Synchronizer

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