March 1968 Cycle Magazine – Flat Twin made to win: Amol’s RS 500cc Special

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45 Amol’s OL Special Flat Twin Racer
Turning a boxer 11,OOOrpm for 60 bhp—and more—by Smart Davis
34 Kawasaki 350SS Avenger
The great of the last lightweights
53 Two Cimattis 100 Tracker & 160 Scrambler
Romping with the playmates of the year
62 The Ultimate Triumph A Great Put-down
You, too, can build an 800cc Sportster squasher
40 1968 Daytona Preview The Great Race
And this is how it’s gonna be . . .
56 Hard Day’s Night Tijuana to LaPaz
How it was that motorcycles really won—by Dave Ekins
68 What Makes Seeley Run? Colin Seeley
Britain’s Own Beloved Mad/mm makes it but big—by Jim Greening
72 MZ History The Harbinger
Life before Honda; a bit of prehistoric bone-picking—by Brizio Pignacca
8 Speaking Out
12 Publisher’s Column
15 Mail
26 National Scene
28 Service Tips
30 Downhill Straight
78 News from Europe
82 Newsline
91 Classified Ads

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