March 1969 Cycle Magazine – New Triumph Bonneville: 650cc, Class and Power!

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24 650cc Triumph T120R Bonneville
Honda 4? Trident 3? Swell. But we dig the Bonneville.
38 Bultaco 360cc El Montadero Woods-Enduro-Trail
Expensive, it is. Fast, it is. For the novice, it isn’t.
51 Garelli 150cc Gladiator Top of the Line
Inexpensive, it is. For the novice, it is. Fast, it isn’t.
31 Hard Travelin’, Lord…And Gettin’ Harder
OK, the Yanks improved. But so did the doggone Europeans.
44 Lecture to a Pusher A Few Dos, a Few Don’ts.
A brief discourse related to finishing what you start. By Prof. Doug Richmond.
54 The Life of Paladin Ah, What a Life
Getting through Europe on a smile and a shoeshine.
64 Mexican 1000 NORRA’s Headline Rally
Any more such behavior and we won’t be invited back. By Dave Ekins.
59 Son of Secret Weapon Part 1 of 3 Parts
Roadracing frame, suspension, and brakes for Bridges/one’s GTR.
By Gordon Jennings.
11 2 / Gordon Jennings
12 Letters
18 Service Tips / Jess Thomas
20 Downhill Straight I Michael Shuter
68 News From Europe! Jim Greening
76 Newsline
93 Classified

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