KTM MDS SL1V Upside Down Fork Suspension Manual

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This MDS SL1V Upside Down Fork Suspension Manual provides repair and maintenance information for many popular KTM motorcycles using MDS SL1V forks. The MDS telescoping fork is a high-quality, made in Germany, upside-down design. It is easy to service with the correct information and extremely light making it somewhat delicate. The manufacturer of this fork, MULLER PRAZISION GMBH in the town of Cham, was one of Germany’s leading producers of precision turned components. This manual is designed to give you helpful tips for the correct application and adjustment of your fork, as well as useful service instructions. This manual is a must have for proper operation and servicing of your fork and will help insure many hours of safe and enjoyable riding when properly adhered to. Contains some German text but is mostly in English.

There are two variations of this fork – the SL1V and the SL1VF (which is covered in another manual).

Some of the models known to be covered (please check if you have SL1V forks):

1990 KTM 500 EGS
1990 KTM 500 EXC
1990 KTM 600 DXC
1990 KTM 600 EGS
1990 KTM 600 EXC
1990 KTM 600 MX

1991 KTM 500 EGS
1991 KTM 500 EXC
1991 KTM 600 DXC
1991 KTM 600 EGS
1991 KTM 600 EXC
1991 KTM 600 MX

Table of Contents

1. Air pressure – basic setting
2. Installing and dismantling the front wheel
3. “Rebound stroke” – what is it
4. “Compression stroke” – what is it?
4.1 Compression stroke adjustment “Low speed”
4.2 Compression stroke adjustment “High speed”
5. Trouble shooting
6. Service
6.1 Changing the fork oil
6.2 Changing the sealing rings
7. Spare parts – exploded drawing and parts list

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