July 1969 Cycle Magazine – Trident 750

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33 Inside the BSA Records Shredding Tires at Daytona
Not only stock, but mufflers, lights and all. By Gordon Jennings.
25 Triumph 750 Trident Three Cylinder T150
Fast, horsy, and powerful—a cool-running tourer.
35 Yamaha 250 Street Scrambler Tunnel-port Power
How Yamaha’s racing 250 victories benefit the street rider.
47 Honda SL-90 Motosport First for the Dirt from Honda
Not much poke, but an unbendable frame and first-class suspension.
40 Fath the Privateer Who Felled a 14-Year Champion
Master-plot for victory by a man and a few friends. By Doc and Helene Klein.
53 Go Tell It on the Mountain
A rain scare, a club, and the Hi-Mountain Enduro. By Dave Ekins.
60 The Grand Kanal Kooth Klub Kontest
Dropping out of So Cal’s plastic world to the joys of Venice. By Byron Black.
68 The Baron’s Two-Wheeler Once Upon a Time…
Envy, wildly roaring horses, an eccentric aristocrat on two iron wheels.
By Peggy Bostwich.
43 URS Four Fath’s Dohc Fuel-Injected Powerplant
Built in a home workshop, it delivers a winning 80 bhp.
65 C-D Without Battery
Instant-start capacitor discharge ignition from an e.t. system. By John B. ONeil.
6 The dean, Daytona, and a barf bag. Dean Wixom.
8 Letters/ The firing line is ready…
16 Downhill Straight/ Ars Brevis, strokes longer. MichaelShuter.
18 News from Europe/Autumn s hope becomes spring despair. Jim Greening.
72 Newsline/Action for motorcycles, products and people.
96 Reader Service Guide
97 Classified Ads

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