John Deere 316 318 420 Lawn / Garden Tractors Operator Manual

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This John Deere 316, 318 and 420 Lawn and Garden Tractors Operators Manual (Issue I7) is a reproduction of the original, out of print, manual. This manual provides you with the information you need to operate your John Deere 318 and 420 Lawn and Garden Tractors with serial numbers 475001-

Table of Contents

Operating the Engine
Starting The Engine
Warming Engine
Engine Idling
Stopping The Engine
Driving the Tractor
Driving the Tractor
Using 2-Speed Axle Shift Lever
Operating Differential Lock
Using Turn Brake Pedals
Using Reserve Fuel System
Stopping Tractor
Emergency Stopping
Operating the Lights
Oil Pressure Indicator
Battery Discharge Indicator
Connecting Front Attachment Hydraulic
Rear Wheel Weights—Cast Iron
Rear Wheel Weights—Plastic Shell
Rear Weights for 3-Point Hitch
Rear Weights for Tractor Without
3-Point Hitch
Using Front Weights
Liquid Weight
Maximum Weights
Adjusting Rear Wheel Spacing
Pushing 318 Tractor
Pushing 420 Tractor
Transporting Tractor on a Trailer
Fuels and Lubricants
Engine Oil
Transmission Oil
General Purpose Grease
Removing and Installing Engine Shields
Engine Break-In
Checking Engine Oil Level
Checking Transmission Oil Level
Checking and Cleaning Air Cleaner
Checking Air Intake Screens
Safety Interlock System Checkout
Changing Engine Oil
Checking Tire Pressure
Checking PTO Drive Belts
Checking Gear Case Oil Level
Lubricating Front Wheel
Lubricating Brake Pedal Shaft
Lubricating Power Steering Cylinder
Ball Joint
Lubricating Drive Shaft
Clean Engine Cooling Fins
Changing Engine Oil Filter
Cleaning And Gapping Spark Plugs
Changing Transmission Oil and Filter
Changing Air Cleaner Element
Checking Battery Electrolyte Level
Changing Fuel Filter
Adjusting Seat
Lubricating Ball Joints on Tractors
With 3-Point Hitch
Replacing Headlight Bulbs
Replacing Taillight Bulb
Replacing Indicator Light Bulb
Replacing Lighting Circuit Fuse


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