John Deere 2750 2755 2855 2955 Tractor Workshop Manual

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This John Deere 2750 2755 2855 2955 Tractor Workshop Manual includes 152 pages of service, repair and maintenance information for the following John Deere Series 2750, 2755, 2855N and 2955 tractors.

Table of Contents

Adjust, Bleed, Brake test, R&R and overhaul

Bleed system, Clutch cylinders, Pedal adjustment, R&R and overhaul, Release bearing, Tractor split

Creeper Transmission
Operation, R&R and overhaul, Troubleshooting

Cooling System
Radiator, Water pump

Bevel gears, Overhaul, Remove and reinstall

Electrical System
Alternator and regulator, Starter motor

Balancer shafts (4-cylinder models), Cam followers, Camshaft, Connecting rod bearings, Crankshaft, Cylinder head, Cylinder sleeves, Engine removal, Flywheel, Front oil seal, Main bearings, Oil cooler, Oil filter, Oil pump and relief valve, Piston and sleeves, Piston pins and bushings, Piston rings, Rear oil seal, Rocker arms, Rod and piston units, Timing gear cover, Timing gears, Turbocharger, Valve clearance, Valve guides, Valves and seats, Valve springs

Final Drive
Overhaul, Remove and reinstall

Front System (Two-Wheel Drive)
Axle center member, Spindles and bushings, Tie rods and toe-in, Wheel bearings

Front-Wheel Drive
Differential unit, Drive clutch, Drive shaft, Front drive axle, Solenoid, Steering knuckle housing, Tie rod and toe-in, Troubleshooting, Wheel hub and planetary

Fuel System
Bleed system, Filter, Fuel lift pump, Injection pump, Injector nozzles, Speed adjustment, Timing, Water trap

Hi-Lo Shift
Troubleshooting, Operation, Overhaul, Pressure test

Hydraulic Lift System
Hydraulic pump, Load control, Rockshaft housing, System adjustments, System tests, Troubleshooting

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