JI Case VA Series Service Manual

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This JI Case VA Series Factory Service Manual is a reproduction manual.  It is a copy of the original out of print factory manual.  It provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for Case VAS, Case VAO, Case VAI, Case VAH, Case VAE Engine, Case VAC-14, Case VAC and Case VA models.

The topics covered in this book are as follows: GENERAL – How To Use The Manual, Tractor Models, Tools (Service), Lubrication (General), Repair Parts Handling (Serial Numbers), ENGINE – Splitting Tractor, Service Hints, Engine .Overhaul Procedures, Glutch, Carburetion, Fuel and Governor, Electrical System (Ignition), TORQUE TUBE – Service Hints Clutch Throw-out Oil Reservoir and Filter Belt Pulley, TRANSMISSION Service Hints Splitting Tractor Transmission Overhaul Differential Assembly Turning Brakes, REAR AXLE – Service Hints, Splitting Tractor, Rear Axle (VA, VAC—VAO, VAI), Rear Axle (VAS, VAH), Power Take-Off Assembly, FRONT AXLE ASSEMBLY – Service Hints Splitting Tractor Front Wheel Bearings Steering Knuckles & Spindles Steering Mechanism Sickle Grinder Attachment (VAI), HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS – Service Hints (Low-Pressure System) Oil Reservoir and Pump (Low-Pressure) Depth Control Unit and Eagle Hitch Single Control Valve Double Control Valve Portable Cylinders and Connections Combination Hydraulic Applications High Pressure Pump and System.

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