January 1968 Cycle Magazine – Harley’s ’68 KLH Sportster

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28 Harley-Davidson 883 XLH Sportster
A hairy-chested hawg, most proper and refined
38 Yamaha 250 YDS-5 Catalina
The city slicker that’s slicker still on country roads
62 Ducati 160 Monza Junior
The sweetheart of Sigma Chi
32 Autumn Round Five Rousing Races
Triumph and Harley-Davidson to the glory end
56 Battle at Mason-Dixon Line Scrambles Classic
Johnny Reb vs. Billy Yank vs. Eddie Varnes
48 Quick-Silver A Cycle Magazine Makeover
An everyday Honda becomes an exciting boonie racer-by Dave Ekins
66 Chains A Technical Briefing
What the missing link means to you—by Burt Filer
42 Rocker What’s with you, Tough Guy?
An afternoon at London’s Ace Cafe-by John Covington
52 Short Track TT A Mood
Poetics, esoterics and photographics-by Eric Havill
6 Speaking Out
8 Publisher’s Column
10 Mail
18 News from Canada
22 Service Tips
26 Downhill Straight
70 News from Europe
72 Newsline
81 Classified Ads

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