International Harvester Farmall Super MTA MVTA Operators Manual

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This 122 page, International Harvester Farmall Super MTA/MVTA Factory Operators Manual is the manual that came with the tractor when it was new. It is similar to manual you receive in the glove box of a new car.

Covers the following tractors:

Super MTA G&LP

Index of Topics

Adjustable front wheels
Adjustable wide tread front axle
Adjusting the brakes
Adjusting the carburetor
Adjusting the clutch clearance
Adjusting the fan belt
Adjusting the generator belt
Adjusting the power take-off bands
Adjusting the seat
Adjusting the toe-in
Adjusting the tread widths (axles)
Adjusting the valve clearance
Adjusting the wheels
Air cleaning system
Air pipe extension
Antifreeze solutions
Assembling the rear wheel rim
Auxiliary stay rods
Axle extension, rear
Axles, rear
Battery ignition unit
Battery testing
Battery-to-ground cable
Before starting your new tractor
Belt pulley
Belt pulley control rod
Belt speeds
Bracket, tilt-back seat
Brake pedal latch
Brake pedal lock
Break-away coupling
Breaker mechanism, battery ignition Breaker mechanism, magneto
Cables, electrical equipment
Cables, spark plug
Capacities, lubrication
Capacity, cooling system
Capacity, fuel system
Capacity, Farmall Lift-All system
Carburetor fuel line screen
Care of tires
Chains, tire
Changing over to distillate fuel
Changing the oil filter element
Charge indicator
Choke rod
Cleaning the air cleaner
Cleaning the cooling system
Cleaning the cranking motor commutator
Cleaning the generator commutator
Cleaning the spark plugs
Cleaning the storage battery
Clutch (engine)
Clutch pedal (engine clutch)
Clutch (torque amplifier)
Coil, ignition
Cold weather precautions
Commutator, cranking motor
Commutator, generator
Connecting the independent power take-off
Contents, table of
Cooling system
Crankcase breather
Crankcase water drain
Cranking motor
Cranking the engine by hand
Cultivator stay-rod anchor bracket,
Cylinder head gasket
Cylinder, hydraulic
Delayed lift valve
Detachable seat pads
Dimensions of tractor
Disconnecting the independent power takeoff
Distributor cap, battery ignition
Distributor cap, magneto
Draining the cooling system
Draining the crankcase
Draining the Lift-All system
Drain pipe, radiator
Drain plug, oil, engine crankcase
Drain plug, transmission
Driving the tractor
Dual front steel wheels
Electrical troubles
Engine clutch
Engine hard to start
Engine hour meter
Engine oil
Engine serial number
Engine specifications
Engine speed control lever
Engine speeds
Exhaust muffler
Exhaust pipe extension
Extension tires, rear steel wheel
Fan belt
Farmall Lift-All system
Farmall Lift-All control rod
Fenders, rear wheel
Fifth speed
Filler and breather cap (independent power
Filler caps, gasoline and fuel tanks
Filling the cooling system
Filling the fuel tanks
Filling the Lift-All system
Filter elements
Fluid level, Lift-All
Front axle, adjustable type
Front wheels
Fuel screens
Fuel strainer
Fuel system
Fuel tank
Gaps, spark plug
Gauges (meters and indicators)
Gear lubricant,
Gearshift lever
Generator belt,
Generator commutator
Grease specifications
Greasing the front wheels
Hand-cranking the engine;
Headlights (sealed beam)
Heat indicator
High altitude pistons
Hitching the tractor
Hose connections, air cleaner to carburetor
Hose connections, Remote Control
Hour meter
Hydraulic Remote Control rod
Hydraulic Remote Control system
Idle adjustment (carburetor)
Ignition cables
Ignition coil
Ignition switch button
Ignition trouble
Independent power take-off
Independent power take-off handle
Inflation, tire
Installing the battery ignition unit
Installing the carburetor
Installing the cranking motor
Installing the fan belt
Installing the generator belt
Installing the magneto
Instruments and controls
Irregular engine operation
Knocking engine
Lack of power ,
Latching the brake pedals
Lift-All system
Lighting switch
Liquid level in battery
Liquid weight in tires
Locator button, seat
Locking the brakes
Low or high oil pressure
Lubricating oil and grease specifications Lubrication, engine and chassis
Lubrication fitting grease
Lubrication, front wheel
Lubrication guide
Lubrication table
Lugs, steel wheel
Magneto impulse coupling
Manifold heat control
Manifold heat control lever
Minor engine service operations
Mounting tires on the rims
Muffler, exhaust
Oil dilution’
Oil filter
Oil pressure indicator
Oil pump
Operating a distillate engine
Operating a gasoline engine
Operating a kerosene engine
Operating the belt pulley
Operating the brakes
Operating the Farmall Lift-All
Operating the Hydraulic Remote Control Operating the independent power take-off
Operating the pneumatic tire pump
Operating the power take-off (transmission-
Operating the torque amplifier
Operating your tractor
Ordering parts
Overheated engine
Overloading the tires
Overtires, rear steel wheel
Pads, seat
Parts, replacement
Periodic inspections
Piston displacement
Pistons (high altitude)
Pneumatic tire pumps
Pneumatic tires
Points, ignition
Polarizing the generator
Power take-off (transmission-driven)
Power take-off (independent)
Power take-off shifter rod
Preparing your tractor for each day’s work
Pulley, belt
Putting liquid into tire tubes
Radiator drain
Radiator filler cap Radiator, filling the Radiator shutter
Radiator shutter control crank
Raising and lowering implements
Rear axle
Rear axle extension
Rear light (sealed beam)
Rear light and tail light
Rear wheels
Regulator, voltage
Relining the brakes
Remote Control Cylinder
Remote Control system
Removing the battery ignition unit
Removing the carburetor
Removing the cranking motor
Removing the fan belt
Removing the generator belt
Removing the magneto
Reservoir, Lift-All
Rust prevention
Sandblasting the spark plugs
Seat, adjusting the
Seat bracket, tilt-back
Seat, de luxe upholstered Seat locator button
Seat pads, detachable
Seat springs
Sediment bowl (fuel strainer)
Selective lift control
Serial numbers, engine and tractor
Service meter
Shipping oil
Shipping the tractor
Shut-off valves, gasoline and fuel
Single front wheel
Skid rings, front wheel
Spade lugs, rear steel wheel
Spark arrester
Spark coil
Spark plug pumps
Spark plugs
Special equipment index
Special equipment instructions
Specifications, lubricant
Specifications, tractor
Specific gravity of battery
•Specific gravity of liquid wheel weight
Speeds, belt
Speeds, engine
Speeds, tractor
Stalled engine
Starting a distillate engine
Starting a gasoline engine
Starting a kerosene engine
Starting and lighting equipment
Starting a stored engine
Starting switch control rod
Starting the tractor
Static electricity
Steel wheels, front and rear
Steering mechanism
Steering the tractor
Steering wheel
Stopping a distillate engine
Stopping a gasoline engine
Stopping a kerosene engine
Stopping the tractor
Storage battery
Storing and handling fuel
Storing and housing your tractor
Storing tires
Swinging drawbar
Table of contents
Temperature gauge (heat indicator)
Terms of location
Tilt-back seat bracket
Timing the distributor (battery ignition)
Timing the magneto
Tire chains
Tire pressure table
Tire pumps, pneumatic
Tires, pneumatic
Tire traction
Toe-in, front wheel
Torque amplifier
Torque amplifier operating handle
Towing the tractor
Tractor serial number
Trouble shooting
Upholstered seat, de luxe
Using too much fuel
Using too much oil
Valve clearance adjustment
Valve stem mounting cones
Vent plug
Views of the tractor
Voltage regulator
Water for cooling system
Water pump
Wheels, front tread
Wheels, greasing the front
Wheels, rear tread
Wheels, special
Wheels, steel
Wheel weights
Wheel weights, liquid
Wide front axle (Super M-TA) (special)
Wiring diagram (battery ignition)
Wiring diagram (magneto)
Wiring, distributor (battery ignition)
Wiring, distributor (magneto)
Wiring, electrical equipment

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