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This 272 page, International Harvester Factory Diesel Engine Service Manual is a reproduction of the original manual. This manual includes service information for Diesel engines, fuel systems and turbochargers. It does not cover any chassis information – this is an engine specific manual.

This International Harvester Factory Diesel Engine Service Repair Manual applies to the following models: International Harvester Model Hydro 86, International Harvester Model 826, International Harvester Model 686, International Harvester Model 574, International Harvester D358 Diesel Engine, International Harvester D310 Diesel Engine, International Harvester D268 Diesel Engine, International Harvestor 250A Diesel Engine, International Harvester D206 Diesel Engine, International Harvester D179 Diesel Engine, International Harvester D155 Diesel Engine, International Harvester 100E serial# (0-9500), International Harvester 885 Diesel, International Harvester 685 Diesel, International Harvester 624 Diesel, International Harvester 585 Diesel, International Harvester 520B Diesel, International Harvester 500C Crawler Diesel, International Harvester 500E, International Harvester 2400 Industrial A/B Dsl, International Harvester 2500 A/B Dsl, ENGINE ONLY, International Harvester 4500B Forklift Diesel, International Harvester 4500A Forklift Diesel, International Harvester 3500A Diesel, International Harvester 3400A Diesel and International Harvester 2826 Diesel

International Harvester Factory Diesel Engine Service Repair Manual Topics include:

Section 1


General Shop Practices for Engine Overhaul
Engine Application, RPM, Pump Timing, and Advance Data
Special Nut and Bolt Torque Data
Mounting the Engine in the Stand
Cylinder Head
Reconditioning Valve and Valve Seats
Valve Seat Inserts
Nozzle Sleeves
Valve Guides
Valve Assembly
Valve Lever Assembly
Cylinder Head Installation
Sequence for Torquing Cylinder Head
Retightening Cylinder Head by Row-Torque Procedure
Valve Lash Adjustment
Valve Timing(all Engines)
Checking Compression
Water Pump Removal
Tachometer Drive
Removal of Crankshaft Front Pulley
Installation Procedure for Crankshaft Front Oil Seal
Removing Camshaft
Procedure for Line Boring Camshaft Bushings
Replacing Camshaft Drive Gear
Crankshaft Gear
Idle Gear
Injection Pump Drive Gear
Rear Oil Seal
Sealing Bar
Fitting Crankshaft Bearing Caps
Crankshaft Straightening
Crankshaft Regrinding
Cylinder Sleeves
Sleeve Height
Piston Identification
Ribbon Fitting Pistons
Piston Rings
Connecting Rods
Reassembly of Connecting Rod, Piston and Piston Pin
Engine Balancer(D-206, D-239, D-246, and D-268 Only)
Balancer Operation as Compared with Engines without the Balancer
Inspection and Repair
Reassembly of the Balancer
Crankshaft Balancer Drive Gear Replacement
Welded on Type
Shrink Fit Type
Installatioin of Balancer
Lubrication System
Oil Filter
External Pump
Removal and Disassembly
Reassembly and Installation
Relief Valve Assembly
Instructions for Updating External Type Engine Oil Pump
Internal Pump
Disassembly of the Relief Valve
Disassembly of the Oil Pump
Reassembly and Installation
Engine Cooling System
Oil Cooler(cotton picker)
Ethylene Glycol(antifreeze) Contamination
General Information
Guidelines for Obtaining Engine Oil Sample
Leakage Test Procedure
Possible Location of Leakage
Cleaning Procedure
Cylinder Head and Crankcase Coolant Leak Repair
Sealing by Plugging
Flywheel Resurfacing

Section 2

Fuel System

Model “BR” Fuel Injection Pump
Model “CR” Fuel Injection Pump
Model “VE” Fuel Injection Pump
Cold Starting Procedure
General Information
Special Torques
Principles of Operation
High Pressure Injection Plunger with Hydraulic Head
Fuel Delivery
End of Delivery
Delivery Valves
Charging Pump
Hydraulic Variable Speed Governor
Fuel Control at Stop and Starting Positions
Fuel Control at Variable Speed
Starting Position for Excess Fuel
Automatic Timing Device
Accumulator (surge Protection)
Fuel Flow
Checks And Adjustments
Static Timing
Start and Stop Position Adjustment
Low and High Idle
Charging Pump
Timing Advance
Throttle and Shut-Off Linkage
Fuel Rator
Diesel Engine Analyzer and Timing Light
Test Bench Procedure
Cleaning, Inspection and Repair
Drive Shaft and Charging Pump Assembly
Roller Retainer
Face Cam
Automatic Advance Device
Plunger and Spring Assembly
Hydraulic Head
Injection Nozzles
General Description
Low Sac Volume Nozzles
Nozzle Service
Nozzle Testing
Inspection and Repair

Section 3


General Maintenance and Cleaning Procedure
General Handling
Turbine and Compressor Cleaning Procedures
Inspection Before Removal
Preliminary Inspection
Turbocharger Testing
Intake Manifold Pressure
Turbocharger Inlet Vacuum
Exhaust Manifold Pressure
Exhaust Manifold Temperature
Conclusion of Tests
Servicing of Air Conditioning System After a Turbocharger Compressor Failure
Airesearch Turbocharger
Inspection After Removal
Cleaning, Inspection and Repair

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