Honda SL350K2 Motorcycle Owners Manual

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This Honda SL350K2 Owner’s Manual includes all the information you need to to have a basic understanding of the operation of your vehicle. This manual provides important safety information, service and maintenance schedules, storage information and recommendations for appearance care.

Table of contents:
SERIAL NUMBER LOCATION, CONTROL LOCATION, OPERATING INSTRUCTION, Speedometer, Main Switch, Emergency Control Switch, Headlight Control Switch, Horn Button, Steering Lock, Seat Lock and Helmet Holder, FUEL AND OIL, Fuel Valve, Fuel Tank, Oil Recommendation, Viscosity, PRE-RIDING INSPECTION, TIRE RECOMMENDATION, STARTING THE ENGINE, Starting a Cold Engine, Starting in Extreme Cold Weather, Starting a Warm Engine, BREAK-IN PROCEDURE, RIDING THE MOTORCYCLE, PARKING, TOOL KIT, MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE, MAINTENANCE OPERATIONS, Engine Oil Level, Engine Oil Change, Oil Filter Maintenance, Spark plug Replacement and Adjustment, Contact Breaker Point Gap and Ignition Timing Adjustment, Valve Tappet Adjustment, Cam Chain Adjustment, Air Cleaner Maintenance, Throttle Cable Inspection, Throttle Grip play, Carburetor, Fuel Filter Maintenance, Clutch, Drive Chain, Drive Chain Maintenance, Front Brake Adjustment, Rear Brake Adjustment, Wheel spokes Inspection,  Front Suspension, Front Fork Oil Change, Battery, Headlight Beam, Stoplight Switch, Headlight Bulb Replacement, Tail/stoplight Bulb Replacement,   SPECIFICATIONS, WIRING DIAGRAM



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