GMC Truck Wiring Diagrams all after 8 1964

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GMC Truck Wiring Diagrams all after 8 1964

This booklet contains Wiring Diagrams for all GMC Trucks built after August 17, 1964 except P and PB Models. Diagrams for these models were not available at time of publication. This book includes a wiring index, to determine which diagrams are applicable to a specific truck series, refer to the “Wiring Diagram Index”. For convenience, the Index is divided into three groups in the following order: “Gasoline Models”, “Toro-Flow Diesel Models”, and “Series 71 Diesel Models”.

NOTE: Two diagrams (MD-96294#1 and MD-96294#2) do not appear in the Index. These are schematic diagrams of the internal clectrical circuits on all electrical units used as standard and R.P.O. equipment on GMC Trucks.

High quality reproduction of the original out of print manual.

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