Ford TW10 TW20 Tractor Operators Manual


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105 page, Ford TW10 TW20 Tractor Operators Manual

This book covers the Ford TW10 and TW20 1978-1980 Tractors.

Index of topics includes:

Air Cleaner Servicing
Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning Compressor Belt
Air Conditioning Condenser – Cleaning
Air Conditioning System
Alternator Belt Adjustment
Attaching Equipment
Brakes – Oil Level
Brake Pedals
Brake Pedal Connecting Lock
Cab Air Filters
Cab Controls
Clutch Pedal
Dutch Pedal Adjustment
Cold Weather Starting
Differential Lock Operation
Differential Lock Pedal
Drawbar Adjustments
Driving the Tractor
Dual Power Pedal
Engine Air Inlet Hoses
Engine Controls
Engine Oil Change
Engine Oil Check
Engine Starting
Engine Stopping
Fan Belt Adjustment
Fan Switch
Front Axle
Front Axle Wheels
Fuel Injectors
Fuel System Filter – Changing
Fuel System Filter – Draining
General Maintenance
Gearshift Lever
Hydraulic Cylinders – Connecting
Hydraulic Lift Controls
Hydraulic Lift Operation
Hydraulic System Filters
Indicator Lights
International Symbols
Jumper Cables
Lift Linkage
Lift Linkage Removal
Light Bulbs
Clutch Pedal Linkage
Front Axle Spindles
Front Axle Supports
Front Wheel Bearings
Oil Cooler Cleaning
Parking Brake
Power Steering Oil Level
PTO Controls
PTO Equipment – Attaching
PTO Operation
PTO Shafts
Quick Hitch Installation
Radiator Cleaning
Radiator Coolant
Rear Axle/Transmission/
Hydraulic Oil Change
Rear Axle/Transmission/
Hydraulic Oil Level
Rear Wheels
Rear Wheels – Duals
Rear Wheels – Manual Adjust
Roar Wheels – Power Adjust
Remote Control Valves
Remote Cylinder and Equipment
Roll-Over Protective Structures
Safety Decals
Safety Precautions
Seat Belts
Storing the Tractor
Tire Inflation
Tire Pressure – Checking
Towing tho Tractor
Transmission Controls
Windshield Washer
Windshield Wipers

Sample Content:

The fuel injectors should be removed and taken to your Ford Tractor-Equipment Dealer every 600 hours to have them checked for proper adjustment and per- formance. Improperly adjusted or faulty injectors reduce engine horsepower output and increase fuel consumption. Use the following procedures for removal, installation and bleeding of the fuel injectors. Figure 125 Removing and Installing the Fuel Injectors 1. Leak-Off Line Nut 3. Injector Bolts 2. Injector 4. Fuel Line Nut To remove the fuel injectors: 1. Disconnect the leak-off lines. Figure 125, by removing the leak-off line attaching bolts (1) on each injector. Disconnect the injector fuel lines (4) on each injector. 2. Loosen all the fuel injector bolts (3) a couple of turns. 3. Pull out the engine stop control and crank the engine to unseat the injectors. If the injectors do not unseat, carefully pry them loose. Remove the bolts. Remove the injectors.

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