Deutz Allis Round Baler Manual GP 2.3 2.5 Operation Manual

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This 90 page, Deutz Allis Round Baler Manual for GP 2.3 GP 2.5 balers  is a reproduction of the original out of print operator’s manual.  It includes everything you need to know in order to operate your Deutz Allis GP 2.3 GP 2.5 Round Baler.

It is the responsibility of the user to read this Deutz Allis Round Baler Manual and understand the safe and correct operating procedures as pertains to the operation of the Deutz Allis Round Baler, and to lubricate and maintain the product according to the maintenance schedule in the Deutz Allis Round Baler Manual. The user is responsible for inspecting his baler, and for having parts repaired or replaced when continued use of the product would cause damage or excessive wear to other parts. The descriptions in this manual cover all equipment and versions as well as special and optional accessories not normally included as standard equipment.

Deutz Allis Round Baler Manual  Operation Manual Models Covered

Deutz Allis Round Baler GP 2.3
Deutz Allis Round Baler GP 2.5

This Deutz Allis Round Baler Manual includes the following topics:

Know your machine – Main component parts, Checking scope of supply, Road traffic regulations, Your safety

Hitching to tractor – Tractor equipment required, Adjusting the drawbar, Installing the propeller shaft

Controls and operating instructions – Hydraulic connection to tractor, Hydraulic control of pick-up and tailgate, Locking tail gate, Setting bale counter, Adjusting baling pressure, Adjusting pick-up, Adjusting baffle plate, Fitting bundles of twine, Threading tying twine, Tying the bale, Adjusting width ot tie, Ejecting the bale

Using the round baler – Hitching to tractor and transporting, Operation, Overload safety devices, Special and optional accessories

Maintenance and servicing – Maintenance of machine, Lubrication schedule, Storage for winter, Technical data, Trouble-shooting, Wiring diagram

This Deutz Allis Round Baler Manual includes information about the location of the following parts some of which are new for this baler:

Wide-angle p.t.o. shaft
Jack wheel housing – new
Jack wheel
Guide plate (short crop plate) – new
Feed rake tines – new
Pick-up carrier wheel (optional equipment)
Hydraulic cylinder with helpef springs for pick-up – new
Rear gate locking mechanism
Wheel and tires:
Compression rollers – GP 2.30 -17 rollers
Rear gate
Hydraulic cylinder for rear gate
Shielding – hinged for access to rollers for cleaning – new
Check bar for rear gate control mechanism
Reservoir for automatic lubrication system (optional)
Bale size indicator
Tying mechanism – stepped pulley
Twine box
Control box mounting – new
Control lines (hydraulic pipes and electric wiring mounted together)
Drawbar – adjustable for height
Control box
Compression rollers – GP 2.50 – 23 rollers – new
Variable height power-driven intake roller (GP 2.50 only)

This Deutz Allis Round Baler Manual will show you how to perform some of the following tasks:

Mounting the control box
Adjusting the feed rake tines and guide plate
Pick-up helper spring setting
Tractor hitching and road transport
Threading Baler Twine
Single or Double Tying System
Bale Ejection
Adjustment for bale density and actuating the tying mechanism – basic settings and adjustments for particular conditions such as working with different crops
Adjusting Strippers
Setting Twine Knives
Adjustment of Swing Arm Brake
Adjusting the Twine Arms
Swing Arm Adjustment
Servicing the net wrapping system
Setting the anvil parallel to the cutter-bar

You’ll also find some helpful troubleshooting information in case you are having problems with the net rolling itself into the intake rollers, net not taken up by the bale, net wrapping not actuated or twine from the left hand swing arm not cleanly cut.

If you own a GP 2.3 or 2.5 you will want to own the Deutz Allis Round Baler Manual.

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