December 1967 Cycle Magazine – BSA’s Big,New 1968 Thunderbolt

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27 Two Ossas 230 Pioneer & Stiletto
Spain’s new threat to the scrambles circuit
32 BSA 650 Thunderbolt
It’s not how good you make it. but how you make it good
47 Kawasaki 120 C2SS Road Runner
It’s a bird! (beep-beep-mrooooooooom)
56 Grand Prix Racing Canada
See how neatly the Matador kills the bull—by Michael Shiner
52 Flat-top Haircuts And Gunfighters’ Eyes
Sporty car Dean surveys the motorcycle scene—by David E. Davis. Jr.
60 Aspen A Trip
In the Rocky Mountains and riding high—by Paul Ryan
67 Godzilla Lives! 300 Horsepower Harley
Drag Specialties builds a great bellowing monster
70 Protecting your Bike Rain Covers
A do-it-yourself guide to making a plastic garage—by Albert Rockel
38 Eddie Wirth And Eddie Wirth
Father and son go racing
6 Speaking Out
8 Mail
18 National Scene
22 Service Tips
24 Downhill Straight
71 News from Europe
76 Newsline
85 Classified Ads

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