1998-2010 BMW K1200RS GT LT Motorcycle Repair Manual by Clymer

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This 614 page, 1998-2010 BMW K1200RS GT LT Motorcycle Repair Manual This Clymer BMW K1200RS GT LT 1998-2010 Repair Manual provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for 1998-2010 BMW K1200RS, GT, & LT motorcycles. Includes color wiring diagrams and hundreds of photos and illustrations.

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*This manual does not cover transverse mounted four-cylinder motorcycles.

Quick Reference Data

1998-2010 BMW K1200RS GT & LT, General Information
Manual organization, Warnings, cautions and notes, Safety, Serial numbers and information labels, Fasteners, Shop supplies, Tools, Measuring tools, Electrical system fundamentals, Service methods, Storage, Specifications

Starting the engine, Engine will not start, Poor engine performance, Fuel system, Engine, Engine lubrication, Cylinder leakdown test, Clutch, Transmission linkage, Transmission, Electrical testing, Final drive, Front suspension and steering, Brake system

Lubrication, Maintenance and Tune-Up
Cylinder identification, Pre-ride inspection, MoDiTec diagnosis and integral ABS bleed test, Throttle cable operation and adjustment, Engine oil and filter, Transmission, Final drive, Clutch, Brake system, Cooling system, Battery service, Front suspension inspection, Sidestand, Centerstand (manual), Rear wheel mounting bolts inspection, Swing arm bearing inspection, Speedometer sensor cleaning (ABS II), Tune-up, Compression test, Air filter replacement, Fuel filter replacement, Valve clearance, Slide rail, tensioner rail lining and thrust piece replacement, Spark plugs, Tires and wheels, Lights and horn inspection, Non-scheduled inspection and maintenance, Rear shock adjustment, Specifications

Engine service, Engine, Engine block, Crankshaft cover, Cylinder head cover, Timing cover, cam chain tensioner and crankshaft oil seal, Timing chain, chain guides and camshaft sprockets, Crankshaft rotor flange and sprocket, Camshafts, Cylinder head, Valves and valve components,  Intermediate housing and driver, Auxiliary shaft, starter clutch and starter idler gear, Auxiliary shaft and starter clutch overhaul, Auxiliary shaft front bearing and oil seal replacement, Main oil seal replacement, Pistons and connecting rods, Crankshaft, Oil pan, lower crankcase half and output shaft, Output shaft overhaul, Break-in procedure, Specifications

Clutch, Clutch master cylinder, Clutch slave cylinder, Clutch system draining, Clutch system bleeding, Specifications

Transmission and shift mechanism
Transmission, Transmission rubber bushings, Transmission seal replacement (assembled transmission), Transmission disassembly, Transmission housing and front cover inspection, bushing and seal replacement, Shift mechanism, Transmission shaft overhaul, Transmission reassembly, Reverse system (LT models), Specifications

Fuel and Exhaust Systems
Fuel injection system, Fuel tank, Fuel filter replacement, Fuel pump replacement, Fuel tank vent and float (RS and GT models), Fuel lever sensor, Roll-over valve (LT models), Air box, Air intake guide, Fuel pressure check, Fuel rail, fuel injectors and pressure regulator, Throttle body, Fuel hose replacement, Motronic control unit, Air temperature sensor, Coolant temperature sensor, Oxygen sensor, Exhaust system, Carbon canister, Throttle and cruise control cables, Cruise control unit, Specifications

Electrical System (Engine)
Battery, Charging system, Alternator, Starting system, Starter, Starter relay, Ignition coil, Hall-effect sensors, Ignition timing, Specifications

Electrical system (Body)
Bulbs, Headlight housing, Headlight adjuster cable replacement (LT models), Turn signal bulb holder, Instrument panel, Electronic equipment box, Relays, Flasher unit, Fuses, Switches, Electrical components, On-board computer (LT models), Power socket, Horn, Audio assembly, Wiring diagrams, Specifications

Cooling and Lubrication Systems
Temperature warning system, Cooling system inspection, Hoses, Coolant reserve tank, Radiators, Cooling fans, Thermostat, Coolant pipe, Water-oil pump, Oil cooler housing and thermostat (RS and GT models), Oil cooler (RS and GT models), Specifications

Wheels and Tires
Motorcycle workstands, Front wheel, Front wheel bearings, Rear wheel, Wheels, Tires, Specifications

Front Suspension and Steering
Handlebars, grips and controls, Upper fork bridge, Lower fork bridge and ball joint, Front fork, Front strut, Steering damper, Suspension A-arm, Specifications

Rear Suspension and Final Drive
Shock absorber, Final drive unit, Final drive unit overhaul, Ring and pinion gear adjustments, Swing arm and front drive shaft, Specifications

Brake System (ABS II)
Brake service, ABS II,  Brake pads, Brake calipers, Brake fluid adapter, Front master cylinder, Rear master cylinder, Brake disc and sensor wheel, ABS sensor, ABS control unit, ABS relay, Rear brake pedal, Brake bleeding,  Specifications

Brake System (Integral ABS)
Brake service, Integral ABS, Brake pads, Brake calipers, Front master cylinder, Rear master cylinder, Brake disc and sensor wheel, ABS sensors, ABS control unit, Rear brake pedal, Specifications

Body and Frame (RS and GT Models)
Saddlebags and holder, Seat, Front fender, Windshield and holder assembly, Hand guard-front turn signal housing (1998-2000 RS models), Upper fairing, Instrument panel trim (2001-on RS and GT models), Fairing side panels, Engine spoiler, Side covers, Grab handle and luggage rack, Lock carrier, Rear section, Rear fender assembly, Left front footpeg and holder, Left rear footpeg and holder, Right front footpeg and holder, Right rear footpeg and holder, Sidestand, Centerstand, Cross-tube, Raising the frame, Specifications

Body and Frame (LT Models)
Windshield, Front fender, Mirrors, Wind deflector, Front turn signal indicator, Bottom fuel tank cover, Bumper strip, Fairing side panels, Radio compartment cover, Fuel tank cover, Engien spoiler assembly, Handlebar cover, Upper fork bridge cover, Outer instrument cover, Upper fairing, Inner instrument cover, Footrest assemblies, Crash bar assembly, Sidestand, Engine guard and manual centerstand, Engine guard and electro-hydraulic centerstand (EHCS), Seats, Battery covers, License plate holder, Trunk, Rear trunk trim, Saddlebags, Cross-tube, Raising the frame, Specifications

1998-2010 BMW K1200RS, GT & L TIndex

1998-2010 BMW K1200RS, GT & LT Wiring Diagrams

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