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This Caterpillar 930 Parts Manual is a reproduction of the original out of print manual.

This parts manual has exploded views of all parts on the tractor with S/N 41K1 to 41K3207. With numbered pictures giving you great detail on assembly and disassembly. It also gives you a guide, with numbers, for ordering parts, and makes you seem much more informed when talking to the dealer. Many service manuals, after telling you how to disassemble, in detail, and how to repair, will simply say reassemble. If you have your PTO in the wash tank, in 30 pieces, without notes, you have a problem. The parts manual can help you out with an exploded view of the PTO unit, and you can see immediately how it all goes back together. You need the parts manual!

Part Numbers. Where part number letters are advanced, the new part will replace the old unless otherwise marked,’ for example: 3193 DC crankcase, complete (will work for 3193 D, DA and DB). List is divided into groups corresponding to units on the Tractor; parts are listed in numerical order.

Illustrations with few exceptions are on alternate pages, arranged in keeping with the text.

There are some assemblies shown in the Catalog with a the letters ‘X’ or ‘Y’, the letter ‘X’ indicating an assembly which may be partial or final, while the letter ‘Y’ in nearly all cases represents the final assembly. For example, ‘3714 DX’ Piston with Piston Pin and Retainers is partial assembly, whereas ‘3714 DY’ represents the foregoing with ‘Piston Rings’ added, and is therefore the final assembly. The ‘Complete’ numbers are shown at the end of each group or unit, together with a list of the parts comprising each assembly. Tractor Serial Numbers and other data will be found in the ‘Unit’ section.

A numerical index contains a complete list of all parts, showing catalog number and index to page in unit list.

Miscellaneous unnumbered bolts, screws, etc., not included in assemblies, will be found listed under the respective units.

Prices—Will be found in the No. 19T Tractor and Engine Parts Price List, which is issued separately and includes both current and obsolete parts for all tractors.

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