Caterpillar 212 9T1-9T5220 Motor Grader Parts Manual


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This 223 page Caterpillar 212 9T1-9T5220 Motor Grader Factory Parts Manual is a High quality reproduction of the original out of print Caterpillar 212 9T1-9T5220 Motor Grader Factory Parts Manual. Original print date of 1953. This manual has exploded views of all parts on Caterpillar 212 Motor Graders with serial numbers 9T1 – 9T5220.

Table of Contents

Caterpillar 212 Motor Grader Diesel Engine – Accessory Idler Gear, Accessory Shaft, Air Cleaner, Breather, Camshaft, Changeover Full Flow, Connecting Rod, Control Compression Release, Control Fuel Pump, Control Governor Hand, Control Governor, Positive Locking, Crankshaft, Crankshaft Bearings, Cylinder Block & Covers, Cylinder Head, Fan, Filter Fuel, Filter Oil, Fuel Injection System, Fuel System, Gauge Fuel Pressure, Gauge Oil Pressure, Governor Basic, Governor Complete, Heat Indicator, Hour Meter, Manifolds, Muffler, Oil Cooler, Oil Filler, Oil Lines, Piston, Pump Fuel Transfer, Pump Oil, Pump Water, Radiator, Valve Mechanism, Water Lines

Caterpillar 212 Motor Grader Starting Engine – Air Cleaner, Battery and Wiring System, Breather, Camshaft, Carburetor, Clutch, Clutch Housing, Connecting Rod, Control Carburetor, Control Choke, Control Clutch, Control Starter Pinion, Crankshaft, Cylinder Block, Cylinder Head, Fuel System, Generator, Governor, Ignition System, Magneto, Manifold, Piston, Starter Electric, Starter Pinion, Valve Mechanism

Caterpillar 212 Motor Grader Clutch, Transmission and Grader – Axle Front, Axle Rear, Blade Lift, Blades, Brake Transmission, Brake Wheel, Centershift, Circle, Clutch Flywheel, Control Brake, Control Flywheel Clutch, Control Gear Shift, Control Leaning Wheel, Control Power, Control Wheel Brake, Control Shafts, Drive Shaft Power Control, Flag Sockets, Frame, Hood & Dash, Platform, Seat Cushions, Seat Frame, Specifications, Steering Gear, Tandem Drive Housing, Tools, Transfers, Transmission, Transmission Case & Covers, Transmission Idler Gear, Transmission Bevel Gear and Pinion, Wheels & Tires Front, Wheels & Tires Rear

Caterpillar 212 Motor Grader Attachments – Air Cleaner Stack Extension, Axle Rear, Blade Bulldozer, Blade Snow Wing, Brace Snow Wing, Brake Front Tandem, Brake Wheel, Bulldozer, Cab, Cab Heater, Canopy Top, Control Bulldozer, Control  Scarifier, Control Snow Plow, Control  Wheel Brake, Curtain Canopy Top, Door Cab, Drive Single, Generator, Hoist Snow Wing, Lift Bulldozer, Lift Snow Plow, Lighting System, Mast Snow Wing, Odometer, Panel Front, Panel Rear, Rain Trap Exhaust, Scarifier, Shutter Radiator, Snow Plow, Snow Wing, Starter Electric, Wheels & Tires Front, Wheels & Tires Rear, Windshield, Windshield Wiper.

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