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This 120 page Case, International 2090, 2094, 2290, 2294, 2390, 2394, 2590 and 2594 tractor repair manual provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for Case, International 2090, 2094, 2290, 2294, 2390, 2394, 2590 and 2594 tractors.

Table of Contents

Axle, Front (Two Wheel Drive)
Axle main member, Front support, Spindles, Tie rod and toe-in, Wheel bearings

Bleed system, Brake cylinders, Linkage adjustment, Power brake valve

Remove and reinstall

Master clutch, Torque limiter clutch

Cooling System
Radiator, Thermostats, Water pump

Fuel System
Bleeding, Filters and lines, Injector nozzle, Injection pump, Timing

Differential (Rear)
Overhaul, Remove and reinstall

Differential Lock
Control valve

Electrical System
Alternator and regulator, Starting motor

Cam followers, Camshaft, Connecting rods and bearings, Crankshaft and bearings, Cylinder heads, Cylinder sleeves, Flywheel, Main bearings, Oil pan,Oil pump, Piston and rod removal, Piston pins and bushings, Pistons, rings and sleeves, Remove and reinstall engine assembly, Timing gear cover, Timing gears, Valve adjustment, Valve guides and springs, Valves and seats

Final Drives
Remove and reinstall

Front-Wheel Drive
Differential, Front drive shaft, Pivot housing, R&R drive axle assy, Stub axle, Tie rod and toe-in, Transfer gearbox, Wheel hub and planetary

Hydraulic System
Hitch control valve, Hitch cylinders, Testing, Pumps, Remote cylinder, Remote valves, Rockshaft, Sensing linkage, System filters

Park Lock
Linkage adjustment, Overhaul park lock

Power Shift
Adjustment, Control valve, Power shift operation, R&R and overhaul

Power Take-Off
Clutch overhaul, Control valve and flow divider, Linkage adjustment, R&R housing and gears

Power Steering System
Fluid and bleeding, Hand pump, Operational tests, Steering column, Steering cylinder, System pressure

Transmission (Gear With Mechanical Shift)
Linkage adjustment, Overhaul four-speed, Overhaul range, Tractor split

Transmission (Gear With Power Shift)
Linkage adjustment, Overhaul Four-Speed, Shift Forks

Operation, Overhaul, Remove and reinstall

Manual does not include wiring diagrams.

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