Bobcat 825 Skid Steer Loader Service Manual

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This 130 page, Bobcat 825 Service Manual is a reproduction of the original Bobcat 825 Service Manual and provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for Bobcat 825 models. This manual provides instruction for proper routine servicing and adjustment of the Bobcat, and detailed overhaul instructions of the power train, loader hydraulic/hydrostatic system and general mainframe components. This manual will help you make the proper adjustments and service related to the the general inspection that should be performed every time you operate this loader. For example:
1. Checking the hydraulic fluid level, engine oil level and fuel supply.
2. Inspecting for any sign of fuel, oil or hydraulic fluid leaks.
3. Lubricating the machine.
4. Checking the battery condition, electrolyte level and cables.
5. Inspecting the air cleaner system for damage or leaks. Checking the element and make replacement, if necessary.
6. Checking the alternator drive belt for condition and tension.
7. Checking for loose drive chains by lifting the rear of the machine and turning the rear wheels by hand.
8. Checking the tires for wear and pressure.
9. Checking the Bob-Tach attachment for condition. Inspect the wedges for damage or wear.
10. Inspecting safety items for condition (ROPS Guard, Seat Belt, Safety Treads, Lights, etc.).
11. Making a visual inspection for loose or broken parts or connections.
12. Operating the loader, checking all functions. (See the operators manual for proper operation.)

Table of Contents

Alphabetical Index
Electrical System
Engine Service
Hydraulic System
Hydrostatic System
Main Frame
Mechanical Transmission
Preventive Maintenance

Index of Topics

Axle Bearing & Seal Replacement
Axle Removal
Bob-Tach Removal
Camshaft Gear Installation
Camshaft Gear Removal
Camshaft Specifications
Camshaft & Tappet Installation
Camshaft & Tappet Removal
Camshaft Thrust Plate Specifications
Combustion Chamber Inserts
Combustion Chamber Insert Specifications
Connecting Rod Alignment
Connecting Rod and Pistons
Connecting Rod Bearing Specifications
Connecting Rod Specifications
Control Linkage
Control Pedals
Control Valve
Cooling System
Cooling System Specifications
Crankshaft and Main Bearings
Crankshaft Gear Specifications
Crankshaft Installation
Crankshaft Oil Seal, Front
Crankshaft Oil Seal, Rear End
Crankshaft Removal
Crankshaft Specifications
Crankshaft Thrust Washer Specification
Cylinder Block Specifications
Cylinder Head Installation
Cylinder Head Maintenance
Cylinder Head Specifications
Cylinder Liners
Cylinder Liner Specifications
De-Rating for Altitude
Diode Trio
Draining Hydraulic Fluid Reservoir
Drive Chain Adjustment
Drive Chain Idler Removal
Drive Chain Installation
Drive Chain Removal
Electrical Circuitry
Electrical System
Electrical System Maintenance
Engine Air Cleaner
Engine Cooling System
Engine Maintenance
Engine Oil and Filter Replacement
Engine Overhaul
Engine Removal
Engine Serial Number
Fan Belt
Fan Belt Adjustment
Fifty (50) Hour Inspection
Final Drive Chain
Final Drive System
Final Fuel Filter Specifications
Flushing Cooling System
Flywheel Housing Installation
Flywheel Installation
Flywheel Removal
Fuel Injection Pump
Fuel Injection Pump Specifications
Fuel Lift Pump
Fuel Lift Pump Specifications
Fuel Oil Specifications
Fuel Pipes (High Pressure)
Fuel Pump Drive Hub Installation
Fuel Pump Drive Hub Removal
Fuel Pump Gear Installation
Fuel Pump Gear Removal
Fuel Specifications
Fuel System
Fuel System, Charging
Fuel System, Servicing
Fuel Tank Removal
Gear Pump
Gear Pump Assembly
Gear Pump Disassembly
Generator Output
Generator Service
Hydraulic Cylinders
Hydraulic Fluid, Check
Hydraulic Fluid Filters
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic Tubelines, Hoses, Fittings
Hydrostatic Drive System
Hydrostatic Motor Installation
Hydrostatic Motor Removal
Hydrostatic Pump Installation
Hydrostatic Pump & Motor Assembly
Hydrostatic Pump & Motor Disassembly
Hydrostatic Pump Removal
Hydrostatic System Check
Hydrostatic Transmission
Idler Gear Disassembly
Injector Pump Gear Specifications
Injector Specifications
Inner Valve Spring Specifications
Lift Arm Removal
Lift Valve Spool
Lifter Specifications
Loader Serial Number
Loader Specifications
Lubrication System
Main Bearing Specifications
Main Frame
Oil Cooler
Oil Filter Lubrication
Oil Pan Installation
Oil Pressure Relief Valve
Oil Pressure Relief Valve Assembly
Oil Pressure Relief Valve Disassembly
Oil Pump Assembly
Oil Pump Disassembly
Oil Pump Drive Gear Lubrication
Oil Pump Installation
Oil Pump Lubrication
Oil Pump Removal
Outer Valve Spring Specifications
Piston Pin Bushing Specifications
Piston Ring Installation
Piston Ring Specifications
Piston Specifications
Pre-Delivery Inspection
Preventive Maintenance
Push Rod Specifications
Rear Grill
Rectifier Check
Reduction Housing Assembly
Reduction Housing Disassembly
Reduction Housing Removal
Relief Valve Specifications
Rocker Levers Specifications
Rocker Shaft Disassembly
Rocker Shaft Specifications
ROPS Removal
ROPS Tilting Motor
Rotor Check
Serial Number Identification
Service Wear Limits
Special Tools
Speed Range Linkage
Starter Service
Starting Aid
Stator Check
Steering Control Linkage
Ten (10) Micron Filter
Tilting the ROPS
Timing Case Back Plate Installation
Timing Case Back Plate Removal
Timing Case Installation
Timing Case Removal
Timing Gear Backlash
Timing Marks
Timing Pin
Tire Maintenance
Tire Replacement
Tire Rotation
Torque Specifications
Troubleshooting Hydraulic System
Troubleshooting Hydrostatic System
Valve Adjustment Sequence
Valve Clearance Adjustment
Valve Clearances
Valve (Exhaust) Specifications
Valve Guide (Exhaust) Specifications
Valve Guide (Inlet) Specifications
Valve (Inlet) Specifications
Valve Installation
Valve Removal
Valve Seat Inserts
Valve Timing Check
Valve & Valve Seat Reconditioning
Water Pump
Wheel Torquing

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