2019-2024 Honda CRF125F Cyclepedia Motorcycle Manual – Printed

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Do you need to work on a 2019-2024 Honda CRF125F motorcycle? The Cyclepedia Press LLC 2019-2024 Honda CRF125F motorcycle manual is one of the best service manuals you can get for your 2019-2024 Honda CRF125F motorcycle. Unlike cheaply produced perfect-bound manuals, that use glue to hold the pages together, this manual features premium LayFlat binding. This kind of binding utilizes a durable plastic spline that won’t crack and best of all it allows both sides of the book to lay completely flat when opened keeping the pages from flopping closed on you. Perfect for laying on your workbench, on the seat of your motorcycle. This manual contains detailed black and white photographs and wiring diagrams, complete specifications with step-by-step procedures performed and written by a veteran dealer trained technician.

This 2019-2024 Honda CRF125F motorcycle manual provides service and repair information for the following Honda motorcycles:

2024 Honda CRF125F
2023 Honda CRF125F
2022 Honda CRF125F
2021 Honda CRF125F
2020 Honda CRF125F
2019 Honda CRF125F

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Table of Contents
Service Information
Quick Reference
Torque Specs
VIN and Engine Number
Periodic Maintenance
Periodic Maintenance Chart
Air Filter Servicing
Brake Inspection
Brake Fluid
Clutch Cable Adjustment
Compression Check
Crankcase Breather
Drive Chain and Guides
Engine Idle Speed
Engine Oil
Fuel Filter
Fuel Line
Lubrication and Seal Points
Nuts, Bolts, and Fasteners
Spark Arrestor
Spark Plug
Steering Head Inspection
Suspension Inspection
Throttle Free Play
Valve Clearance
External Components
Brake Pedal
Chain Guards
Exhaust System
Fuel Tank Center Cover/Tray
Fuel Tank
Skid Plate
Side Stand
Cylinder Head Cover
Cylinder Head
Valve Lapping
Valve Guide Replacement
Piston and Cylinder
Right Crankcase Cover
Clutch Removal
Clutch Installation
Oil Pump
Primary Drive Gear
Left Side Engine Components
Engine Removal
Engine Installation
Crankcase Splitting
Crankcase Bearings
Crankcase Assembly
Crankshaft and Rod
Transmission Shafts
Kick Starter
Fuel System
Fast Idle Solenoid Valve
Fuel Injector
Fuel Pump
MAP Sensor
Throttle Body
General Troubleshooting
FI System Self-Diagnostics
Service Codes (DTCs)
DTC Troubleshooting
Final Drive
Drive Chain
Engine Sprocket
Rear Wheel Sprocket
Front Master Cylinder
Front Caliper
Front Rotor
Rear Drum Brake
Front Suspension
Front Fork Removal and Installation
Fork Disassembly
Fork Assembly
Rear Suspension
Shock Absorber
Swing Arm
Suspension Linkage
Steering Bearing Service
Front Wheel
Rear Wheel
Wheel Inspection
Wheel Bearing Replacement
Electrical Systems
Charging System
Ignition System
Starting System
Starter Motor
Fuel Reserve Light
Fuses and Diode
Wiring Diagram

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