2010-2014 Yamaha VX1100 Cruiser Deluxe 2015 V1 Sport WaveRunner Service Manual


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This Official 2010-2014 Yamaha VX1100 Cruiser/Deluxe/Sport Service Manual provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for:

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Yamaha VX1100 VX Cruiser Deluxe Sport Waverunner personal watercraft

Index of Topics

Chapter 1 – General information
Safety while working
Rotating part
Hot part
Electric shock
Handling of gasoline
Working with crane
Handling of heat gun
Part, lubricant, and sealant
Handling of sealant
Special service tool
Tightening torque
Non-reusable part
Disassembly and assembly
How to use this manual
Manual format
Adhesive, lubricant, sealant,
and thread locking agent
Special service tool
Model feature
General feature
Identification number
Deck and hull
Intermediate drive shaft
ECM and rectifier regulator
Multifunction meter unit
Multifunction display warning
Yamaha Security System (VX Cruiser and VX Deluxe)
Technical tips
Engine control
Engine control system

Chapter 2 – Specification
Model data
Model code
Dimension and weight
Power unit
Drive unit
Fuel and oil requirement
Battery requirement
Fuel system technical data
Fuel system
Power unit technical data
Power unit
Cylinder head assy
Crank case assy
Jet pump unit technical data
Jet pump unit
Electrical technical data
Ignition system
Charging system
Control system
Fuel system
Starting system
Meter system
Specified tightening torque
Fuel system
Power unit
Jet pump unit
Electrical system
Hull and hood
General tightening torque
Lubrication system
Cooling system
Cable and hose routing
Starboard bow view
Top view
Port view

Chapter 3 – Maintenance
Maintenance interval chart
Periodic service
Steering system
Steering master check
Throttle lever free play check
Throttle lever free play adjustment
Shift cable check (VX Cruiser and VX Deluxe)
Shift cable adjustment (VX Cruiser and VX Deluxe)

Chapter 4 – Fuel system
Fuel pump module check
Fuel hose check
Fuel rail check
Fuel filler neck and hose check
Fuel tank check
Water separator check

Chapter 5 – Power unit
Spark plug check
Compression pressure measurement
Valve clearance measurement
Engine oil level check
Engine oil change
Oil filter replacement
Air filter element check
Trolling speed check
Engine mount, stopper, and spacer check
Nut and bolt check

Chapter 6 – Jet pump unit
Impeller check
Water inlet strainer check
Jet thrust nozzle steering angle check
Jet thrust nozzle steering angle adjustment
Battery check
Hull and hood
Bilge strainer check
Drain plug check
Lubrication points
Throttle valve lubrication
Throttle cable (handlebar end) lubrication
Throttle cable (APS end) and return spring lubrication
Nozzle pivot shaft and steering cable lubrication
Steering cable and steering cable joint lubrication
Shift lever assy, shift cable, and shift cable joint lubrication
(VX Cruiser and VX Deluxe)
Intermediate housing lubrication
Fuel system
Fuel pump module, fuel hose, and fuel rail
Fuel pump module removal
Fuel sender removal
Fuel pump module check
Fuel sender installation
Fuel rail and injector removal
Fuel hose disassembly
Fuel rail check
Fuel line check
Fuel injector check
Fuel hose assembly
Fuel rail and injector installation
Fuel pump module installation
Fuel pressure measurement
Air filter case and throttle body assy
Air filter case removal
Air filter element check
Air filter case assy, check
Air filter case installation
Throttle body assy, removal
Throttle body assy, check
Throttle body assy, installation
Fuel tank
Fuel tank removal
Check valve check
Fuel filler neck and hose check
Fuel filler cap check
Fuel tank check
Fuel tank installation
Power unit
Engine unit
Engine unit and coupling cover
Engine mount and stopper
Engine unit removal
Engine mount, stopper, and spacer check
Engine unit installation
Wiring harness assy, and starter motor
Wiring harness assy, and starter motor removal
Wiring harness assy, check
Starter motor check
Wiring harness assy, and starter motor installation
Intake assy
Intake manifold removal
Intake manifold disassembly
Intake manifold check
Intake manifold joint check
Intake manifold assembly
Intake manifold installation
Exhaust manifold
Exhaust pipe removal
Exhaust manifold removal
Exhaust pipe disassembly
Exhaust pipe end and silencer check
Exhaust pipe 1 and exhaust pipe 2 check
Exhaust manifold check
Exhaust joint check
Thermoswitch (exhaust) check
Exhaust pipe assembly
Exhaust manifold installation
Exhaust pipe installation
Cooling water hose
Oil tank assy
Oil tank
Oil tank assy, removal
Oil tank assy, check
Oil tank disassembly
Cooling water hose and joint check
Oil separator and breather hose check
Oil tank filler cap and O-ring check
Oil tank and oil cooler cover check
Oil strainer check
Oil tank cover check
Oil breather plate and baffle plate check
Anode check
Oil tank assembly
Oil tank assy, installation
Oil pump assy
Oil pump assy, removal
Oil pump assy, check
Oil strainer check
Oil pump assy, installation
Reduction drive gear case assy
Reduction drive gear case
Reduction drive gear case assy, removal
Reduction drive gear case disassembly
Reduction drive gear check
Oil pump drive shaft check
Drive shaft check
Reduction drive gear case assembly
Reduction drive gear case assy, installation
Cylinder head cover
Cylinder head cover removal
Cylinder head cover disassembly
Camshaft removal
Camshaft sprocket removal
Camshaft check
Camshaft journal oil clearance check
Camshaft sprocket check
Timing chain tensioner check
Camshaft sprocket installation
Camshaft installation
Valve clearance adjustment
Valve pad selection table
Cylinder head cover assembly
Cylinder head cover installation
Cylinder head
Valve and valve spring
Cylinder head assy, removal
Cylinder head disassembly
Cylinder head check
Valve spring check
Valve check
Valve guide check
Valve guide removal
Valve guide installation
Valve seat check
Valve seat refacing
Cylinder head assembly
Cylinder head installation
Generator cover assy, and flywheel magneto
Generator cover
Generator cover assy, removal
Flywheel magneto removal
Generator cover assy, disassembly
Starter clutch check
Starter gear check
Starter clutch operation check
Generator cover assy, assembly
Flywheel magneto installation
Generator cover assy, installation
Timing chain and electrical part
Crankcase, connecting rod, and piston
Timing chain and timing chain guide (intake side) removal
Electrical part and anode removal
Oil filter bolt removal
Stud bolts removal
Oil pan removal
Crankcase disassembly
Connecting rod and piston removal
Timing chain check
Anode check
Crankcase check
Piston check
Piston ring check
Piston pin check
Connecting rod check
Cylinder block check
Crankshaft check
Crankshaft pin oil clearance check
Connecting rod bearing selection
Crankshaft journal oil clearance check
Crankshaft bearing selection
Connecting rod and piston installation
Crankcase assembly
Oil pan installation
Stud bolt installation
Oil filter bolt installation
Electrical part and anode installation
Timing chain and timing chain guide
(intake side) installation
Jet pump unit
Intake grate and ride plate
Jet pump unit
Jet pump unit removal
Jet pump unit installation
Reverse gate
Nozzle, impeller housing, and impeller duct assy
Impeller, drive shaft, and impeller duct
Impeller duct assy, disassembly
Impeller check
Impeller housing check
Drive shaft check
Impeller duct assy, assembly
Impeller duct, impeller housing and nozzle installation
Transom plate and hoses
Water hose check
Hose joint check
Bilge strainer check
Transom plate installation
Intermediate housing
Intermediate housing assy, removal
Intermediate housing assy, disassembly
Intermediate drive shaft check
Driven coupling and intermediate housing check
Intermediate housing assy, assembly
Intermediate housing assy, installation

Chapter 7 – Electrical system
Electrical components
Fuse box
ECM and rectifier regulator
Electrical analysis
Check using the YDIS
To supply power to the ECM (VX Cruiser and VX Deluxe)
To supply power to the ECM (VX Sport)
To measure the peak voltage
Ignition system
Ignition coil
Pickup coil
Charging system
Stator coil
Rectifier regulator
Control system
Oil pressure switch
Thermoswitch (engine)
Thermoswitch (exhaust)
Engine temperature sensor
Sensor assy
(intake air pressure and intake air temperature)
Throttle position sensor
Accelerator position sensor
Electronic throttle valve relay
Cam position sensor
Slant detection switch
Steering sensor
Earth plate
Fuel system
Fuel injector
Fuel pump module
Starting system
Left handlebar switch assy
Main and fuel pump relay
Starter relay
Starter motor
Starter motor operation
Starter motor disassembly
Front and rear cover
Brush holder
Starter motor assembly
Remote control system (VX Cruiser and VX Deluxe)
Remote control transmitter
Remote control receiver
Transmitter registration
Indication system
Multifunction meter
Speed sensor
Fuel level meter display and fuel level warning indicator
Check engine warning indicator
Diagnostic display
Oil pressure warning indicator
Engine overheat warning indicator

Chapter 8 – Hull and hood
Steering pad and handlebar cover
Handlebar and handlebar switch assy
Left handlebar switch assy, and throttle lever assy
Throttle cable removal
Handlebar check
Left handlebar switch assy, check
Handlebar assy, installation
Steering pad and handlebar cover installation
Front hood
Service lid installation
Hinge assy, check
Hood lock check
Multifunction meter and engine hatch cover
Steering master assy
Steering master
Shift lever assy, check
Bushing check
Steering shaft check
Steering arm assy, installation
Steering cable and speed sensor lead
Steering cable installation (steering master end)
Steering cable installation (jet pump end)
Shift cable installation (shift lever end)
(VX Cruiser and VX Deluxe)
Seat and handgrip
Ventilation hose and water separator
Seat lock check
Water separator assy, removal
Water separator check
Water separator assy, installation
Cooling water pilot outlet installation
Ventilation hose installation
Exhaust system
Exhaust system check
Exhaust system installation
Deck and hull
Rear section
Drain plug check
Spout installation
Reboarding step assy, installation (VX Cruiser)

Chapter 9 – Troubleshooting
Engine unit troubleshooting
Using the YDIS for engine unit troubleshooting
Engine unit troubleshooting (diagnostic code not detected)

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