1966 Cadillac Service Workshop Manual

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This enormous 642 page Cadillac shop manual has been prepared by the Service Department of the Cadillac Motor Car Division to aid Servicemen in servicing 1966 model Cadillac automobiles. Please note this repair manual is out out of print and available as a high quality reproduction only. Your manual will arrive with sturdy cardstock color covers bound by a heavy duty locking comb binding system.

The manual is intended primarily for Servicemen who are familiar with earlier model Cadillacs. It includes complete information on service procedures and specifications pertaining to all 1966 model Cadillac cars.

Arrangement of the Manual

The front page contains a rapid reference section index with headings corresponding to the page tabs at the beginning of each section. A complete alphabetical index is located at the back of the manual. The new section sequence used in this manual has been arranged to conform with the Universal Parts Classification (U.P.C.) grouping adopted by General Motors Corporation. This sequence will enable service personnel of dual dealership’s to become better acquainted in the use of technical and parts manuals. The index provided will also facilitate use of this manual. Within this regrouped sequence, various sections of the 1966 Cadillac shop manual have been rearranged. A Table of Contents is provided at the beginning of each section that contains more than one major subject.

The individual sections include a general description of components, service adjustments and replacement procedures/ diagnostic information, and clearly identifiable illustrations. An illustrated list of special tools, a torque requirement chart, and specifications are also provided.

The Rear Suspension section is divided into sub-sections covering the Rear Suspension System, Propeller Shaft, Rear Axle, and Differential.

The Engine section is divided into sub-sections covering Engine Cooling, Engine Electrical, Engine Fuel and Engine Mechanical. Service information pertaining to the battery, starting system, ignition system, and charging system is included in the Engine Electrical sub-section.

The Chassis Electrical section incorporates four sub-sections: Lighting System, Electrical Instruments, Windshield Wiper and Washer System, and Instrument Panel.

The Accessory section of this manual is divided into sub-sections covering Radio and Antenna, Cruise Control, Guide-Matic, Twilight Sentinel, Rear Window De-Fogger, and Seat Warmer.

The Frame and Body Mounting section also covers general information on the body, body lubrication points, and replacement procedures for certain Cadillac-furnished items in the windshield area for all 1966 model Cadillac cars. Complete body service information is published in a separate manual; the 1966 Fisher Body Service Manual.

The following information is organized by chapter:

General Information and Lubrication
Heating and Air Conditioning
Frame and Body Mountings
Front Suspension
Rear Suspension; Propeller Shaft, Rear Axle & Differential
Engine; Cooling, Electrical, Fuel & Mechanical
Fuel Tank and Exhaust
Wheels and Tires
Chassis Sheet Metal
Chassis Electrical and Instruments
Radiator and Grille
Accessories; Radio and Antenna, Cruise Control, Guide-Matic, Twilight Sentinel, Rear Window De-Fogger, Seat Warmer

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