1942-1947 Chevrolet Passenger Car and Light Truck Service Manual

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318 page, 1942-1947 Chevrolet Passenger Cars and Light Trucks Service Manual

This 1942-1947 Chevrolet Passenger Car and Light Truck Service Manual includes a description of the construction, and thorough data on operation, care, specifications, and overhaul of the various units of the Chevrolet Passenger Cars and Trucks.

High quality reproduction of the original out of print 1942-1947 Chevrolet Passenger Car and Light Truck Service Manual.

This 1942-1947 Chevrolet Passenger Car and Light Truck Workshop Manual includes the following sections:


Topics include:

Acids, Crankcase
Adapter, Speedometer
Additions, Lubricant, Rear Axle and Transmission
Adjuster, Front Seat,
Adjustment, Brakes, Emergency
Adjustment, Brakes, Service
Adjustment, Carburetor
Adjustment, Clutch Pedal
Adjustment, Connecting Rod
Adjustment, Distributor Points Adjustment, Door Division Channel
Adjustment, Doors, Passenger
Adjustment, Front Door Ventilator
Adjustment, Front Wheel Bearings
Adjustment, Hood
Adjustment, Hood Lock
Adjustment, Horn Blowing Ring
Adjustment, Main Bearing
Adjustment, Rear Axle Shifter Mechanism
Adjustment, Rear Gravel
Adjustment, Rear Wheel Bearings, Truck
Adjustment, Ring Gear and Pinion
Adjustment, Steering Gear
Adjustment, Throttle for Starting
Adjustment, Vacuum Cylinder Valve
Adjustment, Vacuum Gearshift Adjustment, Vacuum Power Brakes
Adjustment, Valve
Aiming, Headlamp
Air Cleaner
Air Cleaner, Vacuum Gearshift
Alcohol, Cleaning Brake Parts
Alignment, Connecting Rod
Alignment, Doors, Passenger
Alignment, Frame
Alignment, Front Fender
Alignment, Front Suspension
Alignment, Front Wheel, Explanation of
Alignment, Front Wheel, Trucks
Alignment, Rear Deck Lid
Anti Freeze
Arms, Upper Control and Shock Absorber
Arms, Valve Rocker
Attachment, Body to Frame, Passenger
Axle, Front Specifications
Axle, Front, Truck
Axle I Beam, Straightening
Axle, Rear, Passenger
Axle, Rear, Truck
Axle, Rear, Identification
Axle, Rear, Removal
Axle, Rear, Specifications
Axle, Rear, Two Speed
Axle Shaft Bearing, Rear
Axle Shaft, Rear
Axle Shaft Spacer
Backlash, Timing Gear
Baffle, Crankcase Ventilator
Baffle, Lower Front End
Balance, Tire and Wheel
Balancer, Harmonic
Ball, Tie Rod, Sealing
Battery Identification
Battery, Testing
Beam, Axle I Straightening
Bearing, Adjustment Engine Main
Bearing, Clutch Pilot
Bearing, Clutch Throwout
Bearing, Differential
Bearing, Front Wheel, Adjustment
Bearing, Rear Axle Shaft
Bearing, Rear Wheel, Adjustment
Bearings, Camshaft
Bearings, Engine Main
Bearings, Transmission
Bleeding Brakes
Body, Passenger Car
Body, Truck
Body Bolts, Passenger
Body Electrical
Body Entrance Steps
Body Lubrication to
Body Trim Molding
Body Wiring Diagrams
Bolts, Wheel Hub
Boot, Cabriolet Top
Boring Cylinders, Engine
Boring Machine, Main Bearing
Brake Adjustment, Emergency
Brake Adjustment, Service
Brake Cables
Brake Cylinder, Main
Brake Cylinder, Wheel
Brake Fluid
Brake Lining
Brake Parts, Cleaning
Brake Pedal, Lubrication
Brake Pedal, Toe Board Clearance
Brake Shoe Relining
Brake Shoe Replacement
Brake System, Cleaning and Flushing
Brake Tubing
Brake Wheel Cylinder, Sizes and Identification
Brakes, Emergency
Brakes, Operation Principles
Brakes, Repair Operations
Brakes, Service
Brakes, Vacuum Power
Breaker, Circuit
Bushing, Kingpin
Bushing, Propeller Shaft
Bushing, Spring Shackle
Bushings, Shock Absorber
Bushings, Steering Gear Sector Shaft
Bushings, Transmission
Cables, Brake
Cab Mounting, Truck
Cab Over Engine Truck, Lubrication
Camber, Checking
Camshaft Bearings
Camshaft Gear
Cap, Front Fender
Cap, Gasoline Tank
Capacities, Gasoline Tank
Capacities, Lubricant, All Units
Caps and Covers, Valve Spring
Carburetor Adjustment
Carburetor, C.O.E.
Carburetor, Downdraft
Carburetor Pump Arm Lubrication
Carpet, Floor
Carrier, Differential
Case, Transmission
Caster and Camber, Explanation of
Caster, Checking
Changes, Lubricant, Seasonal, Rear Axle and Transmission
Channel, Door Division,
Channel, Door Glass Run
Channel, Windshield Rubber
Chart, Body Lubrication
Chart, Lubrication
Chassis Lubrication
Chassis Sheet Metal
Check, Passenger Door
Checking Current Regulator
Checking Voltage Regulator
Circuit Breaker
Circuit, Cabriolet Power Top
Circuit, Gasoline Gauge
Circuit, Ignition
Circuit, Starting Motor
Cleaner, Air
Cleaner, Air, Vacuum Gearshift
Cleaning and Flushing Brake System
Cleaning Brake Parts
Cleaning Upholstery to
Clips, Glass Run Channel
Clutch Disc
Clutch Gear, Transmission
Clutch Pedal Adjustment
Clutch Pedal Lubrication
Clutch Pilot Bearing
Clutch Sleeve, Transmission
Clutch Throwout Bearing Lubrication
Coding, Locks and Keys
Coil, Ignition
Compartment Lid, Rear
Compartment Lid Lock, Rear
Compression, Testing
Condenser, Radio By Pass
Connecting Rod Dippers
Connecting Rods
Control, Automatic Spark
Control Devices, Crankcase Dilution
Control, Shock Absorber Ride
Cooling System
Cooling System Conditioning
Cord, Robe
Core, Radiator
Corrosion, Engine Parts
Countergear, Transmission Countershaft, Transmission
Cover, Timing Gear
Cover, Transmission
Cover, Valve Spring
Covers, Spring
Cowl Trim Pad
Cowl Ventilator
Crankcase Dilution, Water, Gas, etc
Crankcase Oil, When to Change
Crankcase Ventilator
Crankshaft Gear
Current Regulator
Cylinder, Brake Main
Cylinder Brake Wheel
Cylinder Head
Cylinder Honing
Cylinder, Vacuum Gearshift
Cylinder, Wheel, Sizes
and Identification
Cylinders, Engine, Boring
Cylinders, Engine, Checking
Deck Lid, Rear Adjustment
Deflector, Rear Gravel
Diagrams, Chassis Wiring
Differential Bearings
Differential Carrier
Rear Axle
Dilution, Crankcase, Control of
Dilution, Engine Oil
Dippers, Connecting Rod
Disc, Clutch
Distributor, Ignition
Distributor, Oil
Distributor Points
Division Channel, Door
Door Check and Hold Open, Passenger
Door Division Channel
Door Glass, Passenger
Door Glass Run Channel
Door Glass, Truck Cab
Door Handle Ferrule
Door Handle, Outside
Door Hinges
Door Lock
Door Lock Striker Plate
Door Lock, Truck
Door Opening Windlace
Door Trim Pad
Door Ventilator
Door Weatherstrip, Passenger
Door Window Regulator
Doors, Passenger, Alignment
Double Reduction Shaft, Two Speed Rear Axle
Drive Mechanism, Starting Motor
Dynamic Wheel Balance
Electrical, Body
Electrical System
Electro Magnet
Electro Magnetic Induction
Emergency Brake
Emergency Brake Toggle Lever
Energizing Springs, Transmission
Engine Lubrication
Engine Mountings
Engine Oiling System
Engine Replacement
Engine Specifications
Engine Tune Up
Equipment, Tools, Car and Truck
Exhaust Manifold
Exhaust System
Exhaust System Suspension
Fender, Front
Fender Cap, Front
Ferrule, Door Handle
Filler Cap, Gasoline Tank
Filling Shock Absorbers
Float Level, Carburetor
Floor Mat:
Fluid, Hydraulic Brake
Fluid Leakage, Shock Absorber
Fluid, Shock Absorbers
Flushing, Cooling System
Flushing Oil, Rear Axle and Transmission
Frame Alignment
Frame Dimensions to
Frame, Passenger Cars
Frame, Trucks
Frame Side Member Replacement
Frame Straightening
Friction Spring, Vacuum Cylinder Valve
Front Axle I Beam, Straightening
Front Axle Specifications
Front Axle, Trucks
Front End Plate, Crankcase
Front Propeller Shaft
Front Spring Specifications
Front Springs
Front Suspension Alignment
Front Suspension, Operation
Front Wheel Alignment, Explanation
Front Wheel Alignment, Tracks
Front Wheel Bearings, Adjustment
Front Wheel Bearings, Lubrication
Front Wheel, Removal
Fuel Pump
Fuel System
Fuel Tank
Garnish Molding, Passenger Door Window
Gases, Crankcase
Gasket, Cowl Ventilator
Gasoline Tank Capacities
Gauge, Engine Oil
Gauge, Gasoline
Gear, Clutch
Gear, Countershaft
Gear Cover, Timing
Gear, Rear Axle Ring
Gear, Reverse Idler
Gear, Speedometer
Gears, Timing
Gears, Transmission
Gearshift Lever
Gearshift, Vacuum
Gearshift, Vacuum, Lubrication
General Information, Specifications, etc
Generating System
Generator Lubrication
Generator, Overhaul
Geometry, Steering
Glass, Cabriolet Quarter
Glass, Door, Passenger
Glass, Passenger Body Glass, Quarter
Glass Regulator, Quarter
Glass Regulator, Truck Door
Glass Run Channel
Glass, Truck Cab Door
Glass, Truck Cab Rear
Glass, Ventilator
Glass, Windshield
Glove Compartment Lock
Gravel Deflector, Rear
Grille, Radiator
Grinding Valves
Guard, Splash, Front End
Guides, Valve
Handle, Door, Outside
Hanger, Rear Spring
Harmonic Balancer
Head, Cylinder
Headlamp Adjustment and Aiming
Heat Control, Manifold
Hinges, Door, Passenger
Hold Open Device, Passenger Doors
Honing Cylinders
Hood Adjustment
Hood Hinges
Horn Blowing Ring
Housing, Propeller Shaft
Hub Bolts
Hydraulic Brakes
I Beam, Front Axle, Straightening
Identification, Battery
Identification, Brake Wheel Cylinder Sizes
Identification, Rear Axle
Identification, Valve Rocker Arm
Idler Gear, Reverse
Ignition Distributor
Ignition Distributor Lubrication
Ignition System
Ignition Timing
Induction, Electro Magnetic
Inflation, Tires
Information, General
Instrument Panel, Passenger
Intake Manifold
Joint, Universal
Keys and Locks, Key Cutting to
King Pin Bushings
King Pin Inclination
King Pin, Replacement
Knee Action, Construction and Operation
Lamps, Parking
Lever, Gearshift
Levers, Reactionary
Lid, Rear Compartment
Lifters, Valve
Lighting Switch
Lining, Brake
Link, Shock Absorber
Link Bushings, Shock Absorber
Lock, Door
Lock Plate, Hood
Lock, Rear Compartment Lid
Lock, Truck Door
Locks and Keys to
Locks, Door Ventilator Safety
Lower Control Arm Pivot Pin and Bushing
Lower Control Arm Shaft
Lubricant Changes, Seasonal, Rear Axle and Transmission
Lubricant Checking, Four Speed Transmission
Lubricant, Universal, All Purpose, Hypoid
Lubricants, Recommended
Lubrication, Body to
Lubrication, Brake and Clutch Pedals
Lubrication, Cab Over Engine Trucks
Lubrication, Carburetor Pump Arm
Lubrication, Chassis
Lubrication, Chassis Springs
Lubrication, Clutch Throwout Bearing
Lubrication, Connecting Rods
Lubrication, Engine
Lubrication, After Miles
Lubrication, Fall Winter Spring
Lubrication, First Miles
Lubrication, Front Wheel Bearings :
Lubrication, Generator
Lubrication, Ignition Distributor Lubrication, Main and Camshaft
Lubrication, Pedals, Brake and Clutch
Lubrication, Rear Axle
Lubrication, Rear Springs, Passenger
Lubrication, Rear Wheel Bearings
Lubrication, Spring Shackles
Lubrication, Starting Motor
Lubrication, Steering Gear
Lubrication, Timing Gear
Lubrication, Transmission
Lubrication, Universal Joints
Lubrication, Vacuum Gearshift
Lubrication, Water Pump
Lubrication Chart, Body
Lubrication Charts, Passenger Car and Truck
Machine, Main Bearing Boring
Magnet, Electro
Main Bearing, Engine
Main Bearings, Engine, Adjustment
Main Cylinder, Brake
Mainshaft, Transmission
Maintaining Oil Level, Engine
Maintenance, Shock Absorber
Mat Body Entrance Step
Mat, Floor
Metering Rod, Carburetor
Molding, Body Trim
Molding, Door Window Garnish
Molding, Windshield Reveal
Motor, Cabriolet Top Operating
Motor, Starting
Motor Tune Up
Mounting, Brake and Clutch Pedals
Mounting, Rear Spring
Mounting, Truck Cab
Mountings, Engine
Nails, Door Trim Pad
Noise, Tire
Noises, Shock Absorber
Nozzle, Oil Timing Gear
Numbers, Unit Serial, Locations
Octane Selector
Oil Distributor
Oil, Engine Crankcase, When to Change
Oil, Engine, Seasonal Selector
Oil, Flushing, Rear Axle and Transmission
Oil Gauge, Engine
Oil Gauge Rod, Engine
Oil Level, Engine, Maintaining
Oil Nozzle, Timing Gear
Oil Pan, Checking
Oil Pump
Oil Seal, Crankshaft Rear Bearing
Oil Seal, Propeller Shaft
Oil Seal, Timing Gear Cover
Oil Slinger, Truck Axle Shaft
Oil Viscosity, Engine
Oiling System, Engine
Pad, Cowl Trim
Pad, Door Trim Pan, Oil, Checking
Panel, Instrument
Parking Lamps
Pedal Adjustment, Clutch
Pedal Clearance, Brake, Toe Board :
Pedal Mounting, Brake and Clutch
Pedals, Brake and Clutch, Lubrication
Pilot Bearing, Clutch
Pinion and Ring Gear Adjustment
Pinion, Rear Axle Drive
Pipe, Distributor to Rocker Shaft
Piston Pins
Piston Rings
Pistons, Engine, Construction
Pivot Pin and Bushing, Lower Control Arm
Pivot Pin Upper Control Arm
Plate, Body Step
Plate, Crankcase Front End
Plate, Door Lock Striker
Plugs, Spark
Points, Current and Voltage Regulator
Points, Distributor, Adjusting
Polarity, Reverse
Power Brakes, Vacuum
Power Top, Cabriolet
Pressure, Tire
Propeller Shaft
Propeller Shaft Bushing
Propeller Shaft, Front
Propeller Shaft Housing
Pump, Fuel
Pump, Oil
Pump, Water
Pump, Water, Lubrication
Push Rods
Quarter Glass
Quarter Ventilator
Radiator Grille
Rain Deflector, Front Door Ventilator
Reactionary Levers
Rear Axle Identification
Rear Axle Lubrication
Rear Axle, Passenger
Rear Axle Removal
Rear Axle Shaft
Rear Axle Specifications
Rear Axle, Truck
Rear Axle, Two Speed
Rear Spring
Rear Spring Lubrication
Rear Spring Mounting
Rear Spring Seats
Rear Wheel Bearings, Adjustment
Rear Wheel Bearings, Lubrication
Rear Wheel Bearings, Truck
Rear Wheel Removal
Recommended Lubricants
Refacing Valves
Regulator, Current and Voltage
Regulator, Door Window
Regulator, Quarter Window
Regulator, Truck Door Glass
Regulator, Voltage
Relay, Cutout
Relining Brake Shoes
Reseating Valve Seats
Retainer, Door Trim Pad
Reverse Idler Gear
Reverse Polarity
Reversing Switch, Ignition Polarity
Ring, Horn Blowing
Ring Gear and Pinion Adjustment
Ring Gear, Rear Axle
Rings, Piston
Rings, Transmission Synchronizer
Robe Cord
Rocker Arms
Rod Adjustment, Connecting
Rod, Carburetor Metering
Rod, Engine Oil Gauge
Rod, Front Axle Tie
Rods, Connecting
Rods, Push
Safety Lock, Door
Seal, Propeller Shaft Oil
Seal, Rear Main Bearing Oil
Seal, Timing Gear Cover Oil
Sealed Beam Headlamps
Sealing Windshield
Seat Adjuster, Front
Seats, Body
Sector Shaft Bushings, Steering Gear
Selector, Octane
Serial Numbers, Location on Units
Service Brakes
Shackles, Spring
Shaft, Counter
Shaft, Front Propeller
Shaft, Lower Control Arm
Shaft, Propeller;,
Shaft Rear Axle
Shaft, Two Speed Axle Double Reduction
Shaft, Valve Rocker Arm
Sheet Metal
Sheet Metal Unit, Front End
Shifter Mechanism Adjustment, Two Speed Axle
Shifter Mechanism, Transmission
Shock Absorber Filling
Shock Absorber Valves
Shock Absorbers
Shock Absorbers, Fluid, etc
Shoe, Brake, Adjustment
Shoe, Brake, Replacement
Side Member Replacement, Frame
Sleeve, Rear Axle Shifter
Sleeve, Transmission Clutch
Slinger, Oil, Truck Axle Shaft
Spacer, Axle Shaft
Spark Control, Automatic
Spark Plugs
Specifications, Chassis Springs
Specifications, Engine
Specifications, Front Axle
Specifications, General
Specifications, Rear Axle
Specifications, Shock Absorber
Specifications, Tires, Wheels and Rims
Specifications, Transmission
Speedometer Adapter
Speedometer Gears
Splash Guard, Front End
Spring, Front
Spring, Manifold Heat Control Valve
Spring, Rear
Spring, Rear, Passenger, Lubrication
Spring, Synchronizing Energizing Spring, Vacuum Cylinder Valve
Spring, Valve
Spring Covers, Rear, Passenger
Spring Hanger, Rear
Spring Seats
Spring Shackles, Lubrication
Stabilizer, Front End
Starting Motor
Starting Motor Lubrication
Static Wheel Balance
Steering Gear, Passenger
Steering Gear, Truck
Steering Gear Lubrication
Steering Geometry
Step Mats, Body Entrance
Step Plate, Body Entrance
Steps, Body Entrance
Straightening Frame
Striker Plate, Door Lock
Suspension, Exhaust System
Suspension, Front
Switch, Cabriolet Top Operating
Switch, Dome Light Pillar
Switch, Lighting
Switch, Polarity Reversing
Switch, Starting Motor
Switch, Stoplight
Synchronizer Rings, Transmission
Tab, Trim Pad Replacement
Tank, Fuel
Tappets, Valve
Thermostat, Cooling System
Thermostat, Manifold Heat Control
Throttle Adjustment
Throwout Bearing, Clutch
Tie Rod, Truck Front Axle
Tie Rod Ball, Sealing
Timing, Engine Valve
Timing Gear, Lubrication
Timing Gear Cover
Timing, Ignition
Timing Gears
Tire and Wheel Balance
Tire Inflation
Tire Noise
Tire Wear „
Tire, Wheel and Rim Data
Tires and Wheels
Toe Board Clearance, Brake Pedal
Toe In, Adjustment
Toe In, Front Axle, Explanation Toggle Lever Adjustment, Emergency Brake
Tools, Furnished with Cars and Trucks
Top, Cabriolet, Care of
Top, Cabriolet, Operation
Top Boot, Cabriolet
Transmission Case
Transmission Cover
Transmission Lubricant, Checking and Quantity, Four Speed
Transmission Lubrication
Transmission Mainshaft
Transmission, Passenger and Commercial
Transmission Specifications
Transmission, Truck, Four Speed
Trim Pad, Cowl
Trim Pad, Door
Truck Body
Tubing, Hydraulic Brake
Tune Up Engine
Two Speed Rear Axle
 Unit Capacities
Universal Joint
Universal Joint Lubrication
Upholstery, Cleaning to
Upper Control Arm
Upper Control Arm Pivot Pin
Vacuum Cylinder
Vacuum Gearshift
Vacuum Gearshift, Lubrication
Vacuum Power Brakes
Valve Adjustment
Valve Adjustment, Vacuum Cylinder
Valve Grinding
Valve Guides
Valve Lifters
Valve, Manifold Heat
Valve Seats, Reseating
Valve Springs
Valve Timing
Valves, Engine
Valves, Refacing
Valves, Shock Absorber
Ventilator Adjustments, Front Door
Ventilator and Gears, Body
Ventilator Baffle, Crankcase
Ventilator, Cowl
Ventilator, Crankcase
Ventilator, Front Door
Ventilator Locks, Front Door
Ventilator, Quarter
Ventilator Rain Deflector, Front Door
Viscosity, Engine Oil, Numbers
Voltage Regulator
Water in Crankcase
Water Pump
Water Pump Lubrication
Wear, Tire
Weatherstrip, Passenger Doors
Weatherstrip Replacement
Welding Lines, Passenger Car Body
Wheel and Tire Balance
Wheel Bearings, Front, Adjustment
Wheel Bearings, Front, Lubrication
Wheel Bearings, Rear
Wheel Bearings, Rear, Lubrication
Wheel Cylinder, Brake
Wheel, Front, Removal
Wheel, Rear, Removal
Wheel, Tire and Rim Data
Wheels and Tires
Windlace, Door Opening
Window, Cabriolet Rear Quarter
Window Regulator, Front Door
Window, Truck Cab Rear
Windshield, Passenger
Windshield Sealing
Windshield, Truck
Windshield Wiper
Wiring Diagrams, Body
Wiring Diagrams, Chassis

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 0.5 in