Official 2005 Polaris Phoenix 200 ATV Factory Service Manual
2005 Polaris Phoenix 200 ATV Service Manual

2005 Polaris Phoenix 200 ATV Service Manual

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This Official 2005 Polaris Phoenix 200 ATV Factory Service Manual provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for 2005 Polaris Phoenix 200 ATVs.

2005 Polaris Phoenix 200 ATV Service Manual Table of Contents


2005 Polaris Phoenix 200 ATV Service Manual Index of Topics

A-Arm Replacement
Air Filter Cleaning
Air Filter Service
Alternator Output Test
Balance Shaft and Crank shaft Gear Installation

Balance Shaft Sprocket Removal/Inspection
Battery Charging
Battery Check Before Install
Battery Identification
Battery Installation
Battery Maintenance
Battery Service
Battery Terminal Bolts
Battery Testing
Battery Off Season Storage
Belt Inspection
Body Assembly Exploded View
Brake Arm Removal/Install Rear
Brake Bleeding
Brake Caliper Assembly Front
Brake Caliper Disassembly Front
Brake Caliper Exploded View
Brake Caliper Inspection Front
Brake Caliper Installation Front
Brake Caliper Removal Front
Brake Disc Inspection
Brake Disc Removal / Replacement Front
Brake Disc Removal Front
Brake Fluid Change
Brake Fluid Level
Brake Hose/Fitting Inspection
Brake Lever Travel
Brake Light Switch Testing
Brake Noise
Brake Pad Application
Brake Pad Assembly Front
Brake Pad Inspection
Brake Pad Removal Front
Brake Pedal Freeplay/Adjustment Rear
Brake Pedal Removal Rear Foot
Brake Plate Removal Rear
Brake Plate/Arm Removal Rear
Brake Shoe Install Rear
Brake Shoe Removal Rear
Brake Switch
Brake Switch Removal Rear Foot
Brake System Inspection
Brake System Operation
Brake System Overview Rear Mechanical
Brake System Service Notes
Brake System Front
Brake System Rear
Brakelight Lamp Replacement
Cam Chain Follower/Tensioner Blades
Cam Chain Installation
Cam Chain Removal/Inspection
Cam Chain Tensioner Inspection
Cam Chain Tensioner Installation
Cam Chain Tensioner Removal
Cam Chain/Camshaft Installation
Camber & Caster
Camshaft Inspection
Camshaft Removal
Camshaft Timing
Carburetor Assembly
Carburetor Component Functions
Carburetor Float Bowl Draining
Carburetor Float Height Adjustment
Carburetor Float Height Specification
Carburetor Fuel Level Testing
Carburetor Inspection
Carburetor Main System
Carburetor Operation
Carburetor System Function
Carburetor Air Screw
Carburetor Air/Fuel Mixture Ratio
Carburetor Float Bowl Draining
Carburetor Float System
Carburetor Jet Needle
Carburetor Main Jet
Carburetor Needle and Seat Test
Carburetor Needle Jet
Carburetor Pilot Jet
Carburetor Throttle Slide
CDI Output Test
Charging System Break Even Test
Charging System Testing
Choke Adjustment
Combustion Chamber
Compression Spring Service Limit
Compression Test
Concentric Swing Arm Removal
Controls Inspection
Conversion Table
Cover/Panel Removal
Crankcase / Bearing Inspection
Crankcase Assembly
Crankcase Bearing Installation
Crankcase Disassembly
Crankcase Oil Strainer Inspection
Crankcase Separation
Cranking Output Test
Crankshaft Bearing Inspection
Crankshaft Installation
Crankshaft Removal
CVT Drying
CVT Maintenance
CVT Operation
CVT Overheating Diagnosis
CVT Reassembly
CVT System Disassembly
Cylinder Head Assembly
Cylinder Head Disassembly
Cylinder Head Inspection
Cylinder Head Installation
Cylinder Head Reconditioning
Cylinder Head Removal
Cylinder Head Warpage
Cylinder Honing
Cylinder Inspection
Cylinder Installation
Cylinder Removal
Decal Replacement
Decimal Equivalents
Drive Belt Width Service Limit
Drive Clutch
Drive Clutch Operation
Drive Clutch Driven Bearing
Drive Shaft Installation Rear
Drive Shaft Removal Rear
Drive Sprocket Removal/Inspection
Driven Clutch
Driven Clutch Nut Torque
Driven Clutch Operation
Electrical Service Notes
Engine Accessible Components
Engine Bottom End Disassembly

Engine Break in Period
Engine Breather / Oil Separator
Engine Designation Numbers
Engine Exploded View
Engine Installation Notes
Engine Lubrication
Engine Mounts
Engine Oil Check
Engine Reassembly

Engine Removal
Engine Serial Number Location
Engine Service Data
Engine to Frame Ground
Engine Top End Disassembly

ETC Switch Adjustment
ETC Switch Testing
Exhaust System Maintenance
Exhaust Valve Adjustment
Fastener Torque
Flywheel Installation
Flywheel Removal/Inspection
Frame Nuts Bolts Fasteners
Front Hub Assembly
Front Hub Exploded View
Front Hub Installation
Front Hub Removal
Front Suspension Exploded View
Fuel Filter Maintenance
Fuel System
Fuel Venting Systems
Gear Shift Selector Removal
Gearcase Exploded View Rear
Glossary of Terms
Headlamp Switch Testing
Headlight Adjustment
Headlight Assembly Removal
Headlight Lamp Replacement
High Altitude Operation
Honing to Oversize
Idle Fuel / Air Mixture Adjustment
Idle Speed Adjustment
Ignition / Charging Components
Ignition Coil Testing
Ignition System Testing
Ignition Timing
Indicator Lamp Replacement
Intake Valve Adjustment
Jet Needle/Needle Jet Effects
Keys Replacement
Kickstart Lever and Operation
Load Test
Lubricant Symbol ID Chart
Lubrication / Grease Points
Lubrication Charts
Lubrication Rear Gearcase
Lubrication Transmission
Master Cylinder Disassembly
Master Cylinder Installation
Model & Serial Number Location
Model Identification
Neutral Light Testing
Oil & Filter Change
Oil Filter Installation
Oil Flow
Oil Flow Test
Oil Pump and Chain Installation
Oil Pump Removal/Inspection
Periodic Maintenance Chart
Pheonix Component Location
Pilot System
Piston Identification
Piston Inspection
Piston Installation
Piston Removal
Piston Ring Installation
Piston Ring Installed Gap
Pod Assembly Removal
Pre-Ride Inspection
Publication Numbers
Rear Axle Removal
Rear Hub Inspection
Rear Hub Installation
Rear Hub Removal
Rear Run Out
Rear Swingarm / Gearcase Assembly
Rear Swingarm / Gearcase Removal
Rocker Arm/Shaft Inspection
Rocker Shaft/Rocker Arm Assembly Installation

RPM Limiter Specifications
Sediment Tube Maintenance
Shift Detent Service Transmission
Shift Linkage Adjustment
Shift Linkage Inspection
Shimming Output Shaft Transmission
Slide Cutaway
Spark Plug Maintenance
Special Tools
Special Tools Carburetor
Special Tools Electrical
Special Tools Transmission
Specifications Brake
Specifications Carburetor
Specifications Torque Brakes
Specifications Torque Engine
Specifications Torque Standard
Specifications Torque Suspension
Specifications Torque Transmission
Starter Disassembly
Starter Drive Gear Removal/Inspection
Starter Drive Installation
Starter Drive One Way Removal/Inspection
Starter System Test
Stator Housing Installation
Steering Assembly Exploded View
Ball Joint Remove / Install
Steering Knuckle Remove / Install
Steering Maintenance
Steering Post Assembly
Suspension Preload Adjustment
Suspension Special Tools
Suspension Front Inspection
Suspension Rear Inspection
Swingarm Installation
Swingarm Removal
Taillight Lamp Replacement
Tap Drill Chart
Tensioner Blade Installation
Throttle Cable Adjustment
Throttle Opening vs Fuel Flow
Throttle Operation
Tie Rod Inspection
Tire Inspection
Tire Pressure
Tire Tread Depth
Toe Alignment
Torque Patterns Engine

Transmission Linkage Adjustment
Transmission Reassembly
Transmission Service
Transmission Switch Service
Troubleshooting Brakes
Troubleshooting Engine
Troubleshooting Fuel System/Carb
Troubleshooting Ignition System
Troubleshooting Spark Plug
Troubleshooting Starter System
Valve Adjustment
Valve Inspection
Valve Seal Testing
Valve Seat Inspection
Valve Seat Reconditioning
VIN Identification
Voltage Drop Test
Voltage Test Open Circuit
Wheel Inspection
Wheel Installation
Wheel Removal Front or Rear

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