Honda TRX350 Fourtrax and TRX350D Foreman 1986-1989 Cyclepedia Online Service Manual

Honda TRX350 Fourtrax and TRX350D Foreman 1986-1989 Cyclepedia Online Service Manual

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The 1986-1989 Honda TRX 350 Fourtrax / TRX 350D Foreman ATV online service manual features detailed full-color photographs and wiring diagrams, complete specifications with step-by-step procedures performed and written by a seasoned Honda dealer trained technician.

Print only the pages you need from your repair manual and take them to the garage or work wirelessly on your laptop right next to your Honda TRX350 Fourtrax or TRX350D Foreman! You have complete freedom to access your Honda TRX350 Fourtrax / TRX350D Foreman manual from anywhere in the world, anytime. Plus each subscription includes FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT *  should you ever need it.

The 1986-1989 Honda TRX350 Fourtrax / TRX350D Foreman ATV online manual will help you repair the following ATVs:

1986 Honda TRX350 Fourtrax 4WD
1987 Honda TRX350D Foreman 4×4
1987 Honda TRX350 Fourtrax 4WD
1988 Honda TRX350D Foreman 4×4
1989 Honda TRX350D Foreman 4×4

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Adjust the valve clearance on your Honda TRX350 or TRX350D.

Periodic Maintenance- Periodic Maintenance Chart, Clutch Adjustment, Throttle Free Play, Brake Fluid, Engine Idle Speed, Brake Inspection, Brake Shoes, Engine Oil, Final Drive / Differential Oil, Spark Plug, Compression Check, Air Filter Servicing, Tires, Valve Clearance, Toe-In Adjustment

Look up specifications for your TRX350 and TRX350d carburetor and fuel system.

Quick Reference- VIN and Engine Number Location, Torque Specifications, TRX350/TRX350D Specs

Clean the jets in your Honda TRX350 or trx350d four wheeler.

Fuel System- Carburetor Removal, Carburetor Installation, Carburetor Assembly, Carburetor Disassembly, Fuel Pump, Fuel Tank, Fuel Strainer, Air Box, Exhaust System, Throttle, Carburetor Specifications

Remove the side covers, fenders, and other bodywork from your Honda trx 350.

External Components- Side Covers, Seat, Footrests, Front Fender, Rear Fender

Identify your TRX350 Balancer alignment mark.

Engine- Engine Specifications, Rocker Arms, Cylinder Head, Valves, Cylinder and Piston, Primary Clutch, Secondary Clutch, Right Crankcase Cover, Right Engine Components, Gearshift, Kick Starter, Alternator, Engine Removal, Engine Installation, Oil Pump, Crankshaft, Crankcase Splitting, Crankcase Assembly, Crankcase Bearings, Transmission Removal, Transmission Assembly

Disassemble the front differential and final drive or the Honda TRX350.

Final Drive- Middle Drive Shaft, Front Drive Shafts, Differential, Final Drive Gear, Rear Axle, Output Gear Removal, Output Gear Installation, Final Drive Specifications

Clean your front drum brake panels on the TRX350D.

Front Brakes- Master Cylinder, Front Drum Brakes, Front Brake Specifications

Replace the rear drum brake shoes.

Rear Brake- Rear Drum Brake, Rear Brake Pedal, Rear Brake Specifications

Remove the rear wheels from your TRX350D.

Wheels- Wheel Specifications, Wheels

Adjust the tie rods on the Honda trx350 fourtrax and trx 350d foreman.

Steering- Handlebar, Steering Shaft, Steering Knuckles, Tie Rods and Steering Pivot

Remove the front swingarm from the Honda TRX350 or TRX350D.

Front Suspension- Front Suspension Specifications, Front Shock Absorbers, Front Swingarm

Take out the rear swingarm pivot on the Honda fourtrax and foreman models.

Rear Suspension- Shock Absorbers, Rear Swingarm, Rear Suspension Specs

Check the primary and secondary resistance of the trx 350 ignition coil.

Electrical Systems- Electrical Specifications, Ignition System, Charging System, Starter System, Starter Motor, Switches, Wiring Diagrams

Honda TRX350 / TRX350D Parts Diagrams Online / Discount Parts Ordering

Honda TRX350 / TRX350D Troubleshooting

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