Bosch Handbook For Gasoline-Engine Management

Bosch Handbook For Gasoline-Engine Management

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Bosch Handbook For Gasoline-Engine Management

This Bosch Handbook for Gasoline-Engine Management combines the text and graphics from the following individually available Bosch Technical Instruction Books into a single hardbound volume.

# Emissions Control Technology for Gasoline Engines
# Ignition Systems for Gasoline Engines
# Gasoline-engine management
# Gasoline Engine Management: Motronic Systems
# Gasoline Fuel-Injection System K-Jetronic
# Gasoline Fuel-Injection System KE-Jetronic
# Gasoline Fuel-Injection System L-Jetronic
# Gasoline Fuel-Injection System Mono-Jetronic

Starting with a brief review of the beginnings of automotive history, this book discusses the basics relating to the method of operation of gasoline-engine control systems. The descriptions of cylinder-charge control systems, fuel-injection systems (intake manifold and gasoline direct injection), and ignition systems provide a comprehensive, firsthand overview of the control mechanisms indispensable for operating a modern gasoline engine. The practical implementation of engine management and control is described by the examples of various Motronic variants, and of the control and regulation functions integrated in this particular management system. The book concludes with a chapter describing how a Motronic system is developed.

Bosch Gasoline-Engine Management is for:

# Automotive technicians in training or advanced training
# Master mechanics and technicians in automotive repair workshops
# Instructors and lecturers at vocational schools
# Students at universities and technical colleges
# Anyone with an interest in automotive technology

Bosch technical literature sets the standard for concise explanations of the function and engineering of automotive systems and components: from Fuel Injection, to Anti-lock Braking Systems, to Alarm Systems.

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