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1978 Chevrolet GMC Pick-Up Repair Manual

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This 226 page, 1978 Chevy/GMC Pick-Up Repair Manual provides service, repair, and maintenance information for the 1978 Chevrolet and GMC Pickup Trucks. High quality reproduction of the original out of print manual.

1978 Chevrolet GMC Pick-Up Repair Manual Table of Contents

1 Starting Systems
Starting Circuits
General Motors Description
The Automotive Battery
Starting System Tests
Cranking Voltage Test
Current Draw (amperage) Test
Voltage Drop—battery Side
Voltage Drop—ground Side
Starting Motor Description
Starting Circuit And Test Sequence
Interlock System
Starter Solenoid Switch Test
Starter Removal, Installation
Free-running Starter Current Draw Test
Starter Motor Overhaul
Chart: Starting System Diagnosis
How To: Delco-remy Starter Overhaul

2 Charging Systems
Charging Circuits
Charging System Description
Charging System Testing
Delco-remy 10-si Series Delcotron
System Description
Fusible Link Circuit Protection
In-vehicle Test Procedures
Alternator Removal, Installation
Alternator Disassembly, Testing
Alternator Reassembly
Charging System Diagnosis
Chevrolet, Gmc Delcotron Specifications
How To: Delcotron 10-si Overhaul

3 Conventional Ignition Systems
Ignition System Description
The Coil
The Condenser
The Breaker Points
Secondary Wiring
The Ballast Resistor
Spark Plugs
The Distributor
Ignition System Testing
Spark Intensity Test
Primary Circuit Test
Secondary Circuit Test
Resistance Wire Test
Ignition Coil Test
Distributor Condenser Test
Breaker Point Ignition System
Dwell Variation Test
Distributor Removal—v-8
Distributor Disassembly—v-8
Distributor Assembly—v-8
Distributor Installation—v-8
Breaker Point Replacement—v-8
Adjusting Dwell Setting
Distributor Removal—1-6
Distributor Disassembly—1-6
Distributor Assembly—1-6
Distributor Installation—1-6
Breaker Point Replacement—1-6
Charts: Ignition System Diagnosis
Plug Size And Type
How To: Delco-remy Breaker Point Replacement

4 Electronic Ignition Systems
Why Breakerless Ignition?
Electronic Ignition System Operation
Delco-remy High Energy Ignition System
System Description
Ignition Coil
Pickup Assembly
Electronic Module
Service Precautions
Test Procedures
Cranking Tests
Service Precautions
Distributor Removal
Distributor Disassembly
Service Precautions
Distributor Assembly
Chart: Electronic Ignition System Diagnosis
How To: He! V-8 Distributor Stripdown

5 Fuel Systems
Roll-over Valves
Fuel Pumps
Fuel Pump Capacity Test
Fuel Pump Pressure Test
Fuel Pump Removal, Replacement
The Carburetor
Float System
Main Metering System
The Idle System
Accelerator Pump System
The Power System
High-speed Pullover System
Choke System
The Remote Choke
Integral Cap Choke
Choke Vaccum Break System
Unloader And Fast Idle Cam
Multiple Barrel Carburetors
Carburetor Heat
Anti-stall Dashpot
Hot Idle Compensators
Idle Stop Solenoid
Altitude Compensation
Simplified Carburetor Adjustment
All 1973 Engines
I-6 250, 292 W, 1-bbl Rochester
V-8 307, 350 W, 2-bbl Rochester
V-8 350, 454 W, 4-bbl Rochester
All 1974 Engines
I-6 250, 292 W, 1-bbl Rochester
V-8 350 W, 2-bbl Rochester
V-8 350 W, 4-bbl Rochester
V-8 454 W, 4-bbl Rochester
All 1975-76 Engines
I-6 250, 292 W, 1-bbl Rochester
V-8 350 W, 2-bbl Rochester
V-8 350, 454 W, 4-bbl Rochester
All 1978 Engines
Carburetor Overhaul
Fuel Pump Diagnosis
Fuel System Diagnosis
Basic Carburetor Systems
Rochester Mv Carburetor
Rochester 4mv Carburetor
How To’s:
Rochester 2gc Overhaul
Rochester M4mc, M4mca, M4mea Overhaul
Rochester Monojet (mv) Overhaul

6 Emission Controls
1973-74 Emissions Systems
Positive Crankcase Ventilation (pcv)
Controlled Combustion System (ccs)
Evaporation Emission Control (eec)
Transmission Controlled Spark Advance (tcs)
Air Injection Reactor (air)
Exhaust Gas Recirculation (egr)
1975-76 Emissions Systems
Early Fuel Evaporation (efe)
Throttle Return Control (trc)
Catalytic Converter
1977-78 Emissions Systems
Exhaust Gas Recirculation (egr)
Throttle Return Control (trc)
Trapped Vacuum Spark
Spark Control Switch
Emission System Test Procedures
Pcv Test
Chart: Emission Controls Troubleshooting Guide—6-cyl

7 Cooling Systems
Cooling System Operation
Cooling System Components
Cooling System Maintenance
System Operation Checks
Cooling System Component Tests
Radiator Cleaning And Flushing
Cleaning Procedure
Chart: Cooling System Diagnosis

8 The Engine
Cylinder Head Reconditioning
Engine Block Stripdown
Engine Block Inspection
Engine Block Reconditioning
Piston Ring Replacement
Engine Reassembly
Charts: Coordinating The Distributor With The Plugs Metric Conversions

9 Exhaust Systems
The Muffler
Exhaust System Problems
Exhaust System Diagnosis
Exhaust System Inspection
Component Replacement
Exhaust System Removal
Exhaust System Installation
Heat Valve Problems
Exhaust Manifold Heat Valve
Heat Valve Inspection, Maintenance
Heat Valve Removal, Replacement

10 Clutches, Manual Transmissions
The Automotive Clutch
Clutch Pressure Plates
Clutch Linkage Adjustment
Free Travel Adjustment
The Manual Transmission
Transmission Gears And Synchronizers
Gear Ratio
Power Flow
Identifying Basic Transmission Disorders
Saginaw (76mm), Muncie (76mm) And
Tremac (77mm) 3-speed Transmissions
Saginaw (83mm) 4-speed Transmission
Muncie, Warner (83mm) 4-speed Transmission
Gm Transmission Overhaul Procedures
Saginaw And Muncie 3-speed Transmissions
Tremac 3-speed Transmission
Saginaw 4-speed Transmission
Muncie 4-speed Transmission
Charts: Clutch Diagnosis
3-speed Manual Transmission Diagnosis
4-speed Manual Transmission Diagnosis
How To: Saginaw 3-speed Overhaul

11 Automatic Transmissions
Power Flow
Automatic Transmission Fluid (atf)
Vacuum Diaphragm, Modulator Leakage
Transmission Service
Transmission Removal, Replacement
Transmission Overhaul
Turbo Hydra-matic 350 Control Valve Disassembly
Turbo Hydra-matic 350 Disassembly‘
Typical Turbo Hydra-matic 400 Control
Valve Disassembly ,
Turbo Hydra-matic 400 Forward, Direct And
Intermediate Clutch Disassembly
Turbo Hydra-matic 400 Disassembly
Charts: Automatic Transmission Leak Points
Turbo Hydra-matic 350 Torque Specifications
Turbo Hydra-matic 400 Specifications And Band
Apply Pin Selection
Turbo Hydra-matic 400 Diagnosis
How To’s:
Turbo Hydra-matic 350 Overhaul
Turbo Hydra-matic 400 Overhaul

12 Driveshafts , Rear Axles
The Driveshaft
Universal Joints
Driveshaft Removal, Replacement
Cardan U-joint Replacement
Double Cardan U-joint Replacement
Driveshaft Balancing
The Rear Axle
Rear Axle Ratio
Determining Axle Ratio
Diagnosing Rear Axle Noise
Axle Shaft Removal, Installation
Differential Overhaul
Gear Tooth Contact Pattern Test
81, 2- And 87, A-in Ring Gear Differential
Removal, Disassembly
Drive Pinion Removal
Ring Gear Removal
Differential And Pinion Assembly
Differential Installation, Adjustment
Chevrolet 101, 2-in Ring Gear
Differential Case Removal
Dana 101, 2-in Ring Gear

13 Braking Systems
Hydraulic Brake Operation
Combination Valve
Drum Brake Service
Delco-moraine 1973-78
Caliper Overhaul
Disc Brake Hub And Rotor Service
Brake Drum Service
Power Brakes
Power Brake System Operational Test
Power Brake System Vacuum Leak Test
Power Brake Unit Overhaul
Charts: Drum Brake Diagnosis
Disc Brake Diagnosis

14 Manual Steering
Recirculating Ball
Steering Gear And Wheel Alignment
All Chevy, Gmc Truck Models,
Saginaw Recirculating Ball Steering
Worm Bearing And Pitman Shaft Preload Adjustments
Steering Gear Removal, Installation
Steering Gear Disassembly, Assembly
Chart: Manual Steering Diagnosis
Diagrams: Exploded View Of Standard Steering
Column Assembly
Exploded View Of Tilt Column Assembly

15 Power Steering
Power Steering Pumps, Preliminary Checks
Saginaw Power Steering Gear
Steering Gear Adjustments
Steering Gear Removal, Installation
Steering Gear Disassembly, Assembly
Pump Description
Pump Service
Pump Disassembly, Assembly
Chart: Power Steering Diagnosis

16 Suspension, Wheel Alignment
Steering Linkage
Steering Geometry
Suspension Component Replacement
Shock Absorbers
Coil Springs
Ball Joint Replacement
Bushing Replacement
How To: Front-end Alignment

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